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Bremer Dan Gorst

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  1. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    here is the official link:
    However I'm hoping what some people said to be true - that there will be just a new event announced (someone also said that in korea they just did not turn the event off and it's on all weekends nowadays).
    Would be nice, we will find out soon enough.
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  2. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    maybe i'm a bad player but it took me a whole week to get from 57 to 58.
    40% in week days (around 1.5-3 hours per day) and 60% on friday/weekend (around 6 hours per day)
    and i would probably not level up this weekend if not for the news that this is the last 100% exp weekend, so i figured i would pick up the pace otherwise i would need to grind even more hours in the following days to get to the same point.
    i think your estimations assume that you're using some additional exp buffs (costume, gm blessings/event buffs, guild exp?) or it's not your first character so your gear is quite good or maybe you're in a guild instead of solo - it's valid for some for sure, but not for everyone.
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  3. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    I've read the whole topic and I like Ninnghizhidda's response the most.
    OP didn't even state what he wants to do, maybe he only likes to pve? You don't need boss gear for that
    But if he would like to pvp, I'm pretty sure he would want to have more than 450 GS and certainly at least lvl 59 if not 60 and this would definitely take more time.
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  4. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

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  5. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    i'm in the game since like 1.5 hour, works fine for me (did not change channnels, currently on balenos 5)
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  6. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic Dumb people sell shards, don't be dumb!   

    i'd like to know that too, could someone share the info?
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  7. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic Idea for Market Bidding Fix.   

    Just add a queue system, you join the queue and you see how many are before you, eventually you will be first in line and you'll get the item.
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  8. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic Crazy skin prices, wtf?   

    Depends on where you live. For a german guy 34 euro should be nothing, for a polish guy, well it is around 4-5 times more by comparing how much both earn on average. And Poland isn't the worst so your milage may vary
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  9. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic Black Spirit quest line is long af now.   

    How many slots can you get from those?
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  10. Bremer Dan Gorst added a post in a topic Bidding system needs to be gone :(   

    The marketplace system is not ideal, but what FapperJohn (are you twelve?) proposes is very silly.
    Here are my suggestions for improvements:
    1) More transparency -> show some statistics, for example show us how many people were bidding.
    If i know that I lost to 3 other people, then I can try to bid again as my odds weren't that bad. But if I knew I would be bidding against 1000 or even 10000 people then I might reconsider and spend my time trying to acquire such item with other means.
    2) Fix the small inconveniences:
    * let us buy the lowest priced item but excluding items that are currently in the bid phase
    * while bidding maybe take/block our bidding money but then give us the item directly if we win or return/unblock the money; would save us from the messages "failed to purchase/item already sold" which are very frustrating
    3) Add queuing mechanism
    As I understand some items go into the "preorder" and some go directly into the market starting with the "bidding" phase, let's add a third category which is "queuing" and it would work like this: if the item is not available to buy, you would click on "add to queue" button and you would join to the queue (and as hinted in point 1, transparency would be nice to have here, so you would see how many people are before you in the queue for this specific item).
    You would still have the currently available methods of acquiring items but you would also gain a less RNG way of eventually getting those items.
    For a rare item I am more willing to wait 100 days and get it for sure rather than to randomly bid on it (as if i was even there to bid it at all times) (yes, with bidding you could get it on your 1st day, but also you could be on your 200th day and still get nothing).
    4) Different approach to quantity items?
    Perhaps if someone sells 500 wheat and several people bid on it, maybe "more fair" approach would be that the quantity would be divided evenly between the bidders.
    I'd rather get guaranteed 166 wheat than a 33% chance of grabbing 500 wheat.
    5) Request system
    So I understand that certain items are better to keep rather than sell so some are practically not available for buying at all.
    What if there was a system for requesting such items.
    I need 500 rough stone so I'll make a request for it and in the market it would be visible in a special section that there is a request for at least 500 rough stones (practically it would be more as i suspect many more people would put such requests). 
    And as long as there was a requested quantity of the items people would be able to fill the requests. And to incentivise it so the requests would actually be fillable by people - the price could be x% higher than normal market price and on top upon filling the request some trading experience would be given to the person filling such request (based on the total price of the transaction?).
    And again just like in point 4 -> if more people request rough stones (lets say 5 people) and someone puts 500 stones, then each of those five people get 100 stones.
    I don't think those are ground breaking changes, but would remove so much frustration (at least my frustration :P)
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