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  1. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

  2. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic What skill add-ons do you use?   

    Thank you! That's very helpful and really gives me a better idea of what to do. I fully expect to fight over grinding spots (more so, already fought over Elric's a couple times), so it might be worth it to look into accuracy and evasion more. Going forward, I'll see what works for me and play around with some more add ons.
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  3. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic What skill add-ons do you use?   

    Why do you use those? If you don't mind me asking. I'd just like some insight into it. I get the hp/mp on Flash, since it's been really helpful while grinding recently. And for the ones with +#% PVP Attack, would it be better to go for +# Attack against monsters if someone doesn't actively seek out PVP?
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  4. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic What skill add-ons do you use?   

    I tried to look up stuff myself, but it was pretty unhelpful, especially for pre-awakening. I'm only level 54 at the time of writing this, but I looked up stuff for hours while afking to be prepared for add ons. This guide said to put add ons on Bolt Wave, Jolt Wave, and Moonlight Strike.
    Currently, for pure PvE, I have...
    Bolt Wave: +5% Accuracy for 12s, +7% Attack Speed for 12s
    Jolt Wave: +20 Attack against monsters for 20s, +10% Critical Hit Rate for 9s
    Flash: +30 HP per hit, +30 MP/WP/SP per hit
    And I plan on doing Moonlight Strike: +4% Evasion for 10s, +10% Attack Speed for 5s or +7% Movement Speed for 10s. I'm not thinking about past 56 at the moment.
    I have zero idea if any of these are good or not and I have my add on reset from leveling DK ready if I find out these aren't great. A lot of stuff I found was PvP related and since my main focus is PvE, as personally I'm not huge on seeking out PvP, it's been tough finding what's right.
    I hope this helps a little, but I really hope someone more experienced replies and gives some good suggestions.
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  5. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Tweaked a template from the beauty album for a while to get the look I originally wanted for my Dark Knight. I'm rather bad at getting the fine details to not look weird in certain angles.
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  6. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    Just returned after not playing since around release due to real life, then getting distracted af, and re-did my Tamer's look. I'm loving it!

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  7. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Most fun class to play?   

    Ranger was the one I started with first when trying out on the KR server. It's not bad to a new BDO player to learn at all. I found Sorc to be harder and I've had the most difficulty with that class overall. But, just as a disclaimer of sorts, everyone finds different things difficult, so what I think is hard to learn, might be easy for someone else.
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  8. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic How many people do you plan on playing the game with?   

    I know of a friend that is going to play, but I'm not sure how into it he is anymore. I'll probably be alone because I'm trash.
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  9. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Most fun class to play?   

    Personally, I was finding Tamer super fun, then I found Witch to be really fun, now I'm enjoying Ranger a lot. I'll be playing all 3, but I think I like Ranger the best so far.
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  10. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Your hopes for the last three "Exclusive costumes"?   

    I really don't like the Ranger one. That actually made me not get the most expensive pack. I don't want a costume I'll never use sitting around.
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  11. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic What will you play?   

    I'm stuck between Ranger and Tamer. I've been playing both on KR and I like the playstyles of both, but the Ranger's awakening is just amazing looking. I'll probably end up going Ranger because I have a soft spot for archer and magic blades.
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  12. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Express how hyped you are for the game!   

    Been playing the KR version, having a blast. Still hyped.
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  13. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Will you still buy this game?   

    PvPvErs unite!
    I don't regret pre-ordering in the least, especially since I'm so sick of themepark MMOs.
    To the poll options:

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  14. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Isn't IP-blocking some part of Europe against the law?   

    The IP-block is also present in other servers. To make a Korean account, although it isn't IP-blocked, requires a Korean Social Security Number. It's a restriction imposed by the supplier of the game (I remember reading it somewhere, I don't quite know where to find it, unfortunately). Or just use a VPN. People are using that now to play other versions of the game because this version isn't out for us yet.
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  15. tsunderehatter added a post in a topic Calpheonline.com - Finest customization data, roleplay and more!   

    This is really nice! I hope I can make some looks worthy of submitting.
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