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  1. Mutti added a post in a topic BDO on Steam. Let us link our accounts, you owe us that.   

    What´s the point of using BDO with Stream?
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  2. Mutti added a post in a topic Workers in trent   

    Not to forget all that precious CP needed for Trend vs Epheria
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  3. Mutti added a post in a topic Workers in trent   

    Pretty obvious, isn´t it?
    Giant if you let your Client run over Night, Goblin otherwise.
    Although.... Goblin needs only a few minutes....if you are not 24/7 in front of your PC because you have other things todo (bruhh) Humans should be great too.
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  4. Mutti added a post in a topic New Boss set event?   

    Yeah. But at least your chance is then >0 compared when there is no Gear on MP.
    And if you have ~300M preorder your chance is not THAT tiny.
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  5. Mutti added a post in a topic New Boss set event?   

    How many Pearls are you willing to pay for Bheg/Muskans/Giath?
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  6. Mutti added a post in a topic No beer on eu   

    Cost of producing beer is not higher than the Sale Price if you are higher than beginner1 @ Cooking and produce more than two beers per process.
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  7. Mutti added a post in a topic How many FS for Life Clothes?   

    I am trying to get Alchemy/Cooking/Craftman to +3, but I have already Problems to get +2.
    I need around 15 +1 Clothes to get it to +2, I begin at 10FS.
    I try to stack up ~15 +2´s and then try to upgrade to +3, no idea if this is efficient.
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  8. Mutti added a topic in General   

    How many FS for Life Clothes?
    As the title says.
    How many FS do you use for +1/+2/+3/+4?
    and do you use Cron Stones to upgrade that Stuff?
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  9. Mutti added a post in a topic Save Cooking byproducts until kamasylvi region ?   

    why "really soon"?
    I need always CP.
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  10. Mutti added a post in a topic Fish Nodes?   

    Ahh great, will check where I can free some CP´s <.>
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  11. Mutti added a post in a topic Fish Nodes?   

    Thanks a lot!
    Do I get one Fish per cylcle or more?
    Sadly I don´t have Workers @ Epheria but 11 spare Artisans @ Calpheon, hopefully the way doesn´t count that much.
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  12. Mutti added a topic in General   

    Fish Nodes?
    Would like to know how the Fishing Nodes are, if they are worth it.
    I suppose I will only get "full" fish, so I will need to have a lot of Storage in order to use them easylie?-> useless without Pearl Storage?
    What is the Working time for the Nodes?
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  13. Mutti added a post in a topic Blackstone Powder shortage.... Any remedies on the way?   

    Yeah... better sell Cooking/ Alchemy Tools to the MP or make some Alchemy Stuff with them, guess the Profit will be way higher too
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  14. Mutti added a post in a topic Blackstone Powder shortage.... Any remedies on the way?   

    You guys are seriously using rough Stone for BSP?
    That´s such an waste.
    But yeah the increase is really shit.
    Can remember that I made ~60k BSP around one week before DK Release and after that the Crystal Price tripled and at the same time the demand raised
    Earlier you even could make nice money with that but now my average Income from BSP would be less than 1.5m in 1 hour and this for regulary buying Crystals (if any). bruhh
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  15. Mutti added a post in a topic +3 Alchemist   

    Yeah... I am trying to get my Cooking Clothes to +3, but I am already constantly failing to get these Clothes to +2, already killed ~40 +1´s to get two +2
    At the beginning I thought that I will need ~20 +2´s to get one +3 but now I am not sure anymore.
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