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  1. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I knew I was not the only person to say graphics are important. I did not build a high-end gaming PC to play any game with graphics that look dated........... SWTOR is a great example of a game with graphics that belong on a console in 2010. SWTOR will be the last MMO I play with dated graphics, only because I have so much invested in that game, like many WOW players have invested in that game and the only real reason "we" go back to those old games. 
    I actually think BDO is lots of fun, my only real complaint with BDO is its way overpriced pearl shop. 
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  2. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    I guess the eyes have become that bad..... When I get the mission again tonight, I will definitely move closer to the screen....   I did not mean to provide false information, thanks for enlightening me.  
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  3. themanthatisi added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    My wife is unemployed, and is playing this game all day, all night too.... lol.  Thankfully, she helps me with my AFK. 
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  4. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    Removed incorrect information....  
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  5. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    I currently have 6 toons, going on 7 soon.... Any toon will gather, just depends who is where. 
    1. Main Scout, the toon I first open up an area with, nodes and so on..... If I decide to do end game or pvp, will be main for this
    2. Main character... Follows behind the main, this is the character I use most for game immersion... pve only toon, main for pve.
    3. Alt 1.... Fishing, she lives in Velia (processes for herself only when space is low and I need to get space back processing grey and greens. 
    4. Alt. 2... Horse training, lives in Heidel
    5. Alt 3... Processing, lives in Calpheon (processing of all else, items I trade or sell on market)
    6. Alt 4..... Cook, Lives in Heidel (Processing for herself only)
    7. Alt 5... (not yet created) will be a dedicated trader, like a truck driver, will sleep over in any city. 
    I find it is way better and keeps me more organised to have a "family" all working to help each other. I am also getting more contribution points, the  more I level up each one (doing the missions).  Also, it is a huge time saver in the long run, having alts in different cities... You need something done there, log in with that alt and no unnecessary travel time. 
    BTW, my wife is following the same formula I am using..... It is working great for her too. 
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  6. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    No matter what, I will NEVER agree with a controlled market, in a game or IRL....   A free market economy is always what I prefer. 
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  7. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Male equivalent of a sorceress   

    The Wizard should have been the "male sorc", the counterpart to a Witch should have been a Warlock, not a wizard.... 
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  8. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Male Dark Knight   

    Maybe they (female elves) mate with male bezerkers, and if its A boy, its a giant, and a girl a elf....
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  9. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Buying pearl shop items from market place is nearly impossible.   

    to the OP, This week alone, I obtained 4 outfits, my wife also won 4..... Lots of time camping the marketplace, but we are slowly getting outfits for all alts and several for the main...   In the last two weeks, no luck at all with Value Packs and they are the most common item listed, we have probably bid over 100x each on them with all the camping, and not a single win. The way I see it, I paid real money for two outfits, won another 4, so its is like I spent $60 real money for 6 total outfits....  
    At least it is working out for Armor.... At their way overpriced values in Pearl with real money, it is nice to know Armors can be won with in game silver. 
    Figured you would like to know the results....
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  10. themanthatisi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Trade Idea between players
    I know trading many things between players is no longer possible, and I realize it is to help reduce the gold sellers.....  
    How about this...
    People running Value Packs can trade with other people that are also running a value pack. Maybe a certain trade limit, so buying packs is not a profitable idea for them (gold sellers).... 
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  11. themanthatisi added a post in a topic This sounds awesome!   

    The Music in the game is as good as it gets TBH..... I went from a 5.1 speaker setup to high end open-back headphones, to take more advantage of all the immersive music and the sound quality is also good. 
    BTW, if anyone wants an amazing set of headphones with a mic, you want this combo (below)..... Never buy any "gaming" headsets, they sound like garbage, even worse, headphones that claim to have "surround sound" built in.... With Open back headphones, you get an amazing soundstage with immersive surrounding sound. Plus, you can still hear the wife saying its time to eat dinner... lol 
    Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-ear Headphones
    V-MODA BoomPro Gaming mic
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  12. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Buying pearl shop items from market place is nearly impossible.   

    Your point is valid, but I seen it done in another MMO I play, SWTOR.... SWTOR has a free and wide open economy, the community sets the prices, and making huge in game money from Cartel Market items is happening every day, thanks to the Whales. However, I am not sure how this may have hurt the player base, by making whales in game wealthy, but the economy in that game has huge inflation issues now..... In SWTOR is is also much harder to earn in game money through just game play, in BDO, they practically give the silver away... lol 
    On the Plus side, because people can make more in game money, more people buy and sell from Cartel, which helps EA make more money, but it also allows wealthy NON-Whales like myself, become in game wealthy.... For example, I wait until they release new Cartel Packs, and because there are so many people buying packs, the market has plenty of items available. What I do, is wait for someone to sell too low, buy and relist at higher prices, allowing me to also make more in game money (I am in game very wealthy). 
    So, there is both an upside and potential downsides, but It does not feel P2W even it it is in the mind of many ( I was one of them until I learned how to play the system).
    Because in game money is so low from Pearl Shop Items, I am surprised anyone would be bothered with buying Pearl and selling marketplace.... 
    To the OP, I have been successful with two outfit purchases this week alone, took me about 2-3 hours of camping the Marketplace, but it also saved me about $60 in real money.... It works, just need lots and lots of patience....
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  13. themanthatisi added a post in a topic Outfit discount during a 7 day outfit trial   

    I know, I was suggesting another form of discount during the trial period of wearing an outfit.... It is about getting a person to buy an item, during a time when they would be more vulnerable to buy that particular outfit, because they are currently wearing it. 
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  14. themanthatisi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Outfit discount during a 7 day outfit trial
    I have an idea that will help both customer and business.....
    I am new to the game, been on for about a month. Thus far, I have received two outfits and one costume, both with a 7 day time limit. I also do appreciate the opportunity to try out a outfit or costume. 
    However,  If you are going to go as far as trying to "bait" us into a purchase, you also need to "hook" us by taking the next step....
    Why not offer a 20% discount that expires when the outfit/costume expires?  (It is a sales pressure tactic) 
    For example, I have my Kanochi (an alt) wearing the Karlstein on a 7 day trial. I did not think I would like until she started wearing it. I do have another outfit in mind for her anyway..... BUT.. Let's say, there is a discount if I buy it before time runs out, in this case, I would and perhaps still also buy her the one I also like for her.... My point, you baited me, now hook me too.  
    It would not bother me if this is never implemented, but I do think you should take more of an advantage on the try before you buy tactic, but allowing us to buy that outfit, with the character we already put it on, at a discount..... The key here is, you MADE A SALE that is pure profit and the buyer also gets a slight discount... Win Win!
    I would keep the limit I suggested too, the discount only applies during the 7 days that begins once the outfit is opened, and only on that character that is currently wearing it. I do think this will be a positive idea the community will also appreciate, and increase potential sales at the same time. 
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.....
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  15. themanthatisi added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    Um, no.... The people that like PvE will quit and the populations will drop too much..... I never understand why people that love PvP think everyone else should as well.  
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