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  1. Nipheria added a post in a topic Guest pass codes   

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  2. Nipheria added a post in a topic few minor questions   

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  3. Nipheria added a topic in General   

    few minor questions
    Hello lads i cant find answer to this minor not so important questions but i still would like to learn if you please. i will add more in time.
    1. As a witch what should be my priority acc or ap? by that i mean kutum or nouver?
    2. whats the difference between imp captain scroll and awakened red nose scroll? and how do we get awakened red nose other black spirit?
    3. since i got awk wep i care so little about normal ap. some stranger ingame told me that aap increases by half of normal ap is that true or scam?
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  4. Nipheria added a post in a topic How to level efficiently   

    everytime i breed tier 4 horses i still get another t4 for some reason whats ur secret 
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  5. Nipheria added a post in a topic How to level efficiently   

    little out of subject but how did you get a horse with sprint and instant accel at the same time? Also banshi is better than all other grinding spots i believe. When you overload ur horse and cant put anymore items just do this. Take everything out and put it back as whole. That works with mine. Im currently at the pirates and when i got my horse full and cant add anymore bandanas i just take it all to my inventory and put it back on the horse as whole. Maybe bug but im not complaining.
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  6. Nipheria added a topic in General   

    Corrupted file is corrupted....
    Guys srsly when is that gonna be fixed? i checked my ram twice and added the game to exceptions in eset and it still accurs. and my specs are gtx 1070 i7 6700 32gbram please make it stop.
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  7. Nipheria added a topic in General   

    A question about nodes
    Hello guys i was wondering, i need coal from node that near to keplan and i want the coal come directly to my heidel bank. should i get that node all the way from heidel or is it fine to get the node from keplan? also after last  update do i still need to be online for my workers?
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  8. Nipheria added a topic in General   

    how to reform green yuria+11 to blue yuria with crit +1
    Hello guys anyone can help me with the question i presented above? i allready tryed grade 3 and grade 2 reform stones yet nothing changed. also they say that dont reform till +15 cuz durability recover requires same grade, yet i allways recover my blue agerian armors with green ones so whats the deal?
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  9. Nipheria added a post in a topic Is it all about micro trans? Also a question about horse tokens   

    how ppl are getting the enjoyment of game without paying 100eur total? I mean yes i have steel combat set for my current horse but there are only 2 type of sets that worth to wear i saw so far, leather set and steel set and each looks worse than another. Plus i wonder the main reason to play if you dont mind me asking. Im in research of almost all functions of game since a week. So far i decided making node chain for resources like mining which is most important cuz weapons and armors are top sellers in marketplace. So lets say i have quantillions if silver so what am suppose to use that for? Since most costums and cool stuffs are can be had only by pearl?
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  10. Nipheria added a topic in General   

    Is it all about micro trans? Also a question about horse tokens
    Do i actually have to spend real money in order to buy some cool horse gear and and cute pet and if yes why is it expensive as game itself? I waant to get standart version which is 10 euros or usd i dont remember which one. So only for a cute little cat is worth 10euros, isnt there any other way to get a majestic horse and a pet? 
    Also im not sure about leveling my horse current skills cuz obviously its taking too damn long and booring. I saw an option in horse management when checked i my horse in. Left side of skill in a square window says TRAIN yet it requires training token or something like that. Where can i get that and is it also 10eur? 
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