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  1. Illuminia added a post in a topic Please implement the penalty on guilds keep decs alive.   

    Dumb necro post made by a dumb person.
    You were just one month short of necroing a 1 year old thread.
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  2. Illuminia added a post in a topic I like this Sticker UI Thingymagig :3   

    It's called an example. Given that the gif in the OP was them trying to move...what was it again? oh right! The worker window.
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  3. Illuminia added a post in a topic I like this Sticker UI Thingymagig :3   

    Simple really. You can move them to your second monitor, so that you can see the given window at all times without it cluttering the screen you are playing BDO on. So for example say you want to keep tabs on your workers while grinding. Just toss that on your 2nd monitor and you don't have to worry about not being able to see stuff while grinding/questing, due to the window being in the way/cluttering the screen.
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  4. Illuminia added a post in a topic Would you want a combat nun class?   

    Yeah...how about no, as pretty much every "would you want" thread by the OP has been about ideas that are just stupid, not to mention completely detached from BDO's setting/design. We don't need Tera 2.0 that's filled with stupid cosplay outfits that have nothing to do with the game, and otherwise modern/futuristic designed items which utterly ruin the whole Fantasy setting BDO was designed around. Next thing you know the OP is going to be asking "Would you want cars as mounts?" while only posting a picture of some random car.
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  5. Illuminia added a post in a topic Would you want a Guts skin for Warrior?   

    I think we would rather you stop spamming the general sections with these threads, and either consolidate it into one thread, or put it in the proper section down in suggestions.
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  6. Illuminia added a post in a topic Would you want a magical girl skin for witches?   

    At least this idea can feasibly fit into the game, unlike the stupid high-tech ninja idea the OP had in their other thread..
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  7. Illuminia added a post in a topic Would you like to see a Cyber Ninja skin?   

    Yes "mechs" made out of wood 2x4's and bolts. Very high tech stuff there.
    Or you know...this is a Fantasy based game, and Futuristic/Hi-Tech/Sci-Fi stuff has no place in the games setting.
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  8. Illuminia added a post in a topic Level 49   

    That is correct. You have to do the "[To level 50!] Giant Catfishman Qoobe" quest. After reaching level 50 the PvP feature is activated automatically.
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  9. Illuminia added a post in a topic Would you like to see a Cyber Ninja skin?   

    yeah...NO. this is not ****ing Tera, or whatever. this is a Fantasy based game. Keep your sci-fi, techy, crap out of here.
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  10. Illuminia added a post in a topic daily attendance reward turn that OFF   

    Must be sooooooo difficult to take a second (or two if you are super slow) to press the Esc button to close the pop up.
    As for why, my best guess? Since people were too dumb to claim the rewards manually every day, and kept coming here to cry about missing rewards despite being on 24/7. Thus they made it so the game automatically pops up when the player is eligible for the reward. It then uses a code to essentially simulate the player manually claiming the daily log in reward like before, and thus placing the reward in your inventory automatically. All in a split second.
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  11. Illuminia added a post in a topic The Punitive Force and the Rescue Party   

    So does anyone here have any info on how to unlock this quest? All the NPC's in the area do not have any quests available aside from the daily repeat quest(which i have done), so any help would be greatly appreciated. As "The Punitive Force and the Rescue Party" is the last knowledge entry I need for its section.
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  12. Illuminia added a post in a topic So, this is customer service?   

    For me I think the customer support has been great. I made a mistake and accidentally bought two of the same items on the pearl shop (not even sure how but that's besides the point). I sent in a ticket right away asking if it were possible to get one of the duplicates removed and my pearls refunded. They told me that so long as the purchase was made within 48 hours than I was eligible for a refund, which I was and they confirmed on their end I did in fact have a duplicate and it was in fact purchased in the last 48 hours. had my pearls back in a matter of hours after sending the ticket.

    So really, your OP has so little information I am not sure what you expect to happen by posting it here. Did you file the ticket within 48 hours, or were you so high you didn't realize you messed up (again), until you past the 48 mark? If it was past the 48 hour mark then yeah, you are SOL, and I'm not surprised they are not wasting time with your ticket and instead trying to focus on more immediate tickets. (more so when people make tickets about stupid stuff, then make another ticket asking why they are not getting a response to their first ticket, then make yet another ticket asking why its taking so long etc etc.)
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  13. Illuminia added a post in a topic Dark Knight Rosa Cassius Clothes Bugs?   

    I don't own the outfit yet, but I can answer 1 at least. The glove part of the set is combined with the chest as one piece. Which is why you see the chest icon in both slots. The set only comes with boots, a head piece, and a chest piece (which has the gloves incorporated into it).
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  14. Illuminia added a post in a topic Bikinis and Bathing Suits   

    Fair enough, though I doubt they would add bikinis to any other category aside from underwear. So you'd likely not be able to fight in them either, but who knows! Would be happy to be proven wrong heh. All things considered they could just make it so the bikinis give a swim/diving speed increase instead up +1 luck.
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  15. Illuminia added a post in a topic Bikinis and Bathing Suits   

    Honestly some of the underwear look more like bikini's than actual underwear...
    -Lazies underwear
    -Sileshi underwear
    -Le Vladian underwear (no stockings)
    -Epheria Marine underwear (no stockings)
    -Vivid Blooming underwear
    -Bubble Pop underwear
    Being the first ones to come to mind that at least imho look more in line with bikinis/swimwear than a proper set of underwear/lingerie.
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