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  1. Nevon added a post in a topic Region transfer NA/EU   

    Hm, seems like this one went by unnoticed.
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  2. Nevon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Region transfer NA/EU
    First time submitting an idea here, so here goes.
    Since I started playing the game about a year ago, I have had many and more joyful hours in the virtual realm that is BDO. From slaying dreadful monsters, setting up trading empires, teaming up with friends to take down larger challenges to becoming a potato baron. There is much to praise about the game for sure. But as we all know there are also a lot of things that have major room for improvement.
    Now I understand that a lot of players want a lot of things, and it is impossible to implement every single idea. If not because the idea is not good, then because it requires a lot of programming to combat the current game structure. I would say my request falls in the latter category, yet I think it can be done!
    To get more to the point. Since launch in EU/NA, BDO, and especially the community has changed quite a bit. Servers have been merged, content has been added, people found their place in all of this. And personally I must say a lot of my friends have shifted focus to the NA servers for.. a variety of reasons I will not name here. As much as I would like to follow my online companions in their quest to the new world, I feel bound to my old and trusted EU lands for reasons that I think shouldn't do this. I have spent quite a bit of money on customizing my character with outfits. I have spent countless hours grinding my way up and getting gear as well as that sweet sweet silver. I have build respectable empires of trade and am an employer to many and more Goblins that would be stuck in the gutter if it weren't for me.
    All of this makes moving to another region (NA) and starting over completely very hard. It would be a waste of nearly a year worth of progress, and many euro's of hard earned cash. Not to mention the effects of the aforementioned employee goblins that rely on my trade to sustain their families! What kind of human being would I be if I left them all to their faith?
    So... what is to be done? Give up my dreams of exploring the new world? Let my friends drift off to a vague memory in the back of my mind while I get rooted in the same place? I think not! Another solution rises to the surface, and it is named "Region transfer". Now before my outlandish idea gets shot down, allow me to explain it.

    In its very essence, the idea is for players to have an option to transfer their character to another region (From NA to EU, or EU to NA). And with the character, their energy, contribution, dye's, costumes, and more are transferred along. This way, people can freely (Or for some pearls I suppose) move from one region to another if their friends decide to relocate, or for other reasons. I am certain many players would appreciate this option, and it seems to be a common thing in other MMO's. It would be yet another thing that makes BDO more attractive to the public, a useful feature that satisfies both players, and gives DAUM a reason to steal a few pearls from our pocket (Although free would be even better, although very unlikely!).
    Now I get that this is not something easily done. A few things that immediately spring to mind are issues with transferring account (or server) bound stats. If you move your highest character, then what is the new energy/contribution of your remaining chars based on? Does it all transfer to the new region or not? Questions I can not answer here, and I am sure the team that will eventually have to work on this will flesh out.
    But enough rambling about. I hope this gets a bit of attention.

    A hopeful player.
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