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  1. Kaenada added a post in a topic 2% droprate vs 1% means half of the work or twice the drops   

    Use a roll /1000 function somewhere and roll it 1k times and do that 1k times and see how often you reach 0.1% 1 rolls.
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  2. Kaenada added a post in a topic New KR Costumes for March (All classes)   

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  3. Kaenada added a post in a topic Lazy Peon as Sorc "Game Sucks!" Lazy Peon as Wiz "Best MMORPG on the market"   

    I haven't gone past Altinova as I'm new and just slowly working my way through the gameworld with different classes to try them out without rushing it, and I see all the classes.
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  4. Kaenada added a post in a topic 2% droprate vs 1% means half of the work or twice the drops   

    You could, I wouldn't because it would be stupid. I said between 1 and 2% difference is insignificant, because it is. Maybe you don't understand what the word insignificant means? For you to notice the difference between a 1% and 2% drop chance, you would have to have a very large sample size while the difference between 1% and 90% difference can be seen in a sample size of 100, easily.
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  5. Kaenada added a post in a topic 2% droprate vs 1% means half of the work or twice the drops   

    Funny thing about drop rates is that they tell the average chance of getting something, like 1/100 but the average does not exist. If you kill 100 mobs and get 2 items and another guy kills 100 and gets 0, which of them had a 1% of drops? Neither but the droprate is still 1%. Calculating chance is pointless unless you have a sample size in the millions. That's why the difference between a 1% drop chance and 2% is completely insignificant when you take out confirmation bias unless you plan to farm something over a million times.
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  6. Kaenada added a post in a topic Life skills go pay to use?   

    Don't really see why you need so much storage space anyways. I have some in every city and every city has one type of resource in the bank there. Sure, it costs some transport fees and takes time to manage it all but you really don't need huge amounts of bank slots with some management. Waste of CP.
    For example Heidel has all my ores and metal and a refinery. Calpheon has Woodworks. Velia has food stuff. Olvia has alchemy stuff. Altinova has my weapon/armor crafting workshops and so on.
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  7. Kaenada added a post in a topic How much money do you spend on dying your costumes?   

    Buying dyes and character change coupons in this game is just straight up dumb. The best feature of the value pack is the unlimited dyes and char changes. It's the best bonus of a "sub" in a no sub game I've ever seen. 
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  8. Kaenada added a post in a topic Life skills go pay to use?   

    After 2 weeks of playing, I have 184 CP fater leveling 1 char to 54, one to 53 and one to 44. Haven't done any "CP grinding" at all. Just played the game.
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  9. Kaenada added a post in a topic I just tried a node war for the first time in a large guild. 1/10 gameplay   

    What is optimization, tell me without googling it.
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  10. Kaenada added a post in a topic Fix your fuccing game   

    That's just funny.
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  11. Kaenada added a post in a topic I dont think anythings going to kill this game faster than future tech   

    Umm... I'm sorry what? You want to talk about incompetent devs?
    Warhammer online, ESO, AoC, SWTOR all games with a huge budget and a promising start, all games ran to the ground by developers who have no clue what they are doing. The only people left in ESO are the ES fanboys, same with SWTOR with SW fans.
    ESO, massive faction battles! At 10 fps. SWTOR? Can't handle more than 30 people on screen using skills at the same time or the engine starts choking. Warhammer? Massive siege battles! EPIC WARFARE, at 5fps.
    Are you... are you comparing singleplayer games to an MMO in terms of performance? I... yeah sorry, don't mean the rude or anything, but that's just ignorant on multiple levels.
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  12. Kaenada added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

    I... what? I've only played 2 MMO's where you fight the same enemies forever. SWG and AO. ArcheAge has the same kind of progression system as BDO, is that not a sandboxc? If that's your criteria, that you kill the same mobs in the same area with no variation then I'm glad it's not, cause that is so -----ing BORING.
    I grinded Quenkers on Dantooine for 8 MONTHS straight to unlock and max my Jedi in SWG. Every day, 8-12h a day the same exact monsters. That was the most bored I've ever been in my entire life. In AO back in the day, you farmed the same handful of spawn of enemies with a group for months. MONTHS, just to level to max, which was 220 at the time.
    That is garbage, that's not gameplay.
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  13. Kaenada added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

    I still have many resorts left, you just make it so easy with your abject stupidity.
    I do enjoy it, what are you doing here if you don't? Shouldn't you be playing your super MMO with the other 5 people who still play Mortal Online?
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