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  1. Flowbie added a post in a topic Is BDO a PvP game or a PvE game?   

    This isn't a pvp game. You get punished for doing so.

    Red Battlefield is pvp. Node wars is pvp. Every other aspect of this game is pve. You spend 90+% of your time doing pve or lifeskills.

    The karma system in itself negates any argument you might use to say this is a pvp game. 
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  2. Flowbie added a post in a topic How much benefit is there in investing in resource nodes?   

    No one has found any proof at all that investing in ANY node pays off. Literally at all.

    I still do it when I'm about to log from an alt and realize I have energy cap. But there are a million better ways to spend your energy.
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  3. Flowbie added a post in a topic You should NOT be using Boss Armor   

    OP is right, and this concept applies to every aspect of the game. Ogre ring is a good example. for the price of a baseline Ogre Ring you could have, what, a tri blue? You'd have more AP for the same price (and in many slots, for half the price on top of that)

    OP isn't saying Boss Armor is inferior. OP is saying a TET Grunil is on par with like a DUO or TRI Boss armor, for a fraction of the price. If you are rich, or blessed by RNG, this obviously doesn't apply to you.

    Take my witch for example. As a returning player, I have been looking at getting either a DUO blue awakening, or a TRI green. Blue performs better in pvp and in Sausans/Pirates at the same level, yes. But the TRI green has slightly more AP a slightly weaker effect (but it allows me to farm nagas or something, if I wanted to), and for less silver. Each base green that goes onto the MP costs 110k. A single blue item for recovering durability would cost 6-8 million. Now when I have the silver to tri and create a TRI blue, of course the blue is better, hands down. But when you are comparing "bang for your buck" the "inferior" items in this game perform better for less silver in comparison, up to a certain point. And this is BECAUSE they are cheaper items.

    I sawe a table somewhere showing the average silver to get a witch's earring enhanced vs. a tungrade, and it shows similar data. Basically, the Witch's Earring cost FAR less silver to DUO than the PRI Tungrade, and with more ap on top of it. But then upgrading to TRI was not worth it. IT ended up being a similar price, but the Tungrade is obviously better in the long run. It's all about gearing in steps.

    tl;dr, if you rush the gearing process, you better be rich, or you are slowing yourself down overall.
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  4. Flowbie added a post in a topic How many 56 needed for the 1mil daily silver   

    Seriously? Stop trolling. In order for you to know it goes to 1 mill, you would have had to look at the tool tip that CLEARLY states how to raise it, EXACTLY what contributes to it, and what breakpoints you need to achieve to reach it.
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  5. Flowbie added a post in a topic What specs to get 144 FPS on max settings?   

    Except..he's right. If you can tell a difference between 35 fps and 3000 fps you need to go to area 51 so we can find out how to control your superpowers and unlock your secrets.
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  6. Flowbie added a post in a topic Suggestion for a good gaming laptop   

    On low settings on a standard, "office" laptop, you could probably do okay in BDO as long as you avoid major towns and bosses. Even if you spend big, though, I don't think it would really help.

    If you find a laptop with the specs I listed earlier, it will run fine. The quality wouldn't be any different. But you are spending up to 50% more for each part because they are in a laptop, and they would all be integrated parts that you can't replace two years from now when you want to upgrade. you'd have to drop another 1000-2000 to be viable again. Laptops just aren't worth it for gaming if you aren't rich.
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  7. Flowbie added a post in a topic Suggestion for a good gaming laptop   

    ^^^That. a 1500 dollar laptop will do "okay" at best. You can spend less than 1k on a desktop and run any game on ultra.

    As for BDO, no computer runs it well, honestly. I've played it on 3 different fairly high end desktops (that can run 2 or 3 games on ultra at the same time) yet at certain times BDO just has terrible FPS.

    As for some specs, I would say go with
    3.5ghz cpu minimum. (4.0 easily obtainable at your price)
    980, 1070,1080 NVIDIA gpu, or the equivalent
    Ideally run on a Solid State Drive (500gb is comfortable, but you can always go with a smaller size and install games and stuff on a HDD, and just let the system run on the SSD)
    At least 16GB DDR3 ram. (you can always start with one 16gb stick, and add a second one later. Its as simple as plugging in a SNES game)

    Bigger tower = better. Make sure there is room in the tower for air to circulate. Consider getting a separate fan to put on the CPU, sometimes the one they come with doesn't quite cut it (again, this is something you can always add in at a later date)

    Most of this advice is if you build the computer yourself. If you aren't going custom build, try to hit these specs. Should be easy to do in your price range. Go hard on your GPU and CPU. That's probably going to be about half the price of your entire build. If you aren't building it yourself, you should consider it. It's honestly insanely easy. If you can hook up the cords to the back panel of your computer tower, you can build a computer. You can watch youtube videos for "how-to's" alone the way as well, just to be safe your first time through.
    Then get a cheap-o laptop for school. You can spend less money building a really nice desktop and getting a cheap laptop than you would getting a nice laptop that still doesn't run as well as your desktop.

    Seriously, don't mix them up. I did that when I went to college and it is absolutely not worth it. Any laptop can run Word and Powerpoint. Most laptops can run the basics of gaming on low settings (just for when you're on the go). Spend 1000-1200 on your desktop and put the rest into the laptop. You can't upgrade laptops either. A high end laptop right now won't last your through college,
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  8. Flowbie added a post in a topic WItch Boss Farming Build?   

    Unless you lack gear and wouldn't be able to effectively damage bosses without dying. The awakening skills are shorter range, and MMA actually does some pretty solid damage. I personally don't use it, but I can't say it wouldn't have been a helpful tip, prior to me being able to do my awakening rotation without dying and losing out on lots more dps due to respawns.
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  9. Flowbie added a post in a topic I really wish we weren't forced to use awakening weapons to be competitive.   

    I don't know about planning...drop it on the biggest packs in your rotation and move on.

    Rather than reiterate my original thoughts, I will say that it can't change. The thing that makes Wizard/witch valuable is that we have big AOE/damage in general. We are the definition of a damage class. As such, we sort of lack mobility and survivability. If our awakening didn't do what it does currently, we would be useless. We don't have the mobility that the other dps classes have (tele is decent but nothing compared to blader, ninja, etc). We also don't have the tankiness of other the bruiser-like classes. All we have is this big aoe mechanic, really. If meteor, blizzzard, etc were still viable in awakening, it would mean that our awakening skills are subpar. We would then be a pointless class.
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  10. Flowbie added a post in a topic I really wish we weren't forced to use awakening weapons to be competitive.   

    I agree with the op, but not you. Blizzard and meteor are silly spells in the first place. In a game about grinding as quickly as possible, using these buttons every other 5-10 packs isn't fun, or productive. Sure, it was cool the first few times you cast it. But they don't fit the gameplay at all. I am glad those became obsolete. The cooldowns make them completely inefficient spells for pve, and in pvp you're either never getting off a good one due to the fact that players aren't going to stand still for 5 seconds to take full damage, or they are killing you before the damage goes off. And when it gets to the point that you can consistently pull it off in pvp, it becomes broken and imbalanced.

    It's either inefficient, or imbalanced with these big cds. There is no middle ground.

    I DO miss my main hand kit though. Chain lightning was so strong for levelling and it just becomes completely useless later. I love the spell (along with a few others in the base kit). I would never think about speccing back into them now, though.
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  11. Flowbie added a post in a topic Valencia needs tweaks   

    I feel you. Valencia is a pointless zone. I am actually totally cool with the zone requiring the different resources to live (water, tent, etc.). The problem is that the mob exp is moderate at best (and worse than pirates still) while the silver grinding is typically worse than sausans/pirates as well. It's as if we go into the desert with all these difficulties (weather conditions, harder mobs) and get no reward for doing so. It was a complete letdown the first time I stepped foot in the desert. Mobs should have better trash drop income, and give considerably more xp. It's pathetic that a lot of people just stay in sausans until they have the gear for pirates (if they even bother levelling after that point).

    I don't think removing dehydration and hypothermia from the desert will fix the innate problems we have in the desert as it is.
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  12. Flowbie added a post in a topic PVE Musa 56 (Low AP)   

    Nope. I have horrible RNG. Still have a 52 stack from my first attempt at a +15 back when that was cap. Currently have 20 fs on 2 toons as well trying to 14 my liverto. My friends all have far superior luck than me, and I'm completely with you on buying gear off the MP. I don't upgrade gear unless it is my only option at this point.

    Unfortunately, as a DK right now, you don't have that option aside from the occasional baseline weapon that pops up on the MP. Almost zero chance of a 15+ going up. Hence my advice. If you want to play a new class, your only option is to upgrade.
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  13. Flowbie added a post in a topic Sorry for being "that guy", but....   

    That didn't bother most people. This game is only hard to run when there are millions of players being rendered on the screen at the same time, like in town at populated times, and bosses. Even then, it's not HORRIBLE usually, but that's the only issue I ever have. It's so hard to get a really smooth feel out of Kzarka fights etc.
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  14. Flowbie added a post in a topic PVE Musa 56 (Low AP)   

    Just upgrade your weapon. Getting to 13 isn't hard. 14 and 15 also easy just requiring more fail stacks. PRI is easier than 15 (with fs). You could have your weapon PRI or DUO for far less than you are trying to preorder for, and your AP would go up, what, 50%?
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  15. Flowbie added a post in a topic Ive created a website to look at the numbers behind Black Desert Lifeskills. Let me know what you think!   

    As an accountant who works with spreadsheets and monitors profits and expenses in real life, I like what you have done here. I think you can expand on some of the pages with more examples. I really love that you used real time data to show profits, even though prices change over time. It helps the reader get an idea of where to start until they figure out the market for themselves. The hardest part of starting manufacturing in any game I've played is learning the market. The rest is easy. You show some market examples, and go into detail on exactly what is being factored into the profit, the hourly profit, and so on. Stick with those kind of details and I think it will stay successful.

    While there wasn't any new information for me, I found it to be a great guide for new players. Also, You've inspired me to create my own spreadsheets now to start assessing real time values. I've semi-avoided the manufacturing business thus far in BDO, but once I create my own data set to go off of I'll be much more interested.
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