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  1. Krystae added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestions for making Valencia City more appealing to everyone.
    GM Dresden sent me back a reply to a ticket I had this week and suggested I post this to the forum board. So here goes.
    I would like to make a plea on behalf of the players, not just myself, concerning Valencia City.
    Valencia City is larger than Calpheon by a bit, but it's hindered by some basic traits that could be fixed to make it more appealing to draw those so-called "carebears" the pker's always whine about on the forum boards. And rather than complain, I would like to list some things that would help the city draw more potential players, and possibly get a few people like myself, who are hard core pve folks to consider crossing the desert.
    Cooking and alchemy in Valencia are neutered due to the fact that if you do either, you receive those little bonus dishes to turn in for coins, experience and contribution points. However,,there are NO villagers to turn those in to. So you wind up either selling them, or boating them back to Epheria for another character to pick up and turn in. With all the items around Valencia to choose from for higher level cooking as well as alchemy, this should have been added in for the city. But why bother cooking or doing any alchemy when you can't turn in the bonus material??? Get where I'm going with this?
    Same for farming,,there's no fence vendor in Valencia that I have been able to find at all, for any size. I had to get one and stuff it in my camel, Little Brother, to get one here. And yes, there are plenty of spots for a fence in Outer Valencia City,,I have the fence set up there tonight growing corn. =) I'm resourceful!!
    How about expanding the desert menu to include some kind of alcohol made with the freekah or the teff?? How about adding coconut milk to the menu as well, to give Valencia a boost?
    Ditto on the meat situation. You either fish from the lake, run around up on the hills to kill lions, or trek your butt out into the desert for scorpion. I did some research, did you know there are plenty of strains of desert chickens, including ones called Madagascar chickens that would fit in with the whole desert theme, and it would give some extra meat, as well as eggs for cooking in Valencia. You could even add some desert cobras as some extra meat out there. Anything would be welcome and appreciated by the chefs!!
    Speaking of having to boat things back all the way to Epheria,,,,you CANNOT transfer things up the road from Ancado Harbor to Valencia City itself. There's NO transport. You have to run the camel down the road and get the few items he can carry back and forth till you've moved everything from the port to the city. Why no freight wagon transport?????
    And lastly,,come on folks really? 1 furniture vendor with 8 items in a city larger than Calpheon??? Really?? This city is AMAZE BALLS!!! The 2 story houses here are FABULOUS!!
    There are plenty of "merchants" here, but not a one that actually sells anything from the wagons they stand in front of. How about some desert paintings, desert themed woven baskets or even desert themed lighting fixtures. And yes, I know you can make your own furniture out here,,which I did. And I do love the Valencia theme of the furniture. But 1 chandelier for lights, and it's not even part of the desert theme?? Throw some extra quests in there for items. I'd trade my eye teeth for some more quests here, REALLY!!!
    If just 1 person reads this and anything changes to make Valencia a more welcome city, it would help. I know everyone is getting ready for Margoria, and the new Kama area, but Valencia sometimes feels like the proverbial "red-headed step child".
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