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  1. Allen92a added a post in a topic The truth!   

    The puzzle is: search and find 
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  2. Allen92a added a post in a topic The truth!   

    This is ridiculous funny :)))
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  3. Allen92a added a topic in Suggestions   

    The truth!
    I don't know guys..we are writing about our ideas. But thei will never listen us. this section of forum is just a place where we can just show up our ideas and that's it. Nothing will become real.
    Belive me, if their idea was to take in consideration what people like into a mmorpg or not, from the start!!! black desert should non suffering by gender lock. For example look at the new class thei add. "The Dark Knight", thei know we are frustated becouse of gender look and thei stil relase only female class. I stop giving fate in this developers, thei will never make something for us. 
    Making a new class with a lock gender is like saying "Today i want to send my boy to school dressed like a women and maybe i will make up his face too becouse we live in a world where only femalse have  rights!
    And this is kind of discrimination
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  4. Allen92a added a post in a topic PVP Server   

    I agree with that, but..there must be no limitation on character server..i mean, if thei will make some only pve and pvp servers it will be fair to give us the possibility moving our character from a server to another. for example, Today i just want to play in peace so, i will join on pve server and maby tomorow i will prefer some combat, then i will login on pvp server. It wil be nice. But...i don't know guys..we are writing about our ideeas. Thei will never listen us. this section of forum is just a place where we can just show up our ideas and that's it. Nothing will become real. CYA
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  5. Allen92a added a post in a topic Huge problem on class wizard   

    i tried to unsummon them, but is not working. i tryed to press and keep pressed F and nothing happens. 
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  6. Allen92a added a topic in Suggestions   

    Huge problem on class wizard
    Well...first, i apologize for some grammar mistake i will made writing this.
    So, let's procced...
    It's about our loved class Wizard. everyting is fine until we get lvl 56 and unlock the awakening skills.
    Keep in mind, this little problem with wizard class have a huge impact on player making you quiting the game. At least it does for me.
    Let get to the point. 
    Once we get awakening skill, we are able to summon Marg and Arne with "F" buton on keyboard (a very usefull skill) and everything it's fine when we are in combat, grinding, pvp etc.
    But this change immediately when we are out of combat and we travel the dangerous roads of black desert. 
    For me, it's boring, frutrating, and annoyng to see every 2 seconds Marg or Arne instantly apear from the ground in my face. This has an visual disturbing and a verry horrible noise every 2 sec and this make me give up on wizard and oneslty i don't like other class so i am forced to quit the game completly. 
    I hope you guys will understeand the important of adding a disable option to that skill. "F" to summon and maby "Shift+F" to disable or something else.
    And i hope here will be more players like me, who consider that skill is a pain without a command to turn off.

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  7. Allen92a added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Not able to procced the quest line
    The problem is very simple. For mistake, i drop the "concentrated magical dagger" a quest item and i can't procced to the next quest until i will hand over concentrated magic dagger to Sayena, to recive Sealed magical dagger.
    What i must to do in this case? the dagger is gone, Sayena is wating me for give him the concentrated magical dagger...
    Guys, please make item quests not able to drop or sell them. 
    I want to procced and hope to fix this problem. 
    these should be the item i need http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10345/
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