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  1. Xenosaga added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Yeah it's now https://bdo.mmomap.nl/
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  2. Xenosaga added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Okay, less scary now You can now enjoy sleeping beauty
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  3. Xenosaga added a post in a topic Watermark.   

    Screenshots is not hard:
    - Fraps, saves also immediately
    - Screenshot feature with AMD tool ReLive (AMD has recording and screenshot for latest generation video cards) - no problem, saves immediately
    - Bandicam screenshot (don't use recording, it has watermark above)
    - Greenshot, need choose right window
    - Faststone Image Viewer has own screenshot feature. You can use this program too to save PrintScreen shots easy.
    - Nvidia users might have also own Nivida tool.
    Enough solutions, don't worry.
    But actually this is strange to see there is no "[ ] without watermark" option. This feels so forced change. Even without watermark, we can see it's from BDO.
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  4. Xenosaga added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Ah that is also possible. But still plenty time because we know it eats your electric bill too. I think most people does around 4-6 hours average daily. I have 1650 hours on timer, yes that is not much, but there is no really useful reason to run PC almost 14 hours. Unless you walked and ride forever around.
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  5. Xenosaga added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    5000 hours in one year = approx 13,7 hours playtime / daily
    Is that almost no-lifer reward? Freebies are oke, but this is strange reward. How many players are crazy enough to play whole day?
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  6. Xenosaga added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    The patch is 1,73 GB, not 1,37 GB
    Someone twisted the keys
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  7. Xenosaga added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Now i have added almost all trade NPCs in the database. You can use map now for your Trade quests to find NPCs. Every NPC has also screenshots to recognize easier how it looks.
    Small GUI update: if you click on node, a popup window will seen at left side. Comments will readable in the yellow box. If city has connected NPCs, the list will visible in the popup window. This makes searching easier for some NPCs.
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  8. Xenosaga added a post in a topic Calpheon is based on an Italian City named Assisi   

    Technically, make a full and lively city from zero in the game is not easy task for developers.
    So they will check some nice cities on the world. Europe has many old centres in cities.
    After checking some cities, they can choose which style they can use in the game.
    And of course, they can make part of city identical and use it in the game. This makes design city more easier because textures are easy to design, just 'copy' from real buildings. This reduces build time more.
    Remember, BDO is not full fantasy game, due high realism grade and normal people. It's also based on (old) real world parts for style. If you compare it with Wild Star or WoW, they're not based on real world and are designed from zero. Because both games are full fantasy and have nothing with real life.
    Games with high realism grade will always use some examples from real world. Otherwise we won't feel "nice" in the game and explore fun will be low.
    Don't forget BDO world is completely designed. There are almost no copied places. Identical hometowns are not found in BDO. You will understand why BDO installation is very big due everything is unique designed. What is more, there are no identical landscapes.
    It's clear developers want make the game also 'fun to explore around' and discover every spot in the world.
    Games with big world but smaller installation will have some identical towns or very reduced detail on landscapes. Or instanced areas like in Blade&Soul and Skyforge make the game more smaller.
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  9. Xenosaga added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Busy with adding trading data. And of course all data are checked by myself ingame to prevent faulty information.
    (Femme site is very nice, but i see some small errors in data)
    Then i will add some features to site to make it more nicer.
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  10. Xenosaga added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    After long wait and some tries, finally some problems solved.
    Website is now updated with new map (also bit ahead with upcoming new content, sorry Famme :))
    Will add soon new nodes to make it complete.
    Because new code and map, you need reload website now.
    And i have now added missing nodes.
    Now i need only add more missing data to new spots.... in next days.
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  11. Xenosaga added a post in a topic I found something strange while sailing, I wonder what is it...   

    Must a troll rock.
    Game is trolling with you!
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  12. Xenosaga added a post in a topic Admit that the game needs a level hard cap   

    Level 62 doesn't means you're done with game. Even you rushed from 1 to 62, you're way too weak and cannot do much and help others, especially in guild.
    BDO is not designed to rush through it.
    I know some MMOs which you can rush through it. WoW, Tera or Rift. Get good stuff from high level dungeons, and you're almost ready with game.
    But if you think BDO is only leveling and gearing, you're wrong. You have not everything.
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  13. Xenosaga added a post in a topic The game is dead.   

    It's flame topic! Quick, throw a big ban on user!

    Well, its good to see BDO lives more up.
    I played earlier Revelation Online, but it's much lower game quality and has now bad side: shop has some P2W items.
    (Even you can fly free around, world is not very deep.)
    Because BDO has nice world, you can even explore around and discover secret places and items. It feels like real world.
    Most games has only limited exploring options, because it's easier to find them. But BDO world is more deeper, it has real secret spots if you don't check carefully.
    I bet you wil spend hundreds hours on checking every area inches in BDO!
    From now, BDO is pretty unique MMO and cannot much compared to other MMOs. You will always come back.
    Even i don't play every MMO, but i did earlier WoW, Tera and Rift.
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  14. Xenosaga added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Short news here. After checking many options out to make painless upgrade possible to new map, it's useless keep sticking on LatLng coords. I will convert whole database to pixels coords, which is more easier. And i can adjust content easier with pixels to new map area.
    I am also working in script code to change everything to pixels, but i cannot tell you when site is ready. Sorry, i have also busy times in irl.
    If you can wait a bit, it should not longer than one week time before it's done.
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  15. Xenosaga added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Got message my site is overloading hoster server.   I am moving to another hoster and try again. With another new domain name, to match site better.
    Moving data will take some time. Just wait a bit, but it will up again tomorrow for sure.
    Oh yes, i am also working to add new map content.
    It's now recovered at new domain: https://bdo.mmomap.nl/
    You can see i have enabled https for better login security. The site has still old map, but i hope i can add this weekend new map and update all nodes.
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