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  1. thelastdragoon added a topic in Warrior   

    [Video] Alloy vs Gravity (Calpheon Siege)

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  2. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic ..Returning player .. I'm scared!   

    Welcome back. Let's start with average PvP is starting to center around full DUO/TRI armor. You want to upgrade your Liverto to a TRI Kzarka as its BiS and provides the best Accuracy on the main hand. Don't worry, if you are on NA, +0 weapons Kzarkas are easy to find on the marketplace now a days.

    Trading is not back, but they did introduce gifting for the holidays recently. (Edit: Keep in mind that you are still able to trade foods and elixirs, as well as potions that become bound after the trade and cannot be stored in your warehouse. This trading feature has always been in NA since CBT2). This feature might be disabled (or already has) soon. All of the NA servers merged into NA-World and all of the EU servers merged into EU-World. This has allowed for a healthier marketplace, more players to interact with and has definitely spiced up PvP.

    Our class has received a few nerfs, but we are still as strong and well rounded as ever with our greatsword. They took away constant frontal block on Armor Break (awakening DP debuff skill) when its on cooldown which was a healthy change for other classes. They also removed the second AP buff we received from stacking our guard buff with the melee attack buff. So, if you had the normal attack buff maxed out for the AP buff, you can remove those points and redistribute in other areas if you like (as of now). They performed iframe-dash nerfs to all classes, which mildly affected us, but not enough to make it extremely noticeable during mid-scale or large scale fights.
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  3. thelastdragoon added a topic in Warrior   

    [Alloy] Random Pirates PVP
    Been awhile since I posted anything on the Warrior forums, so I figured I would drop a random video for you guys   Enjoy. All guilds had fun and no one was salty at the end of the wars. Good fight to everyone involved!
    Black Desert Online: Random Pirates PvP
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  4. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic Dealing with Valks   

    Everyone was. But, on a serious note, how do you guys feel about their awakening? From the few animations that I have seen, I don't see too much of a difference from their base form excluding the "jump" and a stronger block. Their dash seems a bit slow, kind of like the Warrior's, but super armor is super armor.
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  5. thelastdragoon added a topic in Warrior   

    Dealing with Valks
    Haha.. just joking until they learn their awakenings. As of now, its easier to catch a Valk out of block than ever before. Warrior master Race.
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  6. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic Help with strategical upgrade/enchantment path   

    Accuracy caps at +15 on Bhegs. The TRI is just for DP.
    TRI Kzarka might be be enough with that combination, agreed. The small bit of Acc from Kutum does make a difference even though its bugged (or intentional??). One red TRI red coral earring will fix that PvP or the alternative is popping a blue Acc potion (+12 acc) with Destruction Stone (+4 Acc) is more than enough with that setup. I've been on both sides. I've used two red coral earrings (DUO) and didn't hit anywhere near the amount that I am hitting with Bhegs equipped and two AP earrings with my Kutum.
    I feel Bhegs does a major damage boost unless they are rocking full evasion and maybe there is a hidden stat that helps with the damage? (hidden set effects maybe hint hint). This is all speculation of course.
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  7. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic Edan Guild Ranking (Post-Apocalypse)   

    Personal corrections based on PvP experience versus some of these guilds in Open World PvP, node wars and castle sieges.
    Edit: Still missing a huge gap in power for S and S+ guilds on Edan.
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  8. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic [Warrior PoV] October commentary Video..   

    Its average. I know I should be hitting harder, but my biggest problem was that I was using Kutum Shield without Bheg Gloves, so Accuracy was gimping most of my damage. I've recently acquired them and fixed the Accuracy issue prior to Bheg gloves, causing my damage to hit a lot more consistent
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  9. thelastdragoon added a topic in Warrior   

    [Warrior PoV] October commentary Video..
    I've been working on a few clips throughout the month of October for a commentary video. However, it is my first one and I'm pretty bad at commentating lol.. most if not all of my fights are normally outnumbered and I only took small portions from a few clips in group scenarios, rather than 1v1. You will see that I don't use the normal cookie cutter greatsword combo due to the amount of CCs that are normally flying around. I plan on switching back to more of a normal Warrior combo once I hit 59. Enjoy the video and please provide critique on how I can improve further videos in the future

    Commentary Project
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  10. thelastdragoon added a topic in Warrior   

    [Warrior PoV] Savanna vs Archetype
    Just woke up a few minutes prior and saw ganking going down. Figured I'd join the fight.. excuse some of the messed up combos.. Gotta warm up
    Disclaimer: A lot of Vulgar music. Please turn the speakers down if you have young kids in the room
    Edan Server:  Savanna vs Archetype (Open World PvP)
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  11. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic I have a question...   

    Oh hey! I remember you (Conqueror Launch Warrior). You were one of the people complaining that we needed our greatsword so badly. Well, we have it now! Come back and play, but you're far far behind.. Don't worry its easy to catch up. You just need skill points. Ranger awakening gets released in 6 days also!
    Edit: In the current state of the game, Warrior is master race.
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  12. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic Ideal Warrior PvP video   

    I have one in the works (Edan server). Should be out by the end of October. I just need enough footage from all aspects of PvP to commentate and edit together.
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  13. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic Flow: Knee Kick   

    F -> CC's target -> C -> Dmg on switch -> Ground smash (if below lvl 59) -> Grab -> C -> Greatsword Combo.
    I use it mostly for ani cancel but it does what Counter used to do.
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  14. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic GS has "ranger-fied" the class a bit :/   

    @Original Poster

    Have you fought a GEARED awakened sorc? Sorcs to me right now are in a good state DPS and iframe wise, but I find them pretty easy? Why? Because I have the DP to last more than one hit if I do screw up (yes, you will screw up and be blown up) and I find myself predicting players and classes combos by one or two steps ahead. Yes, the ultimate on Warrior is pretty OP, but I have also face tanked bad warriors ultimates (the kind of people that just rush in and throw off a 100% expecting a kill).
    I understand that you love your MOBAS and RTS games, but please do not underestimate the skill required to be a good player. Once all awakenings are released, it will become more relevant that a Warrior has to work harder for that kill than now. Focus on your levels and gear if you want to be competitive (even in the arena) or you will fall behind and become utterly useless as a class and PvP guild mate.
    Sorry if I come off as rude, but I hate when people blab off at the mouth. MMORPGs have for the longest period, been who has the better gear. Its when you are undergeared and beat a player that is geared to the teeth without handicaps that makes your PLAYER SKILL stand out.
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  15. thelastdragoon added a post in a topic To keep hype alive   

    Avoiding the CC is half the battle, my friend
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