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  1. ZeusCP added a post in a topic I'm the only one who feels like the priority in the game is character with tits?   

    I mean, whatever you say, go and watch bdo hentai. 
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  2. ZeusCP added a post in a topic I'm the only one who feels like the priority in the game is character with tits?   

    This answer was just stupid, and i'm sorry if you get offended. I was talking more of the PVP than costumes, and i agree females has more costumes. Also i think is less realistic to go to fight showing all your tits. Anyway it doesn't bother me too much. Another thing that you are wrong is that the community is to suggest things, and make the game better together. So, if you don't like people making suggestions then you are in the wrong game, wrong community and wrong anything. 
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  3. ZeusCP added a post in a topic I'm the only one who feels like the priority in the game is character with tits?   

    I don't mean classes quantity. I mean quality. Its not balanced in PVP. Some classes are much stronger, that's what i mean, and to have it clear the only people that say that the game is balanced is the people that has the OP classes or getting carried by gear. Even Daum thinks the game is unbalanced
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  4. ZeusCP added a post in a topic Karma System should be improved.   

    The worst thing, you cant arge with PvE'rs that things that we that kill people who bother us or ect are the wrong one. Just leave they say, the game isnt meant to kill other people lol. I really enjoy/hate to see people like that because if you dont like to be killed, you are the one that should leave. Its just that most of the people complain because they arent good enought and they get their ass handled  lol. No offense, the only good point of view i see about this is about the newbies. I even carry newbies and have them as a pet just picking things up and i kill everything, so they can get xp and free money. So im not really a bad person for killing someone that comes and try to be ''the most'' just trying to steal the rotation knowing that if i kill him i lose things and he dont. The one that do bully is the one that comes and try to steal, not the one that kills because u where bothering him. but hey anyway i didnt made the game. I just hope that the developers read all that and do something about it
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  5. ZeusCP added a post in a topic I'm the only one who feels like the priority in the game is character with tits?   

    haha thanks for the comment. I think witch is more op than wizard. I hope they do something with ninja, i feel underpowered and we are supposed to be faster and more dmg than any other class and it isnt like that
    i loved your comment haha also i agree with you, it make no sense see females half naked fighting wtf lol
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  6. ZeusCP added a topic in Suggestions   

    DYE save presets.
    You guys should add in the dye menu an opcion to save the current color combination in order to fast switch from your favorites combinations. For example sometimes i want to have my costume all black, sometimes dont. It would be good if we have an option to save 1 save 2 save 3 save 4 save 5. and fast switch between then
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  7. ZeusCP added a topic in Suggestions   

    I'm the only one who feels like the priority in the game is character with tits?
    I will put it simple, i think all female characters are way soo much better, and has so much more costumes than male characters. From my point of view for example the witch. I dont want to make anyone mad, i just think that the balance is nowhere here. I fought a witch that had 134 ap-300dp and i had 184ap-240 dp and she was able to kill me with 2-3 shots. and i cant barely move his hp. like, for real? My class is Ninja, we are supposed to be faster than anyone else. But gess what warriors are wayy more faster, berserk, ranger are too. also, i see that almost all clases has a lot of superarmor and frontal guard, but ninja has 1 superarmor, like 2 frontal guards and thats all, gg. Witch? all awk attacks have or superarmorr or frontal guard. OP? no, is not really op but some classes are underpowered, a perfect example is ninja and is the only one i will say right now because its my main. I hope you guys dont think this is a salty post or something, its just what i was thinking.
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  8. ZeusCP added a post in a topic Karma System should be improved.   

    Wow this is the worst answer i have ever received, I wont even follow that up. I'm not in your level . Next time don't get attitude and try to contribute to the community. 
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  9. ZeusCP added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    Martial arts thematic guild.
    This guild will be a PvP oriented with no special strict minimum LvL. By a high end players you could be teached how to play your class and learn about the game.
    First of all, maybe a lot of people would want to know. My AP was 241 my DP 293. (You all know this game so i was enchanting and i went down to 190 AP 240 DP, but working to get my gear back to what it was.
    We have a DISCORD already, it would be good to have you connected, so you can know your guild mates and have a closer relation with the people that can HELP you and SAVE you when you need it. 
    We wont be strict about GUILD MISSIONS (We need to do it because is a new GUILD). But we are not forcing ANYONE to do GUILD MISSIONS.
    You also don't need a minimum contribution. But what we do need is UNITY when it comes to help a friend out. If someone is getting attacked we should help him and make a good IMAGE for the GUILD, and have the respect of other GUILDS.
    We are going to have a main channel, and try to DOMINATE IT. By that i mean to be consistent in our farm spots so the people in that channel know us better. 
    NOTE: I'm a good player but i kill whoever bothers me/try to steal my rotation in a prick way or passes the line. You know what i mean by that. (I don't kill noobs players or people that haven't done anything to me). But you can kill as much as you want (We will have ally's and we have to respect them and welcome them like our brothers). 
    Some decision will be made by me as a Guild Master but i also check for what the people's imput, i don't like to force people but if you don't like the way i lead you should find something else better for you. Anyway i really appreciate other people opinion and i'm consistent on it. 
    You want to be a part of the new Martial Arts Thematic guild?. WE HAVE SOME REQUIREMENTS.
    You have to be:
    Ninja/Kunoichi/Musa/Maewa/Striker(New class that is coming out) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3Vs77ICqu4
    Why?: It is a Martial Arts Thematic Guild. and we will be only accepting those classes. 
    We don't mind if you life skill or not. but we want you to like PVP if possible.
    We want people able to practice in ARENA with our brothers and sisters, teach and learn.
    We want people able to duel, do tournaments, do red battlefield and any other GUILD EVENT.
    I wont say more things because i think is enough and if you have any question i will be here to answer it. 
    If you apply to join the guild, and you want to join. Let me know and we will transfer you to our discord and know you a little more before let you join the guild. 
    Your friendly Ninja.       @ZeusCP 
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  10. ZeusCP added a post in a topic Karma System should be improved.   

    There are some people like me, that dont like to be pushed away. If i can kill 7 of them by myself and they are trying to steal something for me, i dont want to run, i want to fight them. I mean there is a lot of people in the game that wants it too PVE when this game isnt PVE it was PVP oriented all the time but it seems like it dont. For example im never in a guild i dont like guilds. Im lonely and i like to be because i dont like doing node wars or guild missions. So the game forces me to join a guild and wait until the dec is done to kill a player and lose lot of time? Nah man i just want to keep farming and if he is in the way, die with the mobs. I mean there is a lot of space in the map, lot of channels. Why is me the one that needs to leave? You find your way out, im here first you get it. It is wrong because the one able to lose time trying to outfarm the other guy is the one who will win. When u are trying to outfarm u are not taking all the farm. So the best thing is just killing it and get the farm 
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  11. ZeusCP added a post in a topic Karma System should be improved.   

    Yes i know all day, i'm not a guild man and it is a pain to leave the spot because a ''bad boy'' want to challenge you and don't have the balls to flag and kill you and make you lose the spot, or trying to out grind, is like impossible when a party of 4 ppl come to steal ur spot and you are alone. Is hard to let him at 100 hp at least for me, its like or i kill him or i let him with more hp than the necessary. Well thanks for your advice but i wrote this because i already tried all that and we have to pay for those people  
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  12. ZeusCP added a topic in PVP   

    Karma System should be improved.
    Hello. Im having a problem. I was farming as normal for any player of this game and some people was trying to get my rotation (Please i ask you not to say, just let them get the rotation, avoid them ect ect). Im not the kind of person that let the people just kick me out and do nothing. So i asked them to leave and let me farm but they just keept stealing all my mobs. So i flagged and kill them all. They are acting as an couple of idiots trying to ruin my game, i answer to that and then i have to pay for it. Im -1 000 000 karma because everytime there is someone that wants to kill me and i have to fight back. Everytime there is someone that try to be a ----- with me and i fight back. Im not the kind of player that kill people just for fun, i just dont let people abuse me. Karma system should be improved somewhere because i was just defending myself now i lost 15% xp dying in combat and it wasnt just something i wanted. I love PvP but this is crazy i cant walk without having a bunch of people trying to kill me. Karma system should be for people that kill people just because they can and not because they are defending themselves. People will tell you ''You are an idiot, you blah blah blach you suck''. And offend you in real life most of the ppl with answer it fighting. you dont wait until someone stab a knife in your back to counteratack you see. People go to prison when they do something bad not when they defend themselves. Please fix this. I cant play properly having all this people hunting me, like in citys I dont want to kill people in citys but i would like to defend myself in city if someone attack me being able to answer back even if im in city. 
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