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  1. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic So how is Ranger now with +18/+19/+20   

    You clearly haven't seen a Wotw with high ap then.
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  2. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic So how is Ranger now with +18/+19/+20   

    Third best class for pve? we have the fastest clear speed, out of curiosity what is second and first?
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  3. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic error E019101A   

    The fresh install fixed the issue.
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  4. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic error E019101A   

    I've done a fresh windows install and I'll update you if the error still happens, If a fresh windows install fixes it then that is progress in my books, let's hope!
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  5. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic error E019101A   

    If all else fails then I may have to do a fresh install for windows, not looking forward to that, spent so much time on this today trying to fix the issue.
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  6. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic error E019101A   

    If what you stated didn't work what then, I'm pretty familiar with my computer and I can't see what you stated being the issue as I don't even run a anti virius, I installed AVG to run a scan and nothing came up as a threat, like I stated I only use windows defender, It's since this patch the issue has started so do we file a report and send you the logs or what would you suggest? 
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  7. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic error E019101A   

    I don't use a anti virus, only the windows defender and that's put to off, what is the solution to this, It seems quite a few are getting this issue.
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  8. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic error E019101A   

    Having same issue, never had this problem until now, redownloaded the game and nothing maybe these guys can help us?
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  9. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic I dont know why i keep coming here   

    I'll agree, It's crazy how this forum has changed since I joined last December. Everyone was welcoming and helping each other with information, I think this forum makes people not wanting to post before they get flamed for not using the search bar or doing research, people really miss the point with having a forum. 
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  10. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic Why did Rangers get Buff?   

    It makes me laugh, people think we got nerfed to oblivion, yes to a degree but the grind speed now is hilariously quick, I'll be laughing to the warehouse until awakenings for that glorious 50% boost to damage for 30 seconds.
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  11. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic Sorc nerf and my thoughts   

    If only.
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  12. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic WHERE IS THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!!   

    "we help every country more than ourselves"
    This isn't exactly true is it, tell me more how you forced the British to dissolve the British Empire in the World War by bribing us with Destroyers, I mean honestly I could go on all day but please don't be the typical idiot that says "we carried you in the world war broskie" you come across as a mongoloid, just saying and the whole I was born in the E.U, stop. please. it. hurts.
    If somebody disagrees with your opinion then fair game, don't go all savage bruh, it's a public forum.
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  13. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic Sorc nerf and my thoughts   

    I understand your point, I'm not saying to get rid of the skill. I'm simply stating as it's currently working there has to be a error, who knows but my comment was too how Dark Flame acted previous to this patch and like I stated I agree that it's pretty useless right now and needs addressed. 
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  14. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic Was the "new" patch tested?!!!!! [patch got major issues]   

    Who knows but there was some serious miss communication on this one that's for sure but does it make me want to grab my pitch fork no. I think we all came into this game knowing there will be communication issues with the KR team.
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  15. Herr Ronin added a post in a topic Thoughts on a server merge? (Croxus-EU)   

    Why don't we just merge all the servers as one and sit back while the world burns.
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