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  1. MrXenark added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer PvP Build
    Do you guys know a good PvP Build for a level 56 Tamer and 700 skill points?
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  2. MrXenark added a post in a topic Void travel delay   

    What is this "void traveling" people are speaking of? Witch craft?
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  3. MrXenark added a post in a topic p2w vs p2progress   

    I am not saying that it wouldn't be more meaningful, I am simply saying that if someone was going to put up with 400h of grinding, an extra 100h will not change their mind.
    Sure, they will get there faster, but it could help people with other things going on in their lives to catch up. It's not a big deal to me, I would buy them if they are out, not care if they are not released. 
    The BDO community is so scared of P2W they are quick to call anything P2W. I've come from P2W games, and a simply exp scroll or item that gives you instant +20 wouldn't hurt anything. (That last one was a joke)
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  4. MrXenark added a post in a topic p2w vs p2progress   

    Because a 10-20% exp scroll would do nothing to a current level 58. If someone was going to make the grind 60+ they would do it with or without the extra percent they could get from that. 
    Say it takes someone 20 hours to get from 60 to 61(counting all in-game possible buffs already). Do you think 2-4 hours would discourage them if they were willing to put up the 20 hours?
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  5. MrXenark added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    I heard that dyes bought with money could not be sold in the AH?
    I think I have some "true" dyes I got with Pearls, when I get home I guess I'll check.
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  6. MrXenark added a post in a topic p2w vs p2progress   

    P2Progress(faster) items aren't usually bad. Since they only help through the mid-game stage, and often serves more as a catch up mechanic, more than a "get me ahead" mechanic.
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  7. MrXenark added a post in a topic p2w vs p2progress   

    I hate when people do this. While yes, you cannot "win" in an MMO, the definition of P2W is rather simple. 
    I believe what he meants by P2Progress is progress faster. Example, an exp scroll. While, it will technically one can say that paying for EXP scrolls is P2W, since they will have to train less, it falls more in the p2progress(faster) which helps some of us with jobs and others things stay in the game.
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  8. MrXenark added a post in a topic May I please have a 7 day trial code possibly?   

    Yeah.. that's why I had asked.
    I didn't want to add someone who is going to go spamming the game some more. 
    Sorry Alaztor, I am going to look for that page where others have been waiting for a while.
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  9. MrXenark added a post in a topic May I please have a 7 day trial code possibly?   

    Is there a rule to giving these away? Or can I just PM him one?
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  10. MrXenark added a post in a topic Horses value should be revamped (✿◡‿◡)   

    I like how this turned into "No because people can pay for more horses with breeding reset" but screw anyone else who wants to do horse breeding right? Currently it just doesn't seem profitable nor fun to do horse breeding. Only good thing is that you can train horses afk.
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  11. MrXenark added a post in a topic PM Belsazars Interview with Dualshockers   

    No Ninja/Kunoichi... that sucks. I haven't even been motivated to AFK horse train lately and was looking forward to it's release in may.
    I guess I'll just keep collecting up-stones and throwing my wallet other places. 
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  12. MrXenark added a post in a topic BDO's greatest flaw   

    Group stuff PvP I agree with, except 2/3 are not even out.
    But PvE
    World Bosses require no teamwork, just DPS spam in most cases. Daily Boss Scrolls are a joke. Similar to world bosses, just DPS spam. Grinding isn't really more fun with other people, unless you declare war on every guild that passes by, that's pretty fun.
    I think that's what is going to kill the game for me. I kind of miss minecraft now that I think about it. Had the best of everything.
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  13. MrXenark added a post in a topic BDO's greatest flaw   

    Honestly, I think P2P trading is the least of BDO's problems. While it's one of them, the game just feels very closed, very single player. If I wasn't in Discord with my friends/guild I would seriously think I was playing a less fun version of the witcher. 
    The PvP is fun, but that's about it. Something like what Athiak described in the age of conan would be great. Imagine having a guild with ton of different professions, different people providing different roles. One person can be in charge of providing the guild with boats, other with weapons, another with horse carriages. So while not being able to trade isn't directly the problem, without trading it makes it hard to have those rolls. And honestly, the game is dying for me because of it. Blader came out, finally got to use the name I reserved, but it didn't fix any of the other issues. 
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  14. MrXenark added a topic in General   

    Insane trick to get super lucky
    So, I see a lot of threads on people complaining about how luck rules the world, so I will be nice and offer the best trick to get lucky. It's guaranteed ways to get ogre rings, mark of shadows, +16, even when it's not out, and T8 horses.
    It's simple, offer to RNGesus. Follow our lord and savior, who died for our ogre rings and +15s. Someone is killing an ogre? Knock them down in front of the ogre so the ogre kills them. If RNGesus is happy with your sacrifice he will give you the ogre ring. 
    Want a free T8? Hate the Tier 1-2 males you catch? It's simple, offer those to RNGesus. He prefers his horse meat grounded, so climb up a mountain and jump all the way down. Do this until he turns into a T8. 
    May RNGesus bless your Kzarkas.
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  15. MrXenark added a post in a topic 3 agerian Zerath boots   

    What I am running right now is Zereth Boots/Chest and Grunil Helm/gloves. The extra endurance is really handy. I didn't use endurance that much, until I realized how to play Tamer correctly and she might as well have an IV drip of endurance pots. 
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