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  1. RamJamm added a topic in Suggestions   

    RamJamm's Two Irritating Things . Follower quests and Invincible mobs
    First Irritating Thing:  Some mobs are invincible to me
    Situation: new player with low damage output in any mob campProblem: some mobs are invincible to me or regenerate their health faster than I can do damage.Explanation: 6 mobs are chasing me that I don't want to kill and they are "way back there". The mob I want to kill for the quest is right in front of me  and I cant even touch it. Nowhere is this more noticeable than at Hexes. If you just hit 50 something and are new to the game and new to hexes there is a good change you are not "over-geared" for this area. The skeletons are very slow, there is all this crap in the way so you cant see where they are but there is like 20 prime mobs right near you that are invincible because their health raises like a regenerating troll with health pots every time I hit it! As a new player many times a mob will just stand there and his health bar barely move when I am nailing him with everything I have. and then I see why,  5-6 really slow mobs are chasing me. those are the ones I have to wait for to kill first. I am sorry but this make little sense to me, because in the real world my arrow/ sword/ magic should hit flesh no matter what not just bounce off.  But people with op damage don't have this problem. I am saying this mechanic hurts newer players more than it affects veterans. Nothing is more irritating then lighting off your big number 1 AOE and almost none take any damage.My workaround. wait for the mobs chasing me to catch up - or try to clean the map (both solutions take a lot of time) Irritating Solution: make it so the one that you attack gives agro to you, and the one farthest away releases his agro and stops following. (like other games do)  
    Irritating Thing Number Two: Follower NPC's that stop following during quest.
    Situation:  examples at anti troll fortification quests . Quest, you are supposed to lead the follower to another npc.Problem: when the NPC catches you he stops for too long. you turn round he isn't there, and he is way back there and now you have to turn around and go back! My workaround: when he gets too close I try to sprint so he can't catch me.Solution: have NPC follower stop for less time 
    Thanks for reading RamJamm"s  Two Irritating things.
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  2. RamJamm added a topic in Suggestions   

    Cooking Favorites saved instead of the way I last cooked it
    Currently if I make beer I make it three ways:  with corn, with wheat, with potatoes , and  sweet potatoes, and with barley ok opps maybe that's 5 ways anyway that's even worse and here is why !
    When I am done and used up all my ... corn and I wanna switch? switch to wheat .. ok go to my beer quick list  .. ohh yep its full of corn because the last three thousand times I made it was with corn - but now I want wheat.... get it ? So this means I waste a painful 10 seconds plugging in the 6 water 5 grain , 2 w/e that thingy is,  and 1 sugar.
    So on the list it seems bugged or an incomplete thought where the designer wanted to save 10 ways to make beer but only ended up .... making one .
    So there it is: Please fix the cooking quick recipe bar so that it shows all the different ways I want to cook the same thing, (not just the last batch)
    Oh and by the way if you could make it so I don't have scroll all the way down to find the beer recipe amongst like 200 other blank recipes that would be great. I think a lot of people probably only cook beer and like 5 other things, so maybe we could use a favorites lists, then inside that have  10 different ways to cook that one thing.
    and actually for those real cooks out there that are camping out in there whole house kitchens... making those calpheon meals  and  even the real complicated stuff - I am sure they are using whatever they can get to make those recipes work - in fact they probably love that they can switch out green for blue - veggies or fruits in the same family - but you know - just about nobody only makes one copy - they are usually making batches, and you don't want the same reciepe on every spot on the list. I can't be the first one who brought this up - but I didnt search for it so... lets get er done !
    Thanks !
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