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  1. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    Spot on Joe. I don't know what it is about games and software in general, but some people EXPECT it to be free or something. They have a real dilemma about putting money into it even though they derive enjoyment from playing. Add to your list of analogies recreational sports leagues. Those typically cost a couple hundred bucks in dues a year and on top of that you need to invest in the right equipment as well.
    NOTHING IS FREE. If you're having fun, then you're not wasting your money. If you're spending your lunch money on the game, then you should stop doing that.
    Having said that, I'm genuinely surprised to see that people have spent thousands on the game. I guess I just don't play enough to need to spend that kind of money? Ah well. Matters not.
    LOL that's so true it's funny (tragically). 
    Ha! I've spent that much on ship sales for Star Citizen.
    Can't wait for it to be released.
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  2. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic When do Easter Eggs expire?   

    Yeah I got confused by the golden egg event too. Well damn. 
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  3. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic Value Pack   

    I presume you are old enough to understand that nothing is free. So knowing that, what business model would you suggest or like to see BDO adopt?
    For people who don't work (ie kids) or who don't make much money, the microtransaction model (in whatever form) is best. These players can play for free because other people are paying for the costs to develop and operate the game. This can put the free-tier players at a disadvantage (and lead to people decrying BDO as Play 2 Win) but BDO has to some extent minimized this with a Pay For Convenience microtransaction model. Still, people decrying it, some calling it shady marketing.
    Then there's the subscription model where you have to pay on a monthly or yearly basis to have an active account. This is Pay 2 Play.
    Then there's the licensing model where you have to buy the game then keep purchasing expansions/add-ons to get additional content as it's released. Also Pay 2 Play.
    Which would you prefer? There is no 'free to play forever' option because people work with the expectation of getting paid. There's a maxim central to economics that you've likely heard plenty of times: you can't have your cake and it eat too.
    If you've got a job, paying to play a game you enjoy should not be a problem for you.
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  4. BD-Cipher added a topic in Suggestions   

    Seasonal Weather & Accumulation
    BDO offers players a beautiful landscape. This can be taken a step further by introducing seasonal weather changes (spring -> summer -> fall -> winter) and supporting accumulation for snow or rain. Some games in development have this and I think it would make a fantastic addition to an already amazing landscape that is BDO.
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  5. BD-Cipher added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add More Items - Give Real Choices
    The game lacks any depth when it comes to gear. There are no real choices to be made by players in creating their characters/builds. Right now, everyone essentially works toward a single set of gear. The game should not be this linear on such a basic level.
    Add more items to the game, especially epics.Offer class specific items.Offer region specific items.Offer limited drop items.Add stat/perk randomization or chance for getting a unique stat/perk on items (epics only?) - this will offer a lot of replayability.In short, make the gear selection part of the game much much much much much more interesting than it is right now. There's so much that can be done here.
    Players should have A LOT of choices (along with commensurate trade offs) with gear in a world as large as BDO is. This is fundamental, especially for games in the fantasy genre. But right now, it's just vanilla - totally boring. You can do so much better, BDO!
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  6. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic Value Pack   

    Yup, them's the breaks. They paid. They still get it.
    Also, I don't get what "principle" has anything to do with this issue or this game, like some here are arguing about. People don't work for free. Infrastructure isn't free. There are costs to creating and operating this game. So if you want to play BDO and enjoy what they've created, why are you so against paying for things that fund the development game and ongoing operation of the world? There are some principles in here somewhere as well that people are glossing over.
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  7. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic Value Pack   

    They need to [re]consider pre-ordering for pearl items. Everybody puts their orders in a queue - nice and neat.
    You may not get what you want right away or even very soon, but eventually you will. Unlike the current system that's an impossible lottery. I guess the current system favors newcomers since they have a chance to get something without waiting for it. But this is very screwy to me. If you want something now, you can always make a post and try to negotiate for an item outside the marketplace.
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  8. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    I'll take "Things that are plain retarded" for $1,000, Alex. Oh hey. It's today's daily double!!
    I don't really understand how they conceived of the current enhancement system. It's great that they created something - although having it as part of an item crafting system would have made more sense to me - but given the serious lack of gear diversity, this is not where I would have chosen to invest developer time. There are simply no real choices to be made gear wise in BDO, and that makes one of the most fundamental and interesting things in games of this genre a complete bore in BDO. There's essentially one set of gear you work to get and that's it. Very linear progression.
    How did BDO build so many complex things but totally miss on the basics? I REALLY REALLY hope this is just the baseline and that they build on it. They need to ADD MORE ITEMS to the game, particularly CLASS SPECIFIC ITEMS, that offer players non-linear paths/choices to creating their characters/builds.
    How hard can that be, really?
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  9. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic Another night of massive server lag (and no lag on Olvia, so its clearly not people's ISPs, DNS, or other excuses)   

    What does Kakao mean? I'll hang up and listen to your answer(s).
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  10. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    I'm still enjoying the game and learning a lot along the way. I have not gotten very far into enhancements, but I find the gear aspect of the game to be disappointing. There seems to be a basic progression of items and enhancements that everyone goes through in BDO which culminates with players all having the exact same maxed out boss gear. I don't find this to be interesting or exciting, and the whole enhancements system is incredibly tedious, difficult and confusing.
    I wish there was a greater variety of gear choices in the game, varying by region and class, along the lines of the typical fantasy genre.
    I wish there were a lot more "epic" items to be found and sought after in the game, and perhaps even some limited drop items.
    I wish there were NPC crafters in the game with varying abilities that could enhance your gear for you for a price (as an alternative to trying to buy items off the marketplace which can be a total crap shoot or investing in the tedium of crafting yourself).
    Maybe I'm old school, but yeah. I just don't find the gear aspect of BDO very satisfying.
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  11. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic The current state of the game's economy   

    Not sure that's a sign of a broken economy. Rare/valuable items can't be readily available and still be rare/valuable. It may be true though that there are not enough producers in the economy selling the hard to make stuff, and something could be done to make it a little easier, but other things like pearl items you'll never see flooding the market because they have to be bought with real money.
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  12. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic Inventory/Weight + Quests/Trading/Exchanging   

    I don't necessarily see the relationship. The problem I'm describing is that your inventory size for the purposes of quests, trading and item exchanges is actually INVENTORY - 1. It's not this way for shops. You can sell to shops with inventory at max capacity. Ditto with weight. So in short, if you can carry it, you should be able to trade it, exchange it, etc.
    Where inventory expansion and weight limit increases come in is if you want to obviously be able to carry more. And people do. The current limits are extremely low for a world as big and complex as BDO.
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  13. BD-Cipher added a topic in Suggestions   

    Inventory/Weight + Quests/Trading/Exchanging
    When inventory is full or you're over the weight limit, then trading and quests and item exchange (conversation) options become disabled. This forces you into an unnecessarily tedious task of moving things into/out of storage just to be able to get rid of items in your inventory or accept quest lines. I'm not sure why these restrictions exist, but they shouldn't.
    This should be changed so that unless you are actually adding items to inventory, you should not need to have one slot open to trade or accept quests or exchange items for silver. Same with weight - unless you're adding more weight, being over-weight should not restrict trading/exchanging/quest options.
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  14. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic LOL DK is op   

  15. BD-Cipher added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Since about 9 US Central, it has been impossible to connect to any server. Basically same problems as what everyone is describing. Losing connection immediately upon logging in. Losing connection after a very short time. It doesn't seem to matter which server or whether they are "crowded" or not. Flushing DNS did not resolve the issue.
    What makes this experience 1000x worse is that the client completely shuts down after every lost connection and it takes several minutes to relaunch. Why does it do that? Please please change this behavior as it's so unnecessary and magnifies player frustration.
    One thing I've noticed is that BDO launches a watchdog program called XINGCODE on the client. From what I can piece together, this is some sort of anti-hack/exploit detection software. I wonder if this is what's at the root of the connectivity issues as well as the client getting shut down.
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