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  1. mo0nX added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

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  2. mo0nX added a post in a topic Wizard Long Neck Bug   

    I checked yout thread a while ago while i was researching for my post.
    This issue is getting out of hand if it doesn't get handled soon ...people waste their value packs and money for appearance coupons and they get tricked with this bug which I see no one even bothered to fix it so far . I completly agree with what you said and I find it unnaceptable that this wasn't fixed sooner.
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  3. mo0nX added a post in a topic Buying pearl shop items from market place is nearly impossible.   

    Bottom Line, there is a new snipping bot that snipes if no one has won after bidding phase... Where speed is taken into account... legit impossible to get anything, not to mention the shit server lag that makes it even harder for some people... Smh, its legit impossible after server merge... Pre-merge was best... Sadly as of right now F3 is your best option... Its not ideal, but its the only way you will get what you want... Unless you want to wait at the mp for months (if not ever) in hopes that rng will be your friend... Which isn't likely at all. 
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  4. mo0nX added a post in a topic Young Wizard Neck Resetting to Default   

    So the wizard long neck bug has been there for months and even wasted money on trying to make my neck to be shorter but what you bassicly tell us is that you don't care if people are using their money to make their neck shorter (and it doesn't work saving the look of the desired neck after) , however this is expected to be fixed at whatever time the developers of the game feels like? I mean c'mon...the BDO team fixed bigger buggs this can't be allowed to continue for several patches before someone feels like fixing it. 
    Long story short the BDO team doesn't care enough about the Wizard's long neck bug to give an accurate answer to when will this get fixed .
    Example of unanswered thread from GMS made by me several days ago before I realised there were others with the same issue which by the way they never got an accurate answer from the BDO staff either (nor did they got an answer at all or their threads were completly ignored just like mine was despite the atempt to tag the GMS)  : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/135326-wizard-long-neck-bug/
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  5. mo0nX added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    is the wizard long neck bug fixed ? Or is it continuously being ignored?
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  6. mo0nX added a post in a topic Wizard Long Neck Bug   

    Does this page needs to be advertised for a GM to give an answer? 
    It's pretty sad this much time has passed and no one said or did anything about Wizard's long neck BUG .
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  7. mo0nX added a post in a topic Wizard Long Neck Bug   

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  8. mo0nX added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Is Wizard's long neck issue gonna get fixed, where the costumization doesn't save the neck and it looks long?
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  9. mo0nX added a post in a topic Wizard Long Neck Bug   

    It's been alrdy a month passing on my side and my value pack alrdy expired .
    I alrdy lost the oportunity to re-edit my character which means I must rebuy another change coupon or value back to be able to re-edid my wizzard.
    What's worse is that with this issue out there for so long , the GMs might not even care to show this issue to higher staff which makes me wonder if anyone reads this forum from the Black desert staff. However you put it this needs fixed ASAP , because it's a boomer..it's not funy and it bothers me so badly not being able to have MY NECK SHORT .
    Please read this GMS 
    @GM_Caramel @GM_BBrilliant 
    @GM_Bytesize @GM_Axion @GM Creat0r @GM Moose @GM MWallace @GM Felaxus @GM Kaiji 
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  10. mo0nX added a post in a topic Wizard Long Neck Bug   

    I'm prety sure I got trolled  .
    In the long run I guess the wizard won't get fixed because I see a lot of people talking about it yet no reply  nor assitance was provided from the higher staff.
    It's dissapointing to see such  large comunity with such lilttle care from the black desert staff,
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  11. mo0nX added a post in a topic Young Wizard Neck   

    I also complained with my own thread here http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/135326-wizzard-long-neck-bugg/
    The deves of the game doesnt seem to care cause I got no reply nor have i seen one posted at this similar issue to someone else.
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  12. mo0nX added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Wizard Long Neck Bug
    Hello Black Desert,
    I've just created a wizard 1 week ago and my character seems to have an issue.
    No matter how many times I try to save my character with the look I customized, the neck of my Wizard keeps appearing long in game. What I mean exactly is that there is a bug that won't allow me to make my wizard's neck shorter. 
    I've read some threads on forums regarding this issue , they weren't that many so I brought it up because I think the black desert team doesn't seem to care about this issue and it's prety much unprofessional . While on it I tried clearing the game cache and repairing my client but unfortunately the "Long Neck" issue persisted even after.
    I've taken a total of 4 screenshots from both face and back, but you will see the obvious which I noticed in the other threads I've read also , which is his neck is TOO LONG
    I can't possibly understand how a company with so much money couldn't fix this simple issue as it ruins the gameplay of many players . It's either the developers don't care or they don't read the forums too much because that is the only possible explication I found.
    Please fix this asap.
    How I want the neck to be :

    And this is how the Neck appears despite me saving the appearance (every time) : 

    How I want the neck to be :

    And this is how the Neck appears despite me saving the appearance (every time) : 

    P.s : It took me several hours into the "costumization" to fix the unproportioned left eye with the symmetry box unchecked because the eye of the wizzard seems to be unproportional to the right one.  I wouldn't have brought that up because I already seen the issue on forums to someone else discussing it.
    We have many female characters to be proud of their looks while the guys characters are a complete wreck... I can't belive the company doesn't care about this.
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