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  1. Oneul added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    I like that he tried to make a guide, which is actually pretty badly designed and relies on the reader having previous knowledge which.. if you're making a guide you need to include any/all knowledge relevant to the thing your explaining... Then he gets told his guide is a bit flawed and should be worked on a bit to clarify, gets defensive and makes bold ass claims and attacks others opinions then goes "Yeah im not going to be bothered." then continues to be... bothered.
    TL:DR this guide needs to be cleaned up, improved upon and then it'll in fact be an "easy to follow" guide. You got a great start here, you took the time to condense the information. Stop being a defensive piece of shit when someone makes a suggestion or an observation about your work, and improve upon it because frankly.. this sucks its basically a convuluted mess you slapped together in probably an hour.
    Hell I'll break it down for you. You called this a easy to follow self sustained crate guide. Ok. Got it. So lets delve into that. Yes this has nodes to get timber however its missing one. Cutting down on self sufficiency by a lot. You were told about this and got all butt hurt. Hilarious but all you had to do was "Ok thanks this is why I didn't include it." You're also saying oh hey you cant grind for hours and do this. And there is a way you can its just less efficient, I recommend including worker processing as an OPTIONAL but not recommended means of making plywood. Hell some people cant even make plywood because they lack the beginner knowledge needed to do so.
    Now lets address your defense of "just use common sense" You're making a guide for a community whose looking at guides and stuff for a number of reasons. For example someones looking at your guide as a fresh player whose wants to make money. Realistically he cant because he lacks the energy and cp to pull it off, this is not mentioned in your guide. Another player can be looking at this and thinks "Ok I got all this but what kind of workers should I use?" Again this in not mentioned, even the entire absence of crate packing skills is left out, a flaw. But I'm sure you'll just use the excuse "use common sense on workers." and ignore the fact you really should mention an +3 timber packing worker is ideal to get and explain why.
    All and all you do in fact have a good start here, so stop being a defensive ----- and work out the flaws in your guide or just stop trying to make content you're not willing to flesh out. While I do admire your effort in helping this community grow and expand your guide answers some questions but opens many others for new and established players alike. So for the love of god stop being a righteous shithead and gain some humility and flesh out your content.
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  2. Oneul added a post in a topic Trader Master 2 Question   

    You can use a horse to trade if you want to whistle for it, it helps to have a horse whistle. 
    If you have say.. one thousand calph crates in storage you bring your horse near, and put its max weight on it in trade crates.. lets say 35 for this example. Then you put 35 on yourself. You then take the 35 crates OFF the horse into your inventory, then you move all the crates out of your inventory to your horse. It will accept them. You then take 35 more crates out of  storage into your inventory, take all crates off your horse, then put all crates back on, you'll be able to stack as much weight on to your horse as you want basically.
    Then you just run around whistling your horse.
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