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Posts posted by WolfyTheBeast

  1. WOW haven't seen so many bullshit in one post for a long time, you know what, yesterday I was walking pass by Velia and got attacked by a squirrel, I have 400dp and 5000hp and holy shit it one shot me, they must rolled back DP changes indeed.

  2. Every week a important item runs out, eventually only the things that can be mass produced with the highest profit margins will be left on the MP. For all the people who dont know, the following items use to have a abundand supply until one day the markets crashed

    • Blackstone powder
    • Blackstones
    • Logs
    • Rough stones
    • Ogre rings
    • Weeds
    • Base bloods
    • Trace of savagery
    • Magic tools
    • Hard shards
    • Sharp shards
    • Etc.

    Are you stoned? Since when you have abundant supply of those other than blackstones? lmao

  3. The awakening skills at least double your damage output even with a +7, and you get a blue one for free after completing the quest.

    It is super easy to enhance to DUO, and you do not need any mem frag to do that. You can often find someone posting it for less than 6m, then use a artisan memory and that is easy 30 durability.

  4. The difference is fairly minor but it is there, the thing is, it only cost you 42 points for god sake, I have all my utility skills and two freeze maxed out yet still have 50 points to spare.

  5. Sometime the HP bar of friendly target do show up, but that doesn't mean you can actually attack or take damage from them. If you are not in a guild and not flagged up, the only way you can attack or take damage from other people is when they flag up themselves. 

  6. Does not really bother me that much, if they are retarded enough to waste all that time scamming few MF, I feel sorry for them and they can take that as a charity.

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  7. If you go red, it's kinda your fault for continually flagging and killing... Nobody can force you to do that
    If you get karma bombed, it's your fault.


    Another one of those lmao, sadly people think this way tends to be so dumb that do not even realize I already dec their guild after dying 20+ times. Oh yes, it is now PA's fault.

  8. If you dont have people carry you for your awakening quests, you must keep some offensive skills available for that, which you will have to reset anyway, so I wouldn't bother reset at all, just use the reset when you finish the quest.

    And yes, you will no longer use any pre-awakening offensive skills afterward, you will however need almost all of the utility skills.

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  9. You already get more xp with group play, take pirate main rotation as an example, not only you get far more xp but sometime even more money since loots are all shared by special deal and you are killing mobs at least 3 times faster.

    We usually went there and take the spot with 3-4 people and we can wipe the entire front and half back with mobs barely just spawn.

  10. I didn't mean to discuss it is needed or not, I just wondering if someone has more info and clarifications since I am writing a PVP combo guide for my guild, and after testing it between different classes, it only made me more confused.

    We got a small group of PVP lovers hanging out in arena with low AP gears on purpose so that ppl don't get one shot and free to play with longer combo, and I enjoy making those dynamic combos that's why I am interested to know the interactions between each type of CCs since we all know how BDO Dev like to hide information. 


  11. I spent few hours searching everywhere, but couldn't find any real info about lockouts between CCs, besides this Ninja post:

    CC lockout breakdown thanks to @Zephen :

    • Freeze : Locks ALL CC for a few seconds after it's used.
    • Stiffness : Only locks further Stiffness
    • Stun : Locks Stun and Knockdown
    • Knockdown : Locks Knockdown and Stun
    • Bound : Locks Bound and Float
    • Float : Locks Float and Bound
    • Grab Locks everything but other grabs (thanks`AckwardNinja)

    But when I tested it, I can KD right after a stun, and my alt wiz can also grab after Freeze. Did they remove CC lockouts or the lockout only last a very small amount of time? Does anybody has more info on it? Much appreciated.

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