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  1. Alivyre added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    I said the choices are limited, besides. The Delphe Knight one has heels, and I'm not going to wear a dress while I fight. It's just silly, and kind of unrealistic.
    I did like the Delphe Knight armor a great deal, I would have worn it, but my character is A. Kuno, so the rogue class wearing full platemail is a little odd, and B. The clipping issue with the cape is just annoying. and C. Heels.  
    You're talking about not so covering armors while hanging around, fair enough. I'm talking about real armor when it comes to fighting, and last time I checked my class (Kuno) Is very limited on what you can wear that looks like you're going to fight aside from the default armors, which are not able to be turned into costume pieces. And wearing the default armor instead of Bhegs, Muskans, whatever else is just hurting yourself.
    But I appreciate all of your suggestions. You should have also added the Blacksmith outfit you can craft, that's a good one too, and they're actual boots... Doesn't seem like a character remodel is needed to make outfits without heels, so it wont cost devs any extra time.
    I bought the Canape boots just for this reason! I used it with my christmas outfit so I wouldn't be wearing heels! It matched wonderfully!  
    But unfortunately you're right. Too many of the outfits limit how much you can customize by combining pieces into a single equip.
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  2. Alivyre added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    I always knew Muskan was the only female Giant...!
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  3. Alivyre added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    Yeah, true... I guess, but still. Makes it hard to take serious thinking my character might twist her ankle while running in the desert in heels...

    Spikey Heels, I totally seen muskan wearing these himself.
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  4. Alivyre added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    +1 for Pants, and real boots to BDO. Please!  
    Also, lots of money to be made there...! Plenty of us would love to have some outfits like that!
    Another new outfit, another set of heels ...

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  5. Alivyre added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    What about the Ayo suit... So strategic looking armor, or the Kuno Awakening armor, where you're practically naked swinging around high heels

    This is the Cokro Armor set. An example of an almost done right outfit, until you look to her feet and see some massive six inch heels. I liked this outfit alot, but every time i see heels on a costume that is meant to look like you're going to fight in. I just cannot take it serious. I'll normally just settle for wearing the blacksmith outfit, or the Professional processing outfit. 
    Or my Desert Camo outfit.
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  6. Alivyre added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    I posted another topic about something along those lines. Turning the original armor sets into costume pieces, of course giving no stat bonuses, but just for the cosmetics! 
    Or even them just adding the different sets into the pearl store, i'd buy them.
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  7. Alivyre added a topic in Suggestions   

    Non Stripper outfits?
    I take a look at my selection for outfits in this game... And it seems very limited if I'm wanting to -not- look like I'm just walking out from my night working at a strip club. 
    Can we get some outfits that actually look like I'm ready to fight? I'm slightly annoyed by the fact almost every outfit had these six inch heels... Idk if the Devs have ever
    tried wearing heels before, or running in them, let alone fighting in them, but it's not really all that possible! It's a little odd when your lineup of players consist of a bunch
    of hardly dressed females in heels fighting a bunch of heavily armored men.
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  8. Alivyre added a post in a topic Node War Timer Enhance   

    I think there should be an extension to the node war timer, as for how long I'm not one to say... but this is a good suggestion for times!
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  9. Alivyre added a post in a topic Please fix Stealth   

    I'd love to see this fixed being that I play a kuno, and have this problem way too often, but given the CM replied two months ago, i believe this is long forgotten about. Kuno will never be fixed. Learn to play with what you have currently, or reroll to another class.
    On the bright side, 90% of players still have not put 2 and 2 together, and follow their pets / mobs to attack you in your stealth. So you have that going for you!
    Also, keep in mind, if you use your Black Spirit Buff (Z) That glow around you, is visible to others when you're in stealth.
    1/11 of these i see being okay. The rest of these just seem way too overpowered. 
    I like the way concealment works currently, aside from the mobs following you after you go into stealth, especially against witch / wizard.
    But the fact it's not instant make you time it out, and plan ahead. The heart aiming suggestion makes little to no sense.
    The healing, and losing of conditions... What are you trying to make us into? Zerker 2.0?
    immunity of crowd control is not a good idea, i like the fact that if people get lucky and guess where you are that they can knock you out of stealth. Ever fought another kuno/ninja before? It's the greatest feeling to knock them out of their stealth.
    The increasing of movement speed seems a little much, you'd expect to move slower while trying to sneak around.
    Aaaaand, smokescreen does enough as is...
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  10. Alivyre added a topic in Suggestions   

    Cosmetic Variant of Regular Armors
    Since this game likes to have the pearl shop specifically for revealing outfits for everybody to stare at, why not change it up, and actually add some real gear into the marketplace?
    The regular armor sets on Kuno, and other classes as well. The Grunil, Taritas, Zereth, Talis sets all have unique looks that are really nice, and look like they can actually be used in combat!
     It's just a shame that I cannot have them as cosmetic items to wear over the bush armor, or the goats helmet, or the high heeled spikey boots!
    I personally would buy the cosmetic versions of regular armors in a heartbeat, because It's kind of annoying running into a node war looking like I plan to dance on a pole, rather than fight.
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  11. Alivyre added a post in a topic More male classes   

    Please, no more heels. Who in their right mind is going to go fight in a war in heels! Muskan shoes was the biggest disappointed I've ever had, they look so great, but then they have a massive heel in the back, it just doesn't seem all that effected of a boot to wear in combat when you look at it aesthetically. 
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  12. Alivyre added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Go fight a -good- witch, and then tell me if they actually need a buff.
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  13. Alivyre added a post in a topic More male classes   

    Dark knight being a female only class is a bit unfair, they need to do something about getting rid of this gender lock on most classes (Except Valkyrie, Obviously)
    Or at least add some new awesome male classes to balance the scale.
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