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  1. Saralin added a post in a topic What is the Point of the FLUTE instrument?!?   

    If you have a flute in your inventory and go to the Guild Registrar in Velia, he has a quest that rewards a piece of Knowledge.
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  2. Saralin added a post in a topic Crafting a noble wagon   

    Wagon parts are just equipment on your wagon. They add to the stats, but do not change the number of slots on a 180k wagon into the 20 slot Noble wagon.
    While Noble Wagon accessories can be equipped by any wagon with 4 wheels, you just wind up with a 180k wagon with better wheels etc.
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  3. Saralin added a post in a topic Procesing   

    or you can just wait until Friday and processing won't cost any energy.

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  4. Saralin added a post in a topic opening armor weapon drops   

    Destroy them if you can't sell them.  
    They may be able to be melted down for scrap. Hit 'l' and select Heating, then rt-click on the item you want to melt down.
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  5. Saralin added a post in a topic Human vs Goblin (Rare materials)   

    Other than "everyone says" luck improves rare drops, has anyone actually tracked the numbers?
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  6. Saralin added a post in a topic Does pet experience bonus stack?   

    I believe they changed the way pet XP bonuses work when they redid them so that they now stack.
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  7. Saralin added a post in a topic Quest frustration...   

    According to http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/1001/70/ the Starfish quest from Crio down on the Velia docks requires that you have done the quest from Abelin that rewards you a fishing rod.
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  8. Saralin added a post in a topic argh help, I died   

    Just be sure to repair your boat after you remote collect it. Remote collection damages the boat.
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  9. Saralin added a post in a topic Noob questions here Lol   

    The Crafting Notes Window (F2 in game) will give you general information on where to find cooking ingredients. It will tell you whether the ingredient is gathered by hand, by workers from nodes, from the store, by farming or by some other method.
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  10. Saralin added a post in a topic How do I see house rankings on residences?   

    Go to the door of the residence and hit 'r' or F1 depending on whether you can purchase that house.
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  11. Saralin added a post in a topic Question about House Ranking and Investment Bank gains!   

    You need a house at Rank 1 to use the special nodes for that city, usually the\se are investment banks. You can easily find a house that you can get rank 1 in using items bought with silver, though it can take a few million. There is no P2W for this aspect of the game.
    House ranking does not increase returns, but investing Energy in the investment bank node does. It does not, as far as I can determine, affect whether or not you will lose money from High Risk investments.
    I would avoid any High Risk investments as over time these do not have a positive return, at least at Energy investment levels <6.  The guaranteed capital investments are fine as long as you dont have any other use for the gold or the Worker,
    Each individual house will have 1 player at rank 1.
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  12. Saralin added a post in a topic A few quick questions...   

    You may as well use the black stones when you get them, up to the safe +5 for armor, +7 for weapons. You can extract them when you get better equipment at any blacksmith. You will lose the equipment they were slotted in but that's not much of a loss as you will get better.
    I believe that the NPC's you see on the roads are just NPC's. You will see your workers going about their business but I have never seen another player's workers.
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  13. Saralin added a post in a topic Calpheon Work Supervisor   

    At the upper left corner of your mini map there is an NPC button. Click it and select Worker. That should highlight the nearest work supervisor.
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  14. Saralin added a post in a topic Lara's quest line (Heidel)   

    The requirements say level > 54, which means level 55.
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  15. Saralin added a post in a topic Are pets useless?   

    The cat skill of highlighting resources is invaluable in two situations, when you are looking for rock outcroppings to mine and when you are gathering wild herbs. Both situations have you running from likely looking rock/clump of foliage hoping that you can loot it. The cat will pick out locations you can gather from all of the rest. Yes, it would be nice if they did it more often than the ~15 seconds that they do now but I still like to have one around.
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