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  1. JoeBravo added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    1) there's a CC break mechanic that is being tested in KR right now

    2) invest in resistance gems + evasion in the meantime. 

    3) Don't forget "V" is a CC break that gets you out of the fight at any time as long as it is available. 
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  2. JoeBravo added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    Sick ranger gameplay I must say.. But as someone who plays a ranger as one of his main toons I can tell you that IS sped up.. and yes I looked at the buff timers they were going a little fast.  it's probably about 1.25 faster than normal.  Not saying current gameplay isn't fast.  it is but not as fast as that video makes out. Also ranger is one of the fastest playing classes... you're like going 100 miles an hr at all times to successfully play ranger.  Other classes are a little more ponderous like warrior etc. 

    I found the movement and some of the attacks in the beta videos to be slow and ponderous but I did feel the lighting was a bit better and more realistic... I liked that.  I get your point about maybe slowing down the combat a little but hard to say how that would impact the game at this point.   Maybe a happy medium between the two?  i certainly wouldn't want those slow movement speeds like I'm running through molassas. 

    The UI looks a bit janky and I think we just need more ESO like options to only have bars show up when needed... you can turn off many of the UI elements actually so that's not a real issue... maybe have an "Immersive" mode that is the screenshot mode with just the bare essentials.  Or give us the option to hide more UI panels. 

    The original Sorc animations Tho.... damn I want those back!  lol.   shooting lightning like that looks sick!
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  3. JoeBravo added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    black desert's share of that is like 15%  
    I did a $10 BDO challenge with a new guildie of mine who was also new to the game.  The challenge was to play the game on brand new accounts using only the $10 basic package. 

    Because of time constraints I did fairly marginal but my guildie who was BAND NEW TO THE GAME  made 2 BILLION SILVER in his first 30 days and got his AP up to 180 and DP to 250... The only thing he felt he was require to have was the value pack as he used the 4 or so 7 day value packs they give you as a new player.  Those you can get with in game silver or by paying $15 which is the same as a WoW subscription. 

    So BDO is definitely not pay to win. Pay to be lazy or pay for time perhaps but not pay to win. 
    See my above response to plunge. It's far from pay to win.  The mechanics of the game prevents "winning" by throwing money at it and there are so many ways that people can make money in the game it's silly.  The guildie I reference above is in college with a full course load and he made all of his money vastly through AFK activities.   What it takes to succeed in black desert is intelligence, skill combined with persistent effort and execution.    Anyone with over 500 gear score has done just that because it's impossible to get there by only throwing money at the game. 
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  4. JoeBravo added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    LOL we're one of the main demographics funding these games because we actually have the money to spend on it Plunge.  C'mon now you know that. 

    How about you take off your instant Dismissive cap and actually take a look at the issue with the Hoe.  I conceeded your point about gathering the other 2 materials but you know the hoes are not in line with the other tools.  Their price on the marketplace alone reflects that.   Explain to me (With sources how it could possibly hurt the game to give hoes the same base material returns as axes and pickaxes?  Give me definitive concrete reasoning why that is a bad idea.

    As I see it, that would be a very good and easly to implement solution to 2 problems.  1) the low barebones price of a top tier gathering tool and 2) giving another avenue to get weeds that isn't game breaking or unbalanced. 
    1)  When you have a large node empire producing many things with multiple lines of revenue you have to spend your energy and time wisely.   You want to spend your energy in such a way where it fuels multiple avenues of said empire.  So yeah I could blow all my energy on gathering weeds bare handed but my main gain there is going to be weeds.  That fuels alchemy but not much else.   I hardly get any shards and not large amounts of the main gathering materials.    Gathering lamb meat on the other hand gives me lots of shards which fuels my refinery empire,  the meat fuels my cooking/imperial cooking empire.  The trade items I get from the magic tools also helps level my trading and fueling my trade revanue stream.   see how that works?  Why waste my energy gathering weeds when I can make much more money doing an activity that fuels 3 of my revanue streams. 
    2) As I explained above the problem isn't that you can't gather weeds.  It's that you lose money by doing so.    allowing me to gather weeds with hoes at the same rate you'd get rough stone and logs would solve multiple problems without unbalancing the supply of weeds in game.   Magic Hoes are supposed to be a top tier gathering tool... yet they are often worth less than steel axes, fishing poles and butcher knives.  This is a problem with the game's gathering balance that should really be addressed. 
    yeah I use both those places too.  Still got the problem with the Magic Hoes tho.  
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  5. JoeBravo added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    Yes almighty plunge and Denver  I know you can get them gathering.... but there are a couple of caveats there aren't there?

    1) you have to have time to gather and if you've got a family and a job etc. and you have a large node empire you're time is already fairly well taken up.  Why gather for weeds when I can gather lamb meat and get sharps and hards as well as getting higher yields and the occasional trade items from it using my lucky or magic tools right?  And that leads me to my second point.

    2) Hoes are the only gathering tool for nodes with base item drops (weeds, logs, stone) that does NOT gather the base item, Even with a shoddy 10 durability hoe you don't get a single weed.  This is unlike the other gathering tools with similar nodes such as the axe or pickaxe which can gather logs and rough stones.  This has created an imbalance in gathering because players are literally given incentive to NOT use hoes because they get an OK amount of the main item of the plant and a large amount of weeds, plus it's faster.    This is one of the main reasons why Magic Hoes, the best Hoe in the game are worth about as much as a blue steel axe or less than a steel fishing rod. 

    So say we throw out the idea of increasing the drop rate of base materials when gathering with higher grade tools I think we should at least make it so that Hoes also gather weeds.  Keep the rates at which you get weeds the same as they are now or if too much put them in line with the rate at which we get rough stone and logs.  Either way it would be a much needed correction to those nearly completely unused tools. 
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  6. JoeBravo added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    well I agree the pricing is a big problem that should be fixed.  And as for the weed drop rates I can understand the increase I suggested was probably a bit much.   But what if we simply kept the drop rate the same but allowed you to get weeds using a hoe as well?
    the problem is people are literally encouraged NOT to use hoes for gathering because they don't get weeds. 
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  7. JoeBravo added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    ^^  and it was a lot of trees too I imagine.   Yeah bumping up the prince on these would be good too but the pre-order price on logs ATM is pretty insane as well.  I'd rather just see them raise the damn price than allow ridiculous max bid pre-orders.  I'd rather see another player get my silver rather than it go into a sink. 
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  8. JoeBravo added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    If they were so gawd damn easy and plentiful then why aren't they on the marketplace?   Why is this like the 10th thread requesting a better way to get them?  why did KAKAO give us an event to get more logs?  please lol. 
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  9. JoeBravo added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    I'm Artisan 1 gathering with the pay to win costume ticket gathering costume and a +2 gathering outfit  and I keep getting more of the higher tier items than the base item.  it's always dis proportionally the higher items like pine timber, pine planks ambers etc.   Same with rough stone.   And I mean c'mon.... you have to agree with me on the magic hoe.... they're basically useless and they are the only tool that DOESN'T yield the base item.... it should at least fall in line with the other tools.  It doesn't make sense to have it not at least yield as much of the base item as Axes and Pickaxes.  It feels like a bug or error than intended design. 
    I mean literally all hoes are useless unless you are forced to gather with them like in the ocean... and last I saw that was dying down real quick lol.    I mean a magic Axe or Pickaxe or butcher knife is worth over 400k.   A magic Hoe?  28k.... It's ridiculous.  If I could at least get SOME weeds with the hoe that would at least be an improvement and bring it in line with the other tools
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  10. JoeBravo added a post in a topic I can't wait for tier 9 horses , screenshots inside.   

    I can't tell if your avatar image is that of a really creepy girl or an equally creepy guy with a wig trying to make a youtube video lol. 
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  11. JoeBravo added a topic in General   

    A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful
    So I think we can all agree that these very common items are a pain in the ass to get.  They are bottom tier items used in the most amount of crafting applications. 

    The problem is they are hard to get.   One of the things that I have noticed is that when you use crappy tools you tend to get more of the base material (logs or rough stones) but when you use lucky tools or magic tools you get loads of the higher tier items but hardly any of the base item.   For example using a magic Axe chopping pine trees you tend to get loads of pine and pine planks and amber and maybe the occasional sharp or hard shard but you get relatively little logs. 

    And don't get me started on gathering weeds.  basically Magic Hoes are useless for this and you have to be a barehand bandit to really get any. 

    My Solution is This:
    The higher grade your tool is the more of the base item (rough stone, logs or weeds) it yields.  You keep the drops of the advanced tier items the same but taking the previous example instead of getting 2500 pine timber and a 100 or so pine planks and only 800 logs with around 200 energy you instead get 3000-4000 logs.   Maybe only 2500 logs but they should at minimum be equal to or greater than the main item yield (in this example the pine timber). 
    This would be especially true for Gathering with a hoe.  Right now Gathering with a magic hoe gives you 0 weeds.   Imagine how much more useful (and valuable)  those magic hoes would be if they actually yielded 3-9 weeds per harvest as well as whatever else it harvests.  This also gives us another viable way to gather sharps and hards while spending our energy gathering for alchemy. 

    Basically we would do the same thing for mining and rough stone. 
    This way people would still have to work for the resources and go out and gather them but with the better yields they would be more plentiful and we might actually see some on the MP lol. 

    What do you guys think?

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  12. JoeBravo added a post in a topic Making Epheria Sailboat takes that long??   

    I just started this shit today as well.... FML.... 
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  13. JoeBravo added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    It's an interesting Idea but I don't like segregating the player base.  I think there are much better solutions to encourage PvP but it has to be more integrated into the world. 

    Making trading much more valuable but also vulnerable to being Pirated or stolen.   For instance fixing the horse exploit so you can't carry 100k crates on your yourself or your mount but drastically increasing the weight capacity, storage capability and inventory space of wagons.   Increase the distance bonus so carrying items all the way to valencia would be like 400% bonus BUT.... you can get killed and robbed of your entire shipment.  

    people still have grinding and gathering and the various other ways to make money but trade would be where you make the big bucks. 

    The Karma system would have to be changed tho to something similar to say to archeage's crime system where you leave blood or footprints where you've done dastardly deeds and other players report them.  Once you become "Wanted" a player can kill you and you go to jail and your gear is confiscated.  You can wait out your sentence and get all your gear back OR you can try to escape and collect your gear via a Skyrim style prison escape. 

    You could add a lock picking skill/mechanic to the game to both secure trade wagons and escaping from prison and picking the lock to the chest holding your gear.  If players destroy a trade wagon then they run the risk of destroying all the merchandise and it all being returned to the victim via the current recovery means.  So they have to pick the lock on the trade wagon to access the goods.  Craftable locks could be another upgrade for the wagons and the better the lock the longer it takes to pick.  (lockpicking skill reduces time to pick said locks provided you have a pick)
    NPC cargo ships and wagons could also be potentially raided and thus give more opportunities for naval pvp as guilds act as escorts while other guilds attack and try to pirate the ships. 
    Also... make boats have real physics... the current ship "physics" are robotic and clunky and fake. 
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  14. JoeBravo added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    very very cool. 
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  15. JoeBravo added a post in a topic Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows   

    You couldn't have said it better with regards to sorc... I think I'm still going to main sorc because while I like DK a lot I love my sorc.   Both are really fun though...
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