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  1. Pryan added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Someone give RedFace a territory for a week. I heard Bow will suck ----- for a mean paycheck.
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  2. Pryan added a post in a topic Above and beyond   

    Suprised anyone would care.
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  3. Pryan added a post in a topic Manup + Gravity merger   

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  4. Pryan added a post in a topic Before I leave   

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  5. Pryan added a post in a topic the truth and nothing but the truth ~ Manup   

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  6. Pryan added a post in a topic the truth and nothing but the truth ~ Manup   

    You're in Hostile. You've never been at the top. Why don't you and your friend Sylta come prove me wrong? Edan is full of cowards who can't back up their words and are afraid of fights.
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  7. Pryan added a post in a topic the truth and nothing but the truth ~ Manup   

    I legit don't even know you. 
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  8. Pryan added a post in a topic the truth and nothing but the truth ~ Manup   

    Nothing said was untrue however, carry on thinking I was outsmarted. I bite willingly. 
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  9. Pryan added a post in a topic the truth and nothing but the truth ~ Manup   

    Good laugh minus the fact that Hostile was weaker then Giga by all means. Giga made Hostile somewhat viable in node wars because we brought geared players into that shit guild. Are you talking about my skill set? What skill set did you encounter? I mean most the time I was in Hostile the guild spent the entire time at PRX's feet during node wars or being bodied by RF who at the time had 20 less people then us during one node war. Skill sets in a guild that can't even support Manup properly in a node war vs guilds Rimo always talked shit on? I don't play this game to be e-famous sorry to disappoint you. Hostile had no talented shot callers, one who tried and one who was Rimo himself who spent half the time in another TS channel doing cannons during node wars, not sure how you expect to win node wars vs better guilds with the GL doing that shit.
    Let me just say my 1v1 skills are mediocre, but my group play is where I can really shine. Don't come here and call me irrelevant when you're defending Hostile of all guilds who while still may be alive is just as irrelevant as most other lower tier guilds. At least Giga never lost as bad as Hostile did vs PRX at least Giga actually could put up decent fights outnumbered. Do know were many Giga members are now that were in Hostile? Gone. Where? To guilds that actually have talent, and not Hostile. There's a reason to that.
    I never wanted to be in Hostile I just went to be with the Giga guys. There's a reason Support always showed up when Rimo wanted to place for node wars every night and a reason why other guilds found our base so fast every time. It was enjoyable, I did it for zero profit and got to see people rage about it.
    The only true thing about Hostile is that you can always count on Rimo to shit talk every guild in the server and still never show results vs them. Kappa
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  10. Pryan added a post in a topic the truth and nothing but the truth ~ Manup   

    Rimo on blast. Lacari even brings up boss, I never met the guy but during my short stay in Hostile I always heard other members wishing he was the one leading or wishing he was there to help them out. Must of been a nice guy and better shot caller then anyone in Hostile.
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  11. Pryan added a post in a topic Edan dead server   

    No one hit me. I merely stated that the news of you guys going taking over SE was irrelevant. I merely never came back to visions because there's no room for improvement, the TS ban was just added hilarity. 
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  12. Pryan added a post in a topic Edan dead server   

    It's just a guild swap. Still irrelevant. 
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  13. Pryan added a post in a topic delete   

    Rimo I believe you just posted this under Vitaminmeme? Do you often change accounts or have people post stuff for you?

    I also can't say all those points are right by your part, usually when one who loses proposes the "proper" turn of events it's usually heavily biased. I made as accurate as a post as I could see supporting Kyoukai's fight vs you. I watched all sides of that fight along side several others. I'd say it wasn't just my own view of the fight but the collection of several others views as well. 

    I'll accept the position of problem child though as I most certainly was one but it wasn't for nothing. 
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  14. Pryan added a post in a topic delete   

    I was spectating most of that fight and I never saw over 60 at most players approaching your base. The most part of those fights were straight Kyoukai vs Hostile with Critical dicking around in the back ground and occasionally making a serious push on the south side of the base. Kyoukai might be in an alliance but they also had Lethality and others harassing their base just as much as yours was being pushed. Kyoukai played it better and came out on top, they harassed better, they dealt with your elephant in no time ( The one you sent in solo?) and they kept constant pressure on any new structures going up, counting among the 5-7 hwachas they took down and 8 recovery centers and 2 supply depots. It was a 2 v 1 for sure at many points but if your top 10 shouldn't you be able to deal with that? Kyoukai melted before you guys and so did critical, the kill logs on conquest showed you guys with maybe 200 to their 1300 death, any guild that's top 10 should be able to make results out of that KDR,

    If you're going to "drop for pvp" then actually show some organization and results don't sit there and use "We got 2 v 1 " on guilds you called shit before. This is why I left Hostile, not because "i got pushed out of grind spots" but because there was no improvement in the node wars or sieges in a even decent time frame. Don't take this win from Kyoukai or diminish it by any means, they earned it.
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