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  1. Saintly added a post in a topic FUtilez -[Do You Have What It Takes ?]   

    Yeah, like, what they said & stuff, up.
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  2. Saintly added a post in a topic We need an official confirmation about Sorc DARKFLAME bug from you (DAUM)   

    Look at all the trash-tier sorc's cry, feels good man.
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  3. Saintly added a post in a topic Everyone hating new [Dye] : Here is why!   

    Oh, a newf@g defending Daum.
    Maybe learn a thing or two about what they promised and what they delivered before you lick their ass.
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  4. Saintly added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    I suppose quitting & making a profit before they completely ruin the game was a good idea after all.
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  5. Saintly added a post in a topic GG Ghillie suits in Node/Siege Wars   

    I wonder what excuse trash tiers will find now that top guilds/players will keep stomping them without the "uber P2W" ghillie advantage.
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  6. Saintly added a post in a topic Should duam be more lenient to big spenders?   

    Atm no.
    When it goes F2P sure, since paying customers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> freeloading lowlifes.
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  7. Saintly added a post in a topic Removing PvP xp loss IMPROVES the game   

    Funny, no-one said that as long as there was the PvP death penalty.
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  8. Saintly added a post in a topic No XP loss for positive karma has been in KR version since 2015, why are people complaint now?   

    And BDO is F2P with CS on KR, yet we paid 100$ & still had to pay with CS.
    What's your point?
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  9. Saintly added a post in a topic Future Siege Rewards   

    Ah good to hear that.
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  10. Saintly added a post in a topic Future Siege Rewards   

    Wait what? They gonna remove the taxes & add some nerdplay crap as reward?
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  11. Saintly added a post in a topic Love for Daum <3   

    Asslicking is strong with this one.
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  12. Saintly added a post in a topic Sincere question for the ganker/griefer crowd   

    I didn't see it happen regular enough (on Jordine at least) to consider a problem/smth that happens all the time, but i can think a couple of reasons.
    Enemy guild. (That you ain't currently at war with for w/e reason.)Member of a guild/player that pissed someone off.Halt breeding progression of enemy guild player/horse seller/breeder.Guild/Players that assisted an enemy guild. (GvG or smth.)Personally if i did this would be #2, some ppl just have more crap coming out of their mouth than their butt & get surprised when they got "harassed" ig afterwards.
    Wouldn't be surprised to see this happen a lot more if they link ig-forum acc's.
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  13. Saintly added a post in a topic Can we get forum accounts tied to game accounts please?   

    Huge +1.
    Couldn't care less for the bots but the drama would be epic.
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  14. Saintly added a post in a topic Sincere question for the ganker/griefer crowd   

    Cause its easy money, its not the PK's fault that someone is dumb enough to afk fish at a non-safezone top spot
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  15. Saintly added a post in a topic To all the people that are quitting:   

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