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  1. MaMaMia added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Well done on misreading the nuance behind the post...
    It doesn't matter who is to blame, as there is no blaming occurring. While I understand your passion to seem like you're standing up for the CM's or Kakao or whomever, I'm afraid your enthusiasm is misplaced. And also, you are incorrect to assume that the CM's are employed to serve as punching bags between the players and the company. They do, however, represent the company and are, in simple terms, there to liaise and communicate back and forth any issues that may arise. If you, and anyone else are content with the Pearl Shop/Costumes then that's fine. But by the same token, it doesn't seem proper for you or people like "Yasfan" to comment on those who aren't as satisfied with what we see. If you read the post again, you'll find that my post provides an opportunity for the CM to make transparent what drives the reasoning behind the Cash Shop as it currently exists.
    Rather than leaving to rumors and speculation as to whether or not the player designed costumes/outfits in KR will appear on our NA server, it would be nice to hear what they have planned. If you don't care so much about this topic, then once again, you may carry on as usual. But certainly don't try to knock on someone who is genuinely interested in the matter. It would be nice, for once, to not see people stand on false pretenses as though they're trying to stick up for something. Looking at you, @yasfan. You must have skimmed through the post, otherwise you would have noticed the suggestion accounts for an alternative possibility of both releasing the same costume as last year's as well as a newly designed one. The point being, it would be nice to see some effort being placed into designing new outfits for us to waste our money on. But rather than misunderstanding the company by thinking that no effort was being made in either implementing new outfit designs exclusive to NA or even providing us with ones that are in KR, if the BDO team were to come out and say they do NOT in fact have staff allocated for the purposes of new designs, then that would at least be understandable. The problem is, we're not informed enough..... and I don't think a little transparency is too much to ask.
    If Pearl Abyss came out and said they don't have the budget to design new outfits for us, I'd be okay with that. Who am I to question their finances?
    I'm not particularly impressed with the likes of those that insist on being satisfied with only what they're given. But then again, not everybody dreams in color....
    Haha, perhaps. But I don't really like sweets.
    But even Willy Wonka has the good sense of changing things up every now and then. Wouldn't you say?
    It's nice to see some of us have the luxury to sit behind our monitors and wonder about such frivolous things. Maybe Pearl Abyss will give you a cookie for being their loyal defender. It's got to be worth at least a Blackstone or two as a reward...
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  2. MaMaMia added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    This is not so much a complaint as it is a matter of a frustrated request from a loyal player base at the BDO Team to provide Cash Shop service that has the players' interests in mind rather than Kakao's monetary interests. While it is important for the company to make money, I'm sure there is a good compromise where the player base can be satisfied as well.
    The question is, why recycle limited edition costumes from last year....? Is this what we can expect out of so called limited edition costumes from now on? While it may be advantageous for people who missed out on those costumes (ie. Mini Yukata), there is nothing preventing the company from releasing the old costumes in conjunction with some new ones.
    Would much rather see new costumes being designed for special seasons or events. Like a new Spring/Cherry blossom outfit. Even with the recycling of old outfits aside, it feels stingy to not release some of the desirable costumes available on other servers.
    There's also the other issue of diminishing the value of exclusive/ limited time outfits if you keep releasing them...but I personally don't care so much about this. I'm sure it's a more polarizing issue, however.... One thing for certain is that the trend we see in how you state that certain outfits are exclusive or limited time is more of a marketing ploy to increase demand and to release it again and again for more purchases based on an artificially created demand.
    Will we ever get some of the player-designed costumes that have been released in KR? If not, can we at least submit our own designs for NA to be created?
    Besides, you'd still make money...even more so perhaps....if you released more costumes. You don't have to drag feet in releasing one every few weeks.
    A legitimate question- does the NA server staff not have access to costume designs as the KR server? And what is the actual reason/rationale behind the timing for costume release? Is there really a significant profit margin you aim for by releasing them at the pace you do....?
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