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  1. seze added a post in a topic Ridiculously expensive pearl shop items.   

    Why do you think they had no endgame? Probably because they were too focused on QoL mechnics like those!!
    All in good time, I think people don't give games enough time to mature.
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  2. seze added a post in a topic Ridiculously expensive pearl shop items.   

    How many years had WoW been going before all those features mentioned were implemented??
    Stop comparing new games to a decade old game.
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  3. seze added a post in a topic Furniture   

    Yesssss I hate the stupid birds!! But so pretty when they're outside :'(
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  4. seze added a post in a topic Ridiculously expensive pearl shop items.   

    I've spent about £500 on costumes because they are GORGEOUS.
    If you look at any other MMo the costumes lack sooo much detail than these. You can tell that a lot of them (not all) are really well crafted. I would pay the same in any other game if they looked as good, but they just don't.
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  5. seze added a post in a topic Ancient Relic Crystal Shard - scroll or sell them?   

    Thanks guys!! I always assumed it was end level, guild sorta stuff
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  6. seze added a post in a topic KR patch note 8th September   

    Is this something you will do regularly? If so I will subscribe as Dulfy only shows costumes and not every single new item, like pets and decor.
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  7. seze added a post in a topic Ancient Relic Crystal Shard - scroll or sell them?   

    How much effort is the boss from these scrolls? because I always sold thinking I couldn't kill the boss if i summoned it.
    I'm Lvl 56 Tamer with +15 ultimate grunil and a +15 liverto, with a friend that has same level, gear but is a witch.
    Could we do it?
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  8. seze added a topic in General   

    Should I use my Conquerer's pack horse for breeding?
    I started levelling my Male Conqueror's pack horse as I was told he was fixed and would count as a normal Tier 5 horse.
    Should I use him for breeding?

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  9. seze added a topic in General   

    BDO costumes are the Gucci of the MMO world
    I've seen many, many posts both for and against the prices of costumes in this game.
    But I haven't seen anyone talk about the fact that these costumes are the couture of the gaming world. 
    What a lot of gamers do not understand is in the real world there is a huge high end market aimed at consumers who prefer to pay for quality over quantity. Whilst the average person is more than happy walking around in the primark clothes they bought in the sales there are some who spend lots and lots for high end designer gear.
    What I'm glad to see is this has finally transitioned into gaming, where I can now dress my characters in what I consider to be the Gucci, Prada, Versace, Hermes and Moschino of the digital world. Costumes so detailed they actually go transparent in the rain. These beautiful costumes spit on the low end crap hawked in other MMO's, so that's why I'm happy to pay.
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  10. seze added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Shudad Staff/Pre-order costume (witch)
    Does anyone have pictures of the pre-order costume and staff for witch?
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  11. seze added a post in a topic How hard did you work to afford the Pre-order?   

    I spent a day taking pictures of a gorgeous girl for an international campaign and then spent 1% of my day rate on the game.
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  12. seze added a post in a topic Here's how to give tamer eye lids/socket   

    You did perfect good job!!
    Nope, not complaining at all. I just see people struggling to customise their characters how they like, so here is a guide to help with alternative eye socket shapes.
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  13. seze added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Phloria
    Family Name:Minora
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/OY1wlnp
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  14. seze added a post in a topic Want to check out some RU gameplay? Check this stream!   

    Thanks  You get a favourite from me. where are you playing from?
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  15. seze added a post in a topic Here's how to give tamer eye lids/socket   

    Thank you! x
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