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  1. Puppet added a post in a topic Make the nights darker like they were during CBT2   

    They definitely did change the nights and I hate it. The dark night was one of the best parts of the game for me. Everyone says "oh the game is supposed to be realistic. blah blah blah" when people complain about not being able to see numbers when you attack, but the night time is bright as a cloudy day? It makes no sense. The nights were one of the most unique things in the game, and now they're gone..
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  2. Puppet added a post in a topic I dont want to play anymore :(   

    Then don't play, honestly the game would be better if we didn't have people that think they know everything and just complain. People have no idea how hard it is to have a smooth launch, and all in all this launch WAS VERY smooth. You can still play the game. You want a horse? Go catch one, its a great mechanic in the game and its fun. Who cares how you look for the next 4 days? Its just a costume. You can live with the lost XP from the stats of the costume. Plus I'm sure daum is going to do something to compensate.
    But, like I said, if you don't want to play anymore don't. We don't need people shitting up the forums and I know I could definitely do without reading people complain and act like children.
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  3. Puppet added a post in a topic Night is too bright, I messed up my graphics   

    I have other lanterns off. I haven't gone back and changed my gamma but the nights are just insanely bright now. There is literally no reason for the lantern anymore. Or any other lighting in the game for that matter.
    There is no way that the night hasn't been changed. Even if the moon DOES cycle from new moon to waxing and everything the night time shouldn't be as bright as it has been. Doesn't make any sense.
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  4. Puppet added a post in a topic Can someone please explain the swimming controls?   

    I have no idea what the controls are. I do know that if you jump in and immediately start to swim you have a chance of staying under water? I dunno the swimming in this game is super un-polished and clunky.
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  5. Puppet added a post in a topic Night is too bright, I messed up my graphics   

    Its literally just like a cloudy day. Thats all. I can't believe more people aren't angry about this. 
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  6. Puppet added a post in a topic Night is too bright, I messed up my graphics   

    Yeah the night in closed beta 2 was pretty dark. Dark enough to where you needed a lantern, nights in closed beta 1 were even darker and before that it was even darker. I absolutely HATE that the night time is literally just a cloudy day. I wish they hadn't changed this. I just noticed it today also, thinking that all the other nights that I went through were just cloudy days. IMO it was MUCH better before, but of course the casual players complaining about how dark it was won and took out one of the most unique features of the game.
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  7. Puppet added a post in a topic If There Was One Single Item You Could Add To The Cash Store ...   

    Thats it? Out of ANYTHING you can get? A set of cat ears? Where's your imagination man!
    I would want a flying dragon mount or something.
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  8. Puppet added a post in a topic No damage text. Why?   

    This isn't exactly a good example. I don't really care either way, honestly they should probably just put an option to enable/disable them in the settings. Either way the numbers wouldn't look anything like that.
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  9. Puppet added a post in a topic Draw Distance   

    Someone who finally knows something about this.
    I have 32gb of RAM and a gtx 680 and I barely get this. Not nearly as bad as everyone has been saying/showing.
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  10. Puppet added a post in a topic unexplained bank charges   

    Nope nothing that I have seen. Thats pretty scary though, hopefully it's nothing too serious..
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  11. Puppet added a post in a topic Not able to mount my Horse/Donkey anymore?   

    I have a weapon equipped, still not able to mount... Anything else?
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  12. Puppet added a topic in General   

    Not able to mount my Horse/Donkey anymore?
    I don't know why but i'm not able to mount my horse or donkey anymore. All of a sudden I just couldn't. I don't have any packs on or anything and I don't know why I can't do it. I saw some people complaining about it in the channel chat but I never saw an answer for it. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening or how to fix it? 
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  13. Puppet added a post in a topic do you want this game to die?   

    I mean thats kinda how it is with every new MMO. Remember just because they're loud and obnoxious doesn't mean they're  the majority. It'll settle down after release. I don't think people being rude and what not will be a reason for the game to die.
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  14. Puppet added a post in a topic For people that want to download the cbt client but are to lazy to search forum   

    Are they going to be changing anything for the 2nd closed beta? And are they going to be sending out emails to people who bought packages that gave access to the 2nd closed beta that have a link to the installer or something in it (I am assuming they are)?
    Am I just asking these questions for no reason cause you don't have any idea? (not that you should)
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  15. Puppet added a post in a topic Darker nights implementation   

    That looks amazing in my opinion. 
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