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  1. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    Why don't we look at Eve Online, fully open market and perfectly functional since they removed tech II BPO carteling many many years ago (like in 2007). The only big influences on prices outside large rebalancing events were due to macro miners (basically like a gathering bot in BDO) and sometimes wars.
    As for BDO, let's run a thought experiment. A few minutes of observation told me that at this time of the day on EU server about 100 weapon black stones and 200 armor ones change hands in each market tick. That's each minute. Suppose you are Richie Rich and want to buy them all up to relist at 5m a piece. Assuming the other players are nice enough to sell them to you at 300 and 210k respectively, you are looking at spending 72 million each minute to keep up with incoming sell orders. That's 4.3 billion an hour (at prime time of course). If I remember right, the player with most silver stockpiles on EU had about 17 billion, something like that? It means it would take them four prime time hours to empty their bank stockpiling black stones. And then what? You list them at 5m each and others will immediately undercut you and eventually the price will fall down to where it belongs, losing you silver because of the market tax.
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  2. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    If logs get expensive enough that they're worth gathering for profit, a lot more people will list them. As for the other "problem", if you try to do that, you will discover that no later than after placing 30 logs you can't create any more sell orders.
    In general however, a lot of potential issues can be solved by having a solid MP interface. For example, look at Eve Online for how to make one.
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  3. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    How does that in any way conflict with what I said?
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  4. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    Logs will not be bought out instantly if the prices are set free - they will be more expensive and also more people will be providing them because of that. The same applies to pretty much every item with high availability but high demand.
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  5. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    That will already be an improvement over the current situation where pretty much nobody even considers listing TET items. It's not like you live under the illusion that you are somehow gonna easily snipe all the TET boss items from MP now, is it?
    "Only the cheapest item can be purchased"
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  6. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    If some people want to pay for way overpriced items, they shouldn't be complaining about it. The point is that nobody is forced into it, and so those who do give a shit about their silver will weigh the benefits of obtaining the items by other means and do what they believe is more efficient.
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  7. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    You do realise that for that to work you'd need:
    a) someone to buy your overpriced items
    b) nobody undercutting you
    I can assure you that trying this you'd run into both problems, lose heavily and never attempt anything this silly again. The 15% market tax would play a big part btw.
    > as for food, though everyone can cook, not everyone does cook.
    If food is suddenly ten times the normal price, everyone is gonna cook.
    > by your sense, a monopoly would never be achieved in the game just because the items can be gathered from outside the market
    Exactly that, now you're getting it.
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  8. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    Right.. how would you monopolise food? You do know that everyone can cook, the ingredients for most foods aren't that hard to get and none of them can be controlled.Somebody lists an item for 10b, it sits on the MP for days, next guy says "screw it" and lists it for 5b, it sits on mp for days, next guy says "screw it" and lists it for 1b and so on until the lowest prices are reasonable, maybe 200-500m.How would you monopolise any of that? You understand that for that you would have to be the only source of those items? The items that literally anyone can obtain.
    No. Persons A-Z look on the mp and say "why pay 450m when I can wait for another to be listed at 400". 450m tree armor sits on the MP for days, sellers realise it won't sell and list one for 400. Person A can now buy that.
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  9. thdsm added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    Orly? Name a few items important to everyone's gameplay that can be monopolised, please.
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  10. thdsm added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    I'm not calling myself a flat-earther, you are just having trouble correlating a sentence with its context. It happens.
    > I'm not the one trying to push my opinion on anyone.
    You just spent several pages trying to push your opinion that adding PVP based progression to the game would change the atmosphere of the game and that it would somehow be a bad change. You also spent a lot of effort arguing against something that was never even said, namely making said PVP progression somehow easier or superior to the PVE grind. Your reasons: you like the hard work and effort that goes into grinding. I merely pointed out that this effort you speak of is fake because the grind itself does not actually require any real mental or physical effort.
    I'm sure you understand the point of these pointless forum arguments. It is not to convince you of anything, this almost never happens. Often times it is because people on the internet aren't even able to comprehend the core of your argument, they just repeat their opinion until you get bored or their keyboard breaks. One argues to first bump the thread for the reasons I outlined earlier, and second to provide reading material for those who are undecided and are checking the thread out.
    > But I don't know why you can't take a simple "I would not like that" and deal with someone disagreeing with you.
    If you would not like that, then why not just post "I would not like that" and be done with it. Of course, to that one can just reply "And I would like that, what's your point?"
    > I don't go to League of Legends and put up threads asking them to make more ways to climb ranking ladders through AI games. Dunno why you think people have to agree that you coming here and suggesting a bypass of the grind is a good idea for the game they enjoy, when they've put so much work into something and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment it brings.
    I don't know what Freeway sees in you, but your analogies really suck. You can't climb ranking ladders through AI games because that would defeat the purpose of rankings (unless of course you have entirely separate AI game rankings, but I don't think it's what you meant). Giving an option of PVP progression in BDO would not defeat the purpose of PVE grind, because its main purpose is to keep you playing the game long and often. Assuming that the PVP progression has similar pace (as was suggested) to the PVE grind, it will fulfill that purpose just as well, if not better.
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  11. thdsm added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Dude, you don't even have proper punctuation. Whatever else you may think you have, I can assure you it ain't logic or common sense.
    That isn't what I meant at all. Once again, you demonstrate your inability to comprehend an argument that needs more than half a sentence to explain. Perhaps if you went back to my previous posts and read them all thirty times you'd be able to get it? After all, you've admitted to enjoying repetitive tasks.
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  12. thdsm added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    You do know that Flat Earthers consider Earth being a spheroid just an opinion right? It is because you can't see the curvature while standing on the ground.
    You are confusing yourself too much right now. Quit all this thinking before your brain explodes and go do something more fitting to your level of intellect. I recommend grinding some Sausans.
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  13. thdsm added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Or you just increase the age limit to 20 or whatever. Tada, no 15 year olds allowed.
    > You act as if PVP and PVE are totally different things,to use it for this silly analogy But in pvp you use the same skill set and you attack with the same skill set albeit in a different combination.,You do not use the same skill set scrubbing toilets to drive a car. Don't quit your day job. Analogies ain't your thangg my man. Leave that to Cardiel lol
    You use your hands to scrub a toilet as well as to drive a car, this is only slightly less than BDO grind has in common with PVP.
    That is because you're trying to explain to me that the Earth is flat. No matter how many times you repeat it, it won't change the reality. But that's fine, ultimately the point of this thread is to get it noticed. The way many gaming companies work is that they have CM's who read the forums, consolidate the feedback and send it over to the devs. The more this thread stays up, the more likely it is to be taken into account. Nobody cares about what is being written on page 11. So feel free to try to explain your simple concept again.
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  14. thdsm added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    You insist on misunderstanding me lol. Work can very much be fun, but to also be hard it actually needs to be hard (difficult, challenging etc). Then it is hard work that is fun. BDO PVE grind is objectively, without any argument easy for the average person. It also happens to be very repetitive. So it is not actually hard work at all, and requires no real effort. But a lot of people refer to it as such, why? Because it feels like hard work. Why is that? Well, because it is long and also, because summoning willpower to force yourself to do something that is tedious requires effort.
    Now if you actually find PVE grind mechanically difficult, then the above doesn't apply to you, but know that you are in the minority.
    I also explained pretty thoroughly I hope that your Chutes and Ladders example was incomplete and could in fact be used to support OP's argument. Go read that post again.
    > Literally everything you're saying is you attempting to back up your views by saying "a lot of people would prefer this" when there's a lot of people in this thread disagreeing with you.
    How is that wrong to mention that many others would prefer this? And there will always be people disagreeing, for various reasons but for many it is just because they resist change.
    Look, if we strip the argument down to its core, what OP and the likeminded are proposing is: if certain players want to play BDO for the sake of PVP, then let them progress by doing PVP in some form. Those opposed say "nah, the only way to progress should be doing tasks that have little to nothing to do with PVP, because reasons". Like, I could come up with all sorts of utterly ridiculous RL analogies to this claim, how about you want to drive a car, but to even qualify to apply for a license you have to clean a toilet 3000 times. How would you like that?
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  15. thdsm added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    First of all, a lot of people find the grind boring, not just me personally. Just observing the amount of "the grind sucks"-themed threads on this forums will tell you this. And then, I will straight up disagree and claim that in my opinion extremely few people actually find the grind fun. Many who say they think it is fun also indirectly deny it by referring to it as "hard work" or "effort". These are not the words you use to describe something that is objectively easy and also fun and engaging.
    Also, do I need to say again that nobody here suggested anything that would devalue or reduce any of the hard work required to progress? I feel like I've said it a dozen times already and people still talk like the core of the whole debate is wanting easy level 65 and PEN gear. It is not.
    The game needs to cater to a large enough audience that will sustain it. At the moment BDO has a healthy playerbase, but I agree with OP's speculation that a good portion of this playerbase is staying only because of certain specific qualities of the game, such as visuals and combat mechanics, and don't like many other aspects of it. If something that does PvP right, while looking as good as BDO appears at some point, a mass exodus can really happen.
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