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  1. Spicynoodle added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Are you really complaining about costume designs as why people don't play this game consecutively? Did you even think about what the heck you just said? Or you just splurging out brain cells via the mouth? 
    Anyways, i actually like this company. If anyone has any idea what goes on behind the scenes on host companies compared to the Koreans. Well, you're going to be confused for a while. Had to deal with this crap on Aeria Games, back when i was a gamesage. Constantly messaging Dragonfly (in this case, Kakao), and having this incredibly enthusiastic rep for the english viewers, only to always be let down due to the fact that the 'higher ups have not consulted me' for years.
    Bet, in this case, its the same with this host company. They are trying a lot of different things, but when the cash shop items are forced upon you to make money (it wasn't their decision for half of the model), you can't really complain about it. Including when it wasn't this company who literally did the art. 
    Don't take things for granted. The BDO company is one of the very few, semi-transparent companies left that actually update their game regularly and explain the patches and information about it. Hopefully our luck doesn't tarnish. ;~;
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  2. Spicynoodle added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    Yeah, i can tell you from my own experience that this game is incredibly unoptimized. Pretty sure that's a rule-of-thumb that everyone knows playing this game, lol.
    However, with that being said -- your laptop really isn't the issue at play. A lot of these people on this thread don't understand how far laptops have become in the last 2 years. They are now able to hold full GPUs inside them thanks to NVIDIA's 10 series. Its smaller, more compact, and was made for laptops. The ones that are coming out, used in the 1080TI, are for actual, full sized GPUs. 
    One other thing that i neglect to mention is that while your laptop has a good GPU, the processor bottlenecks it. They don't really tell you that with certain laptop models/manufacturers. So with that in mind, you're going to have bigger micro stutters than most with the same GPU. Not that it really matters, though. Its better than having an i5 and be completely oblivious to the bottlenecking.  
    Don't fret, though. I'm running on a 980ti with a i7 4790k processor, and i get 20-30 FPS when its highly congested during the day in cities. I get around 30+ the rest of the time in cities, while outside - it ranges from 50-90 FPS. I don't have high-end mode checked, though. I just can't wait for the optimization patches that'll soon come. It'll get better, but in all-due's time. 
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