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  1. Anikate added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Paymentwall - Blocked Account
    Many of you like myself have tried to make a purchase on the site for in-game items or maybe you want to purchase the game. The transaction appears to go through and seconds later a pop-up appears from Paymentwall. It states the payment was canceled, a refund is being issued and the account is blocked until you provide a full color copy front and back with all four corners showing of your ID, Drivers License, Passport and the card used for the transaction along with an unedited copy of the transaction receipt to prove who you are.
    Does this not make you take pause and ponder if this is a phishing scam to obtain personal sensitive information? 
    Third party payment processing centers are allowed limited information when processing payments for a business entity. What they can ask for varies in each State according to State and Federal privacy laws. If you're outside of the U.S. it will be dependent on your Country's laws. However they are not entitled to what this company is demanding and holding your account as well as mine hostage until they get it. No game is worth risking identity theft or having your credit ruined. 
    We all know identity theft is rampant with breeches in security from home computers, small businesses to major corporations across the world. When something like this happens don't give out your personal information. The first course of action would be to contact your bank or credit card company to find out if there is any suspicious activity on your card. The next step would be to call the local police and let them know exactly what has occurred. If you're still uncomfortable and find this to infringe on your privacy and feel your identity and credit is at risk report it to the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau and put a fraud alert on your credit through the credit reporting agencies.
    It's understandable the makers of this game and those who manager our gaming accounts want to protect our accounts from fraudulent activity but remember this is a third party payment processing center asking for your personal information.
    There was no provocation for Paymentwall to block the account and flag it as a risk assessment. I’m using the same computer, same internet service provider and the same card for purchases as I have since I started playing this game. There has been no activity on either mine or my husbands accounts other than what we have done ourselves. As much as we love this game we will not risk our identity or credit to make in-game purchases.   
    Please click on the link below to read important information from the Federal Trade Commission in regards to Phishing Scams: 
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  2. Anikate added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    I just tried to purchase Daum Cash and got Payment Wall wanting a copy of my ID and verification of payment via a receipt. I have been playing this game for months and have purchased many items using the same form or payment as what I did tonight. I will NOT provide this company with a photo ID and risk identity theft or fraud nor will they receive verification of the payment receipt. And now they send a notice the account has been block. This is unacceptable. 

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