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  1. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Griffon Helm Stats vs Giath Helm   

    But isnt 100hp even more of a meme than a total of +20% resistance?  They both are pretty much the same. Griphon looks far better than giath however.
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  2. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Night Vendor Boss Gear Prices fixed?   

    U need several characters stationed at night vendor. Only 1 character will take forever. I get at least 4-5 boss pieces whenever i use up all my energy with 13 characters each 270 energy.
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  3. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Roaring Magical Armor - 1 per family?   

    So you have the blue, not the green twice?
    I have 13 characters with lvl 56. So many twinks get armor now <3
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  4. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Roaring Magical Armor - 1 per family?   

    You misread what i wrote. You can upgrade your weapon twice to the blue variant, yes. But you can't do it twice for a dagger on the same account. However you can repeat the process with a kunai, shuriken, shortbow etc. 
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  5. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Roaring Magical Armor - 1 per family?   

    I wrote a ticket about that. Only once per family sadly. I would have prefered more too. Sadly the new offhand has the same problem. You can only upgrade them only once to maximum even though ranger/wiz/witch and dk/zerker for example share offhands.
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  6. Nikiniki added a post in a topic AP/attack, inconsistent translation or Hidden Tier Stats?   

    It could be that the Serendia Meal doesn't add the accuracy in pvp as the tests were mainly done in a player vs player enviroment. It could very well work in pve but that would be really hard to proof. 
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  7. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Well, I finally got it.   

    Just check the new helmet coming with the first region of kamasylve ( one of three regions) ? http://bddatabase.net/us/item/11101/
    And sorry but i won't search for a korean interview for a discussion that has nothing to do with it. Consider the last sentence a speculation if u want. However people probably already predicting new boss pieces already anyway. Kutum-> Nouver-> Griffon helmet-> some other new piece. Pretty self explanatory that more will come. You can't even call this a prediction when its this obvious.
    I guess you have nothing else to say to our argument before?
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  8. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Well, I finally got it.   

    The red color is unnecessary. However you finally brought an argument and i fully agree with you but the best item in this game is a PEN bis(best in slot) item. Not a +0 dim tree, bheg, kzarka or whatever. What took us veterans that long was taking these rare drops (which aren't rare at all if u have 13 characters with 400energy) to +19-20. Even if they gave out a tri item, in the end that would only amount to the work of maybe 1-3 weeks of grinding. 
    Giving people an inch in this case is perfectly fine and i seriously doubt they ever give out tet or even pen gear. Moreover new boss gear was already announced and old gear won't be bis anymore anyway. 
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  9. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Well, I finally got it.   

    First of, i have my boss gear and all my characters at lvl 56+. I want this for new players and returners because i prefer competition. Moreover i am not "crying" but discussing. But it seems this concept is too hard for you to understand otherwise you wouldn't try to analyse me but my arguments. I don't expect this game to be like World of Warcraft or anything, stop interpreting everything and just take it as the bare coin it is.
    You call it little to no effort when someone gets 1 , in "O, N, E, " boss piece for free? Are they instantly lvl 60 and full tet now? Do you feel threatened from a single boss piece they could buy off the night vendor? I don't see a single argument from you except that you don't like people getting a little boon.  
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  10. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Well, I finally got it.   

    Because new content will be only accessable by people that have grinded for months. Sooner or later they need to upgrade the community to a point where people can actually enjoy a content patch without having to replay content that might have made them leave. And why do you think you are entitled to have supreme gear forever now? I played back than when they gave the 2nd boss box and my whole guild had bheg and dim tree boss pieces. As if anything was low chance? 
    But you are right they don't need it handed out but at least dropchances should increase instead. But i doubt they do either of it and just wait till 90% of community leaves again because of frustrating dropchances. 
    Moreover if you "work" in this game you should quit. This is just not the game for you. I am here for fun.
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  11. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Well, I finally got it.   

    You didnt only get Red Nose from it and i am not talking about Red Nose piece. And double exp channel for 1 month is nothing. You most likely don't have the gear to lvl there effectively anyway. But if u want to go back there you can still sit out 1 month and 1 day and than use olvia channel like everyone else. And besides i am not a returner. I just think it would have been a better way for new players to catch up. 
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  12. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Well, I finally got it.   

    You see the difference is that veterans get shoved everything up their ass while new players have to keep grinding to catch up. Something is seriously mixed up here. I think 1 piece of boss gear would have been something nice for returners.
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  13. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Well, I finally got it.   

    Totally fair for new players...
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  14. Nikiniki added a topic in General   

    Stealth buff to horse breeding?
    So at first I thought it was rumours but its already the 3rd time i hear someone getting a t7 out of 2xt3 horses. Anyone can confirm or share? 
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  15. Nikiniki added a post in a topic Pre-Orders: How much are people really paying?   

    Bannable offence for pulling up statements? WTF?! 
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