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  1. Darxus added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    When I get my reward for Event "Get movin!"? #71206
    I took a part i a event Get movin! and still not have any form of prize. I waiting now 18 days for anwser for my ticket on support.
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  2. Darxus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Where is nerf for Sorc????
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  3. Darxus added a post in a topic The Sorc And Why a High Skill Cap Is NOT Unfair   

    Sorc is a little OP. One good sorc can easly kill 10-15 ppl because sorc have skill with shield and when you know kow to use to get always this shield and have Heve armor with +100 HP stones you are mostly not kill able. I on my wizz with 120 AP fighting with Ogre 2 min my friend with 98 AP on sorc killing him in 30 sec. In PvP you just use this sing of agony skill and skills with down damage and enemy is dead. For me Sorc is only problematic class.
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  4. Darxus added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   




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  5. Darxus added a post in a topic Before you cry, about Fish Costume   

    Best suit for fight for whale. Any who not have this costiume will be in very bad position.
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  6. Darxus added a post in a topic Before you cry, about Fish Costume   

    Where I can get ghili suit, best PvP suit ever?
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  7. Darxus added a post in a topic CBT1 Patch Notes   

    I agree with 100%. Now we can easly earn milions silver only on grind, where when we crafting, trading, do any other profession we gain realy small amount of silver. On infected mobs I in 1h can easly get 300k silver, when I cooking "good food" for pets and sell this in AH I can get something about 100-150k, because I must prepare materials for it and ofc I must have many work points. I just don't want say about trading, this is even worse.
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  8. Darxus added a post in a topic We NEED low level PvP   

    I play in Alpha where PvP was start on 20 lvl. 5 people can't kill one ranger because 1 big potion and you are on full HP. Even now when I have 40 lvl its hard to kill someone when big pot 50% HP.
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  9. Darxus added a post in a topic We NEED low level PvP   

    For me even at this moment PK and flagging system are not soo good. I can kill someone, 30 sec and no one can't attack me if he don't want lo lose his karma. At this moment they can set only linear karma penalty. If you kill someone you lose 60k karma. On low levels -60k karma = create new character because you can't go to town. It wasn't a easy work. They will must change game code for progressive karma penalty and we have only one CBT more.
    Your idea isn't bad but we will be need more CBT to test it and we will be must wait to 2017 for BD with this changes if they atm have problem with balance. Note that on CBT1 we have only 6 classes and Warrior, Berserker are unbalanced. On CBT2 maybe we will have other class and again people will start topics about class balance like valkyria, like blader etc.
    And obtain 30 lvl isn't hard and at this lvl we have some eq. Some players with high experience can create new charecters and kill newbies before they do anything. Level 10 we get less than half hour.
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  10. Darxus added a post in a topic We NEED low level PvP   

    I didn't mean that, I just want to note that DAUM now have problem do balnce classes. It will be even harder when we will have PvP before 30 lvl. And if they will want to do this we will be wait for more than half year for this game.
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  11. Darxus added a post in a topic We NEED low level PvP   

    They now can't do good balance with warrior, berserker and tamer. I just don't want think what tamer will do to other class wit his summon on low lvl. And think about other classes like valkyria who even in early game is OP. At this moment when we have PvP on 30 lvl some classes are soo shity.
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  12. Darxus added a post in a topic Voiceovers from other regions (JPN,KOR etc.)   

    It is good idea. I realy like japan voices in BlackDesert.
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  13. Darxus added a post in a topic We NEED low level PvP   

    Miles_Long24 classes are not balanced on low levels. Even on medium levels when we have PvP some classes are much stronger than others. In this game classes are balanced only on 50+ lvl because that was the idea creators, Ranger are realy good on PvP when he have realy good eq and skill after 41 lvl. Warrior are good in PvP when he get "extreme" skills. Tamer will be kill all other classes when he get his summon.
    When you want to do PvP vs other player you always can go on Arena.
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  14. Darxus added a post in a topic Horses   

    I agree, by that I called famale horse "Bob"
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  15. Darxus added a topic in Suggestions   

    PK and flaging system
    In my opinion when we attack another player time when we are flaged should be longer. Now is ultra short, about 30 sec. I think this time should be longer like 3-5 min.
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