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  1. Greenscale added a post in a topic Keep playing Maehwa pre-awakened after 56?   

    I feel the same way. The Kerispear feels like a massive nerf compared to the pre-awakened blade. 
    It's not exciting.
    It doesn't let you use Tigerblade.
    It's standing still and poking.
    It's immobile.
    I abandoned Maehwa after I tried its awakening...
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  2. Greenscale added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    Durability issues, I believe, are a result of class skills that deal their damage with more hits. I imagine our weapon durability decreases a small amount per hit. Thus, using a skill that does 800% in 4 hits is going to drain less durability than a skill that does 800% in 8 hits.
    As for mana consumption, I can't say I have a lot of experience with it as I tend to play classes that can regenerate their resources on demand. 
    Ranger seems to be one of the neglected classes, which is a real shame because I've been considering leveling mine up. For a class that relies on evasion and mobility, it appears to not be able to be mobile or evasive enough to survive.
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  3. Greenscale added a post in a topic Yuria or Krea Longsword - Which is best?   

    I've noticed the same thing. In terms of raw max damage output, Yuria will typically win out against most enemies in Mediah and beyond. 
    That said, I believe Krea is the better option, particularly if you're using its offhand counterpart. For one, you get a lovely +5 accuracy bonus. In addition, Krea weapons are remarkably cheap and fairly common compared to Yuria, making repair max durability much cheaper. Finally, Krea boasts a relatively high minimum damage compared to other weapons, meaning more reliable damage output.
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  4. Greenscale added a post in a topic How to lower high CPU usage?   

    There's a process that BDO has a tendency to duplicate every so often, called coherentui.exe. It will eat up a large amount of CPU if allowed to duplicate for long enough. Go to the task manager and kill it repeatedly
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  5. Greenscale added a post in a topic Looks like Wizard is still the most op in bdo- and perhaps of any game ive played   

    Clearly you didn't play Tera on the Brawler release patch. Super mobile tank class designed to hold monster aggro through sheer damage output. Allowed 1 battle ressurection per 5 minutes, permanent frontal block attacking, 75% max HP recovery ability on a 40 second cooldown, 4 different types of CC on basic attacks...
    It was amazing and stupid at the same time.
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  6. Greenscale added a post in a topic Could we get 1'000€ Daum Cash packages please ?   

    Or you could earn it yourself like most players do. Just gonna throw that option out there. 
    Besides, the dollar:silver ratio is terrible. Don't bother. 
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  7. Greenscale added a post in a topic Zerk population   

    Pre-awakening, they aren't particularly quick or flashy which is a turn off for most people.  It's a lot of mindless chopping til you unlock your "spin 2 win" move. 
    Post-awakening, they're viewed with such contempt in PvP that people don't want to play them most of the time. 
    I think that you have to really like the absurd WWE fighting style (each time I grab an enemy the "WATCHOU-----CHOU-----CHOUT" plays in my head involuntarily) they have in order to fully enjoy the class, not just because they're so broken.
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  8. Greenscale added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Do I even need +15 armor?
    Having played as the relatively immobile Valkyrie from the beginning of my Black Desert career, I relied heavily on my DP to mitigate incoming damage. Thus, I worked painstakingly to get my Grunil armor set up to all +15.
    However, now I play Kunoichi. Naturally, I take MUCH less damage (if any) just due to the ability to 'poof here, poof there, poof-poof everywhere' and stunlock my enemies. 
    It's gotten to the point where I'm curious as to whether I even need to have armor upgraded to +15, considering the exorbitant cost for what appears to be little gain. Should I sell off my Grunil, devote the cash to my weapon and just get a less-enhanced set?
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  9. Greenscale added a post in a topic Bidding system needs to be gone :(   

    It's a pain in the ass for high-demand items such as sharps, concentrated blackstones, costumes, etc.
    That said, I much prefer it to letting marketplace scripting players run rampant.
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  10. Greenscale added a post in a topic Everybody's leaving Kunoichi but...   

    Honestly the Chakram doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm level 56! Yay... A hula hoop that's been sharpened...?
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  11. Greenscale added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Everybody's leaving Kunoichi but...
    I'm just getting here and I'm loving how Kunoichi plays! 
    Typically I'm very much against playing the generic weeaboo bait class in games, but damn if Kunoichi isn't fun.
    Having originally started the game and leveling to 55 with a Valkyrie, I can really appreciate the Kunoichi's extensive mobility with ghost step (lovingly referred to as the 'shoop' move) as well as the generally much quicker combat gameplay. 
    Where with Valkyrie, I'd have to constantly fight mobs in tight knit packs (also, Valkyrie's stansard issue slash is really weird in that its attack range is much shorter than that of most npcs attack range) so as to avoid wasting precious highly telegraphed attacks on just a few mobs, Kunoichi allows me to pursue and destroy enemy mobs in a very entertaining "shoop-stab-shoop-stab-shoop-stab-shoop-stab" or just pick things off at range.
    My point is I'm really enjoying the variety and quick gameplay much more than that of the "gather up so I can nuke you" Valkyrie. I sincerely hope that for each Kunoichi lost, there's a new one like myself to replace them. :)
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