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  1. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic Enchanting failure rates   

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  2. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    itt: people continue to use "money first" as a justification for everything
    i can't wait
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  3. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    @feebleone i wish there was a dislike button so i could press it
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  4. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    i am not interested in the whole "he also used logical fallacies" argument, because it's irrelevant. assuming your position is not a fallacy when the assumption is appropriate. (why the ----- does everyone on the internet throw around these words without knowing what they are). in multiple posts you defended the "your opinion is invalid because you don't have enough experience" (the experience you would gauge by looking at his character sheet) stance. it is by no means a fallacy to thusly assume this is the stance you hold. if you want to clarify further, then do soit looks to me like there was room enough for 10+ pages of discussioni never said what is classified by "ethos" can't be an important argumentative tool—i said that it was not, and never will be a means of logical analysis. it is a classification of rhetoric.you keep asking things like "how can we talk about anything else?" but many people are doing it, over the course of 10+ pages. you're sitting there going "show me your character sheet or wtf!!" while ignoring what he's actually saying. it's fully possible to discuss something in a rational, logical manner, without either party being an expert or invoking arguments of authority, when the subject itself isn't a direct, immediate matter of propositional logic. i've had many tame, logical discussions about very abstract, and very controversial things. logic can, and should be applied to everything.in short: the position "there's no logic therefore i need to determine your credibility based on your character sheet" is sillyyou're sillybad job
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  5. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    appeals to ethos have nothing to do with the logical viability of an argument—they are entirely independent of whether or not an argument is logically sound. aristotle's modes of persuasion are classifications of rhetorical tools (not logical ones). you're completely misusing said classifications. arguments from authority are not deductive, and can very well be ad-hominem. your demand for his character sheet or whatever as a judgement for the logical viability of his argument is ad hominem; it is a rebuttal of his argument not performed by addressing its contents, but by attacking who the argument is coming from.
    yes, if he said "i have 5 level 70 characters who make up the top 5 pvpers"—this persuasive tool can be classified as ethos, but just because you demand of him a particular form of ethos does not mean that your demands (and ensuing dismissal of his argument) aren't ad-hominem. further, just because you can call it "ethos" doesn't mean it's reasonable, sensible, or logical. again, the modes of persuasion are classifications of rhetoric, not tools for logical analysis.
    you should reeeeaaaaally make sure you're educated in the subject that you so condescendingly say "educate yourself" about
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  6. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    no, your example is the incorrect usage of ad hominem that is so frequently spouted off on the internet
    saying "you're an idiot" is not ad hominem. saying "you're an idiot, therefore your argument is invalid" is ad hominem (and, no, just the statement "you're an idiot" certainly does not imply the latter statement)
    saying "your experience isn't sufficient—so regardless of the contents of your argument—your argument is invalid" is ad hominem. ethos has nothing to do with it, and i'm not sure why you presented that term as if it were somehow mutually exclusive w/ something being ad hominem.
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  7. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    yo, that's dumb as hell
    i know "ad hominem" is (incorrectly) thrown around a lot on the internet, but this is an actual case of ad hominem
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  8. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    yeah capitalist markets are doing really well though
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  9. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic My BDO love story   

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  10. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic Total Cost of BDO   

    the socialization/competition + numbers grind, dude.
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  11. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic Can we talk about the 10,000 hour reward?   

    then 10,000 hour reward should be a ban from the game and a little card with some money that says "please, do something with your life"
    10k hours wtf?
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  12. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic 2% droprate vs 1% means half of the work or twice the drops   

    oh, sorry. you're right—it should either be 10,000, 1%, or an expected value of 1 (just a typo; edited it and some other order-of-magnitude errors to reflect that correction; i was thinking of 0.1% as .01 [which is 1%])
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  13. AmagicalFishy added a topic in Sorceress   

    Should I go straight for Liverto?
    hi, folks,
    the last game i played like this was vindictus ...
    (oh my god i played that game for thousands of hours i loved it so much the combat was so good holy shit if only the rest of the game wasn't cash-grab trash omfg)
    ... ahem. and i found that it was much more economical to buy my gear, fully enchanted and everything instead of enchanting it myself. now, as a nublet—i'm pretty poor, not yet 56, and haven't yet broken 50m, but, i'm thinking of going down the same path.
    right now, i'm thinking of just going straight for a PRI Liverto, which would run me about 200m (but give me a good 44 AP; i'm only at 95 now)
    what do you guys think?
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  14. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic 2% droprate vs 1% means half of the work or twice the drops   

    you and i should develop an internet romance so i can make a hit movie out of it in 2010
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