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  1. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    and people like you ruin the community aand the game.
    Find something more amusing to say if youre just gonna insult me please
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  2. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    havent logged in since. refuse to if/until they make pvp free server
    also trying to do a chargeback from my card
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  3. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

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  4. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    i have a 59 tamer on kr and never had this trouble
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  5. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    I die atleast 2-5 times a night from fishing afk in hotspots.
    5-10 from grinding in my own spot.
    And 80-120 deaths over last 5 days i played 
    An additional 20 deaths from pve from reasons
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  6. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    you cant gurantee that. flat out.
    but if they introduce a new server. they need atleast a month to have catch up imo if they ever did
    i should be lv 52 or 53.
    im at 50.4
    ive gained 1200% exp since hitting lv 50 enough to easily hit 53 maybe 54? but im being modest and say 52-53 yet im still 50
    and why is this? 
    pvp and gear differences.
    one luck based.
    and one unwanted
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  7. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    Needs occasional bumps
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  8. CatEarHero added a topic in Suggestions   

    Server transfers
    Simple. As title says.
    Just charge $10-15 per transfers. Simple as that.
    That would also benefit the use of conquerer packs or additional servers in the future
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  9. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    you can make 4 free charaters per server.
    We need a way to transfer characters though. Agreed. 
    But we really also NEED a true nonpvp server. It would house a huge playerbase
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  10. CatEarHero added a topic in Suggestions   

    Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP
    Quite a simple idea. With quite a small amount of cost and effort.
    Offer an NA and EU variance of servers without PVP
    The only exceptions to no PVP would be arena is fair game to pvp and do as you need during that time.
    And maybe guild vs. Guild if a balance can be found. Perhaps requiring both guilds to declare war. Or some way it doesnt object to everyone. Perhaps make only certain guild earn a no war token for maybe 20m gold coins? And that will last for 7-14 days. Could even make it a cash shop. Idk
    This is my last ditch effort to try getting my point across that very few people want a pvp game. I gurantee of you remove pvp or create a pvp free server you would see a much greater long term pay out and bigger playerbase. Take ffxiv for example.
    Also i believe there was a poll held for ffxiv and 90% of the 200k people that voted said they wouldnt care if the game had pvp or not.
    There is much more to the game than pvp. But it doesnt matter if peoplw can limit your progress
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  11. CatEarHero added a post in a topic okay. im done with this game.   

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  12. CatEarHero added a post in a topic okay. im done with this game.   

    i like what i played on kr servers. id gladly play with a community like that. i got griefed maybe once. maybe.
    ive been griefed by idiot things and at random 90% of the time when im minding my own business or afk fishing
    im at the point where id pay like $500 to hire someone to grief them for week or two
    and yes. i would spend that money to make an idiot learn a lesson
    as i said the community is not the same. the playerbase is not the same. so you have to account for everyones  enjoyment in the game
    and tbh im thinking i might do a chargeback on my card. idgaf. this game isnt worth it unless something changes. playerbase or servers
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  13. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Get gud? you mean: stop having a life and get +20 gear.   

    dont get access to pvp its fking garbage.
    ruins a good game with so much potential
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  14. CatEarHero added a topic in General   

    okay. im done with this game.
    2 things that bugs me really badly in this game so im quitting. and no.
    i dont give a damn if you thing im a rage quitter or troll.
    i got lv 59 on tamer in kr so i know how to play the game. i could even pvp pretty darn well unless im ganked and grieved. and thats the thing
    in the 2 weeks its been out. i have had more deaths than 2,500+ hrs on KR BDO
    the community is not the same
    the community is not the same
    the community is not the same
    too many people are blood hungry and just want to watch the world burn in NA. in kr this is different.
    pvp is meant for defending a farming spot or competitive fun.
    and this most recent pvp kill against me got me really -----ing stressed. 
    it was a 5 man for weekly scrolls. i used mine and 2 others did. 
    well 2 others just leeched. okay fine. can deal with that. " ima leave i thought"
    left the party and 2 people had ghillie suits. me and the person who didnt use scroll.
    well a sorc behind me decided that i just needed to die 3 or 4 times. not the person who didnt use a scroll but the person that did.
    so she griefed me several times. yay.
    also enchanting is a joke. durability loss from enchanting is redundant...
    you make something stronger. but you also break it in the mean time. WTF. this doesnt make sense.
    balance wise. forcing an enhance does make sense to lose the dura. you are losing all rng for a sure thing with a heavy impact.
    and i like arena pvp and guild pvp because its staged and its all fun and games.
    but this OWPVP is garbage for all servers. there needs to be an optional nonpvp with arena and guild exceptions
    make a pvpless server. idgaf what you do to this game. im not playing unless a pvpless server comes outmake enhancing 1 stone at a time lose no dura. you usually use more stones anyways. 
    @CM_Jouska do something about this. ive spent $400 as a customer conq pack and 3 sets of 10k daum cash. unless you can make a no pvp server im not going to be back because there is no fun to be had for a portion of clients. 
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  15. CatEarHero added a post in a topic Does Accuracy actually pierce defense and add hit rate?   

    ranger has 100% accuracy skills
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