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  1. Chalk added a post in a topic <Spaghetti> Is Recruiting!   

  2. Chalk added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    I haven't even played since May. Hi there.
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  3. Chalk added a post in a topic Hello I need some tips from pro players!   

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  4. Chalk added a post in a topic Cheaters everywhere!   

    Top tier edit.
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  5. Chalk added a post in a topic Cheaters everywhere!   

    I don't know what it is, but the way you write gives me a headache.
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  6. Chalk added a post in a topic Keep the forums E for Everyone   

    It looks like none of you know how to read. Maybe that's the problem with these forums.
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  7. Chalk added a post in a topic Keep the forums E for Everyone   

    I wish, buddy. We all do.

    Maybe I will.
    Not everyone likes snakes and you just have to accept that. You should keep your love of snakes to yourself, some people don't agree with that sort of thing.
    You should be careful for what you say, Kat. Not everyone shares your opinions. This is why we should be able to censor it without anyone knowing!
    Excuse me please watch your language in my thread.
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  8. Chalk added a post in a topic Keep the forums E for Everyone   

    I rest my case.
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  9. Chalk added a post in a topic Keep the forums E for Everyone   

    There is no age rating on the forums and they might want to look into the game. The forums would definitely turn me away if I was considering purchasing the game.
    To protect younger eyes and vulnerable people. Not everyone is as resilient as you. Also see above. 
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  10. Chalk added a post in a topic Keep the forums E for Everyone   

    PG is too high. Read the title please.
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  11. Chalk added a topic in General   

    Keep the forums E for Everyone
    Please read OP before writing mean comments!
    I've seen a lot of negativity on these forums in the months I've been here and I'm sure that a lot of other users can agree that the state of the forums right now are pretty chaotic. Big thank you to the wonderful moderation team for trying so hard to keep it clear, but even still we can't just rely on mods for cleaning up after us. I think that the users of the forums need to clean up their act a little more- myself included. (Nobody's perfect, right? )
    The game itself may be rated 16+ but the forums are open to everyone and we should take both the younger audience into consideration and the more vulnerable people who may be reading. Not everyone is resilient as you, and we should be careful of the things that we say!
    Here is a list of things which I think we need to approach with caution when talking about: (TRIGGER WARNING!!!)
    There are also some inconsistencies with moderation with some people being banned or warned for things that they say or do while other people get away with it perfectly.  (TRIGGER WARNING!!!)
    Also we should remove everything like trash talking and sexual stuffs from the forums because some people may find that offensive. This includes avatars! (TRIGGER WARNING!!!)
    I also think that we should add a chat filter onto the forums, as we already have one in game and it would be very useful here for clearing out things which we don't want to see.
    Most people's chat filters probably look like this:
    But I think one like this is much more needed, and we need the ability to do this on the forums! (TRIGGER WARNING!!!)
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  12. Chalk added a post in a topic [Edan] Baka guild   

    I don't see the problem.

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  13. Chalk added a post in a topic So where's the line on "Allowed PVP mechanics" and "Harassment."   

    The CM's response to stream sniping:
    I don't see why he's being banned for it now.
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  14. Chalk added a post in a topic Hiding Avatars   

    How dare you? PDA is extremely stressful for me to see, and should be kept behind closed doors. We're not all priviliged cisgendered middle class heterosexuals like you are, and some of us find it offensive and it can be percieved as a personal attack.
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  15. Chalk added a post in a topic Hiding Avatars   

    can we get some feedback on this?
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes @Deska @Te'Ryn Tec
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