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  1. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    I don't know but I tried also the other channels not listed here and I have the same issue, no matter what I do, once the node war starts I just see my character for 1 second and "connection with the server has been lost", same for the whole weekend.  EU Server
    For example tonight I left in autoloop my horse and never dcd, right now is the same: my trainer is in autoloop with the horse and no issue, but everyday around 8.00 pm it spits me out and cannot log in anymore until midnight, same for the whole saturday and sunday. Before kicking me out I start to have weird messages of error like if I try to ride my horse it says "action doesn't exist"...or something like that and the character just run against the horse forever or if I am gathering something it says that the resource is no more available.
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  2. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Day 3 of log and no interaction during the evening, just run where you want and pet the mobs which ignore your presence for few minutes then Connection with the server has been lost. EU server.
    This morning, before work, I logged, no issues. Around 6.30 pm I logged, catched a pair of horses, no issues. Disconnected at the node war and started the issue.
    This happens (to me) from the node war time (evening) and go on until 00.00/01.00 am CET and during the whole weekend.
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  3. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Now it's 2 days it's logging my character but I cannot interact with anything and then disconnecting after some minutes with my evergreen lovely notice "connection with the server has been lost"
    At some point I also saw my horse dying (no mobs in that area and I am under lvl 50) so....I am honestly speechless.
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  4. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Yesterday night from 1 to 3 AM CET I was able to play! Yay. Today as usual, as every weekend, no, "Connection with the server has been lost". Maybe the solution to play this game is become nocturnal entities...............
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  5. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    The "Now processing" is gone in fact but still in the evening it gives me "connection with the server has been lost" while during the day when there is less people I can log without issues - same for my friend with another ISP
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  6. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Ok, during the night (I'm EU), while everyone sleeps, I was able to patch the game, but just tried to launch it and I am stuck on the server choice with "Now Processing", now are about 7 minutes it's there.
    Internet is fine
    edit: in the end after 15 minutes I entered the characters selection, tried to log and....Connection with the server has been lost
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  7. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Wonderful, cannot even patch now, downloading at 0.07 MB/sec.
    And just heard from my friend that now he is stuck at the "now processing" too while before this patch was semi-able to play
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  8. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Yes and the support keeps telling it's my computer, my graphic cards (which in any case meets the minimum requirements even if it is not the last fresh laptop on the market), my etc etc. Last message from support was: update this, this, this, and this...this ticket is closed. Ah ok thanks, I bought a service which doesn't run and it's my own problem so. I am a computer technician and I am used to verify and do many checks before speaking so...well GMs you know, I tried with another computer ten thousands better of mine, new and powerful (if you want the specifics I mention them) and you know? It does the same thing. Not only this, but even with a fiber optic connection which works amazingly, just to exclude it was my provider...
    When the population increases it spits me out and I can try to log until my death but no way, I only see my sorceress 1 second and then "lost connection". While when everyone sleeps I can play. Oh and Node/Conquest war times.....I can try to log until I become Tutankhamon....
    This is your issue, on your servers, so please stop to ask us to verify, update, check, send files, and check on your own systems what is wrong.
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  9. Izrabeth added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    I have the same issue, EU server, tried everything I could, including the suggestion of the OP but sadly no way to play. This since 2 days ago while before I played everyday with no problems but some lag sometimes in the big towns. After I flushed, trying many logins, once I was able to stay in game about 1 minute but couldn't do anything and the world was empty, my horse apparently was there according to the map but was invisible. Just sharing my experience, while a friend of mine had the same issue and solved cleaning the DNS cache/resetting TCP/IP.
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