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  1. Shanothy added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Sharm, the Maehwa

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  2. Shanothy added a post in a topic Karma Bombing Prob?   

    Is it karmabombing if people spawnkill you ontop of node respawn?
    Is it karmabombing if people spawnkill you ontop of node respawn?
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  3. Shanothy added a post in a topic Deciding whether or not to buy   

    Good day!
    This game is a grindfest, but there are alot of people who pvp's for grindspots, not many of them got too much gear.
    Black Desert is just a game and supposed to be fun. While yes, it will take time for you to reach 50+ where you can enable pvp, it is great to be able to kill whoever annoys you later.
    The end game pvp such as node wars are a far way off, but still not out of reach.
    The game is 10 euros, and in my eyes its worth every cent, an more. If you buy the game, i would suggest going base pack and 3k pearls, and just get 3 pets. Weight comes from gear, training and loyalties. So no need too early, and pets are on account, not just bound to one char such as weight increases.
    Hope you enjoy if you start playing!
    -Sharm, the Maehwa
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  4. Shanothy added a post in a topic optimisation   

    Umm, okay? My mediocre pc is running high qualities on 60fps, except for main cities.
    So, have you tried, I dunno, doing something other than complaining? Like, shut down othe processes on ur pc or smth?
    If u think that ur better than the devs by calling them retards, why not apply for a job at kakao? 
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  5. Shanothy added a post in a topic Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll Question   

    So, ask guildies to help or just in chat.
    You need 5 summon scrolls atleast for most groups, which means 25 shards. Dont combine them, until grp is ready.
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  6. Shanothy added a post in a topic Constant maintenance has ruined my trial experience   

    There is a maintenance every wednesday. Always. You can find the timer on twitter and on news and announcements section. 
    If it ruined your free trial, then ask ppl for a guest pass or make a new account for another 7 days?
    There are no surprises with maintenances that are announced and comes on the same day and time every week. The only bad thing about maintenance is that in Europe its at daytime instead of nighttime like it is in US. 
    But if one downtime ruins your play, then dont play cuz there will be more downtimes.
    -Sharm, the Maehwa
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  7. Shanothy added a post in a topic Hello. Returning Player   

    If you return, you can expect to do whatever you want to. Grinding, lifeskilling, horsetraining.
    The servers have been merged, so EU and NA are separated, but all servers on region can be swapped between at any time.
    The soft cap is lv 56, which is the level you get your awakening skillset/weapon. But if you got time and motovation, you should grind until atleast lvl 58 because of flows and stuff.
    Gear can be upgraded to +20 now (PEN), and from +17 (DUO) and up, the item can downgrade if you fail enhancement.
    But whatever you decide to do, wether it being grinding, lifeskilling or whatever, just remember to have fun.
    -Sharm, the Maehwa
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  8. Shanothy added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Umm, last time I checked «fun» wasnt messured in dmg.
    You get most awakening skills at 56, so you can easily see if the class suits you.
    Who the fk cares about if a class is shit at lv 56? It might still be fun. That is like saying that all classes are shit until you get good gear, so get atleast tet boss gear before deciding if the class is fun or not.
    Why would ANYONE go through grinding for days if they know they dont find the class fun just to reach the level that the class supposedly gets fun?
    Sharm, the Maehwa
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  9. Shanothy added a post in a topic [Event] Book of Combat Exp and How i miss it   

    inb4 3 weeks of intense grind and first EuNa lvl 63
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  10. Shanothy added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Level both to 56, then choose.
    Choose what is most fun for you.
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  11. Shanothy added a post in a topic Vertex vs LotD node war   

    I wish I could watch the vid, but only got phone network atm.
    Life sux T_T
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  12. Shanothy added a post in a topic Can't enter the EXP Boost servers named Olivia   

    Until level 58 99%
    Im currently lv 57 and still Olvia.
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  13. Shanothy added a post in a topic Just got the game!   

    Search up awakening videos for each class, then figure out what looks best and looks most fun to play.
    Dont just play what people say is good and easy, you play this game to enjoy it, so make sure you choose a class you find enjoyable.
    You cant ask others to choose what class you should play, because they are not you and they do not know what you enjoy.
    Do some research. But always remember, this is a game, its supposed to be fun.
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  14. Shanothy added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    i playg maehwa, i dont have a grab.
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  15. Shanothy added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    You could war their guild. 
    And if you just go to kill them and they return, they might not know what karmabombing is, try being kind.
    I dont like the xp loss on pvp death, but a great solution would be to only lose karma when killing a player withing ... meters once, so you can kill people multiple times without getting penalty more than once.
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