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  1. Ackilles added a post in a topic Bdo whales are more happy   

    I stopped playing over these changes, so I'm hardly supporting them....
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  2. Ackilles added a post in a topic Value of Trust - Feedback Thread   

    It was fun in that it was a way to increase your account value/strength that could easily be seen in real time.   It gave you instant gratification because, well, you got the rewards immediately.  But it also provided long term gratification in that each gear upgrade made any future grinding more lucrative.  I fell into this trap and have been literally grinding for the sake of grinding for awhile now.  I had a revelation after the second siege week and realized I didn't enjoy the game itself, but tucked it away by forcing myself to believe awakenings were worth prepping for.  Ultimately, it would be worth it if the game lasted and I could find a permanent home in BDO!  Then yesterday happened and reality set in.
    Perhaps this isn't the reason you specifically enjoyed grinding, but I would be shocked if it wasn't the reason most players still log in and grind.  There are all sorts of articles about this game type and dopamine chasing.  It is quite brilliant, but evil and shitty
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  3. Ackilles added a post in a topic Value of Trust - Feedback Thread   

    Aye, it is quite unpleasant to look back at the time spent on this game and not be upset.  When most MMOs fail, I can at least say that I had fun with them while they lasted and can justify the time/money spent because of that. At the very least, one can make the case that playing many video games can actually increase your IQ due to the complexity of the thought processes involved in PvP.  With BDO though, most of that time was spent endlessly grinding for the sake of grinding.  Very little of it was fun, very little of it was stimulating, most of it was frustrating and at this point I feel like BDO may be the worst MMO I've ever played.
    I quite honestly feel like they owe us for our lost time.
    P.S. I probably won't be doing that testing now on whether RNG is influenced by number of players grinding in a given area haha (this is Kylaria)
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  4. Ackilles added a post in a topic I bet most people won't quit after next week   

    Idk if you were watching system announcements last night, but it was just a stream of Tet/Pen attempts on armor/weapons.  If you don't believe that was people burning their accounts, the Tri/Tet/Pen accessory attempts should be a better giveaway.  I played with the top players on Edan (mangobay) and after yesterday I think there are maybe 5 actives left
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  5. Ackilles added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

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  6. Ackilles added a post in a topic Crazy Statistic 80% of BDO Players Jobless   

    This is a rather common fallacy.  Top geared players maintain their gear so that it is better than other players and they have a strong competitive advantage.  If it was an 80/20 split as you guys are talking about, up until now for every 1 player of equal gear they fight, they fight roughly 4 people with less gear than them.  That makes the game fun and the grind worth it.  If you take the bottom 80% out, theoretically the win/loss rate would be around 50%.  Now you are paying large sums of money not to be ahead of the pack, but to be average.
    I have a solid job and not many real world obligations, I could spend 800-1,000 on this game a month without struggling, but quite honestly I can think of so many other ways I could spend that money to get more enjoyment.  If BDO was an epicly fun, incredibly well done MMO I might think otherwise.  
    But in its current state...
    -I have very little faith in the developers 
    -The class balance is horrendous both in pve and pvp despite there being different damage modifiers for the two on each skill and thus super easy to adjust.  Not only that, but it has been the same classes nearly since the beginning! How do you design a game to be gear focused, set it up so that ingame currency = gear, then let one or two classes grind up to 50% faster??  This is beyond ridiculously poor design
    -PKing is dead
    -Siege is well setup, but there is at max 1 serious region fight per week and that will go to 0 with valencia added
    -Red battlefield is one of the most poorly designed battlegrounds ever seen in an MMO
    -Grinding is tedious and repetitive, but is the only way to maintain gear (I grind a lot and am ok with it, but it doesn't exactly make the game more fun)
    -The hodgepodge of patches we are getting have resulted in wizards being at the strength of an awakening class for months, and the largest BDO expansion yet being nearly useless
    -Server stability and bugs are next level bad
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  7. Ackilles added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Was holding out on spending any more money ($600 so far) till awakenings...glad I did!  Good timing btw PA, WoW Legion comes out at the end of the month, so we didn't miss the launch!
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  8. Ackilles added a post in a topic NA post patch, are you noticing any difference with server stability?   

    Was your base in the same area for those events?  Or was your base placed extremely close to the border of the map each time?  It could have something to do with the activation of node wars and your location on the map.  Rather than your players being hit specifically, it could be that the area you were in was affected.
    It is also possible someone in your guild is a shithead and figured out some kind of glitch/bug that results in DCing everyone around him
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  9. Ackilles added a post in a topic Greatsword: Green vs Blue vs Yellow?   

    In KR you can also buy bhegs gloves and kzarka weapons on the marketplace.  This is NA/EU, not KR.  On Edan, the number of kzarka longswords sold EVER is around 20, that is with what, 4 months of kzarka being available and 3 weeks of the night vendor? There are also no kzarka longswords ever sold over +15.
    If you are going to plan on buying a +18 karanda greatsword, you should expect to do so around 3-4 months after awakenings release if your captchua speed is very fast.
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  10. Ackilles added a post in a topic Hidden luck real?   

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  11. Ackilles added a post in a topic Gib server merge please   

    Want this for NA too
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  12. Ackilles added a post in a topic Pvp and pve questions   

    Valk is at best in the mid tier for PvE.  Wizard, Ranger and Tamer all make us look scrubby.  Having really high end gear helps lower the difference since the mobs you grind at endgame now are super weak (pirates/sausans)
    Learning curve for Valk is not high.  You need to know how to iframe, use your shield, and a couple of the SOJ combos and you are done.  It has one of the lowest skill caps of any class I've played in an MMO to date.  Nearly all of your "skill" is about how you move and anticipate the opponent moving, which is the case with all classes.
    With good gear, and 250 DP I melt if I'm not avoiding the damage really well.  It is more tanky than some classes, but is very far from being a "tank."  All that said, it can be fun and strong in smaller scale pvp.  It can be a game changer in large fights - but mostly just because of our 2 minute cooldown aoe super armor ability.
    For gear, everything listed is fine - though personally I would take red coral over blue coral for rings.  DP sucks, but you do need some and as OP is low on gear it wouldn't hurt.  On top of that, the 50 stamina is awesome as most of our survivability comes from spamming iframes
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  13. Ackilles added a post in a topic worst possible pet to get combat 3% exp ._.   

    Mine got xp too, tis quite annoying!  But honestly, the only passive stat I really care about on my pets is +gathering.  Xp is such a joke now that 3% is negligible.  I get 6% from my good pets and their faster looting speed means I don't have to loot as much and probably results in more xp than that 3%!
    I was so excited to get +9% karma recovery back in the day....then they made PKing useless and now I'm sad.
    They aren't sold on KR?  I thought it would be in the cash shop with a future update.
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  14. Ackilles added a post in a topic After chimera, catfish   

    Really catfish are not a good option at level 50.  Go to one of the lower level mediah locations others have mentioned here and kill just the easy mobs there.  Don't bother fighting the "tough" ones. You'll level way way faster this way
    Are those two solid income sources as well? Or are you talking about while leveling?  I'm pretty sure they didn't reduce chimera xp, just loot
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  15. Ackilles added a post in a topic Maids..?   

    I can't imagine that that is hard to figure out if you try (and are ingame, i can't login atm)
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