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  1. Durian added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    So they post picture on twitter about new items in shop, but they haven't made a patch note O_o?
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  2. Durian added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    Except no one but your self sees that as an achievement and this isn't about feeling good about yourself. This is about how xp wise pirates is faster than anything else and that has been tested, while the desert is unappealing to most. Of course if you have the gear, pirates isn't actually the best money wise. Pirates isn't end game but Valencia is closer to endgame. But endgame is more about gear than levels and even some people who get to 60 think it's not all that worth it to grind solely for xp, so it goes back to money and the accessories of the desert. But then again again you can hardly count the accessories with their drop rate.
    I confused myself writing this and forgot what I was arguing for, might edit later.
    Correct this noob if I'm wrong but the desert isn't karmapenalty less pvp?
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  3. Durian added a post in a topic More male classes   

    After several hundred hours i start to see myself in my character and that character becomes closer to being me. It can be weird for some people to see themselves in their character in the opposite gender and start questioning them self. It's weird to me when people make their waifus and fall in love with their character while seeing themselves in their character. I'm a male that mains tamer because I like the play style. If there was a male version that would have been nice as I'm a lazy mmo er and don't want to switch later.
    On the note of sex sells, I get that companies want more money but I'm getting tired of it .-. I want my tamer and other females to look badass not like a sex toy. but i think im different than most tamers in that by looking at their discord...
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  4. Durian added a post in a topic Alt Characters Process While on Main.   

    Well I see how this would let you actively play the game more. But I personally still like the choice of trade offs, having to do one or the other.
    Also how much do you make per hour afk O_o, I spend most of my time afk and would make less than 5 mil an hour processing, not counting time spent actively gathering.
    If that was 22 hours a day for 30 days a month in 6 months. That would only be about 3960 hours which comes to about 750k an hour. I'm still new so idk how much 3bil in 6month is though.
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  5. Durian added a post in a topic Alt Characters Process While on Main.   

    Really what you proposed is a way to not play the game and make even more money than the game already allows. Since you already spend most of your time afk while playing other games I don't see how this will help you want to play the game more. Grinding mobs is already seen as the fastest way to make silver. In another perspective, you are losing more potential money by just being afk and not grinding than you would by grinding and not producing goods.
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  6. Durian added a post in a topic FIX FPS AND DESYNC   

    I don't know much about the technicalities of desyncing, but BDO is the only game I've played with any amount of desync. Comparing to other mmo's and especially WvW in Guild War's 2 with all three servers on the battlefield in one place with zergs. If
    Then if that is true that they are trying to make it up for the people with crap connections, that's like trying to make it up for people with crap pc trying to play the game by making the world not one big open place like it is now. Ruins the experience. I don't know what game penalizes everyone for playing same game as people with crap by making it crap for everyone.
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  7. Durian added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    Those screenshots though, always so jelly of how people can take beautiful screen shots, nice seeing them in the loading screens, and that screen shot from last week goes well with loading screen with all the black and orange and black spirit eyes just traveling along the bottom. Yesoma's is my favorite this week. This game is beautiful and people take beautifully awesome screen shots and....
    Screen shots are nice.
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  8. Durian added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   


    Is there some sort of terrible communication between the devs and patch note writers? So many things change without ever being written in the notes makes me wonder if it's just bad communication on the inside or just kakao/peal abyss being sneaky with their game.
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  9. Durian added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    I don't understand the point of separating Royal and Lookie players if they get the same rewards, especially seeing as how this screws over the returning players. Would make more sense if Loyal players could get Rookie rewards also but Rookie not get Loyal rewards. Even if it would make me slightly sad as Rookie with exactly 800 house fame, it would still make more sense to me.
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