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  1. Illusive added a post in a topic lol to Hunting   

    Normal whales are useless and don't drop much at all, that's how it is on KR unless they changed it for our version. There's a small chance for blackstones, but they are just there for EXP to level up hunting mainly. 

    The entire reason for leveling hunting at all is for the king whale, which will send a server wide message when it spawns. But good luck getting the loot. Only the group who deals the most DPS on the whale will get the rare drops. This means larger guilds are going to crush everyone to ensure they get the loot.
    Happy hunting.
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  2. Illusive added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    If you're actually thinking that they are writing the siege system from scratch, then you have no idea how this even works. The siege system has been written and void of major bugs for years...
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  3. Illusive added a post in a topic STOP killing AFK fishers for your own good!   

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  4. Illusive added a post in a topic Where is the whale hunting?   

    Whale hunting comes with the Valencia patch along with giant bat hunting.
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  5. Illusive added a post in a topic Liverto blade exchange   

    They are probably holding back the black market so they make more money off of elions tears. World bosses are designed to one shot everyone so they shell out pearls for instant revives. If they don't they'll lose out on the dps race and probably not get loot.
    All about the $$$$$
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  6. Illusive added a post in a topic No Trading? How about selling?!   

    I've been in instances where someone had gotten a rare item that isn't listed often in the marketplace and wanted to sell it exclusively to a guildie(Ended up losing it to someone else when they attempted to list it on the marketplace for them). Even if they made you list it on a guild exclusive marketplace for the same price range it has a normal marketplace I'd be down with that.
    Would be really impressed if they designated certain residential houses to instead be shops, that way you could browse walk-in shops the same way you'd visit other people's homes.
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  7. Illusive added a post in a topic Prices were too high in Korea, and they're too high here   

    You obviously haven't done any level 50 grinding then.... You don't need a T4 but 3 T1's at level 10 won't do the job unless you're killing one mob at a time.
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  8. Illusive added a post in a topic Prices were too high in Korea, and they're too high here   

    $10 for a pet in which you need to breed with another pet to rank up in teir. You could spend 100's trying to get a T4.
    Not to mention there are only three teirs in KR, and their T3 is as good as our T4.
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  9. Illusive added a post in a topic If this doesn't warrant a PvE only server - I don't know what does   

    Having a PvE server just means that people with better gear are going to SK you all day long and you won't be able to do anything about it.
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  10. Illusive added a post in a topic Costume restrictions   

    Costumes have their own slots, they equip and unequip just like anything else on your character sheet. 

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  11. Illusive added a post in a topic Flying mount?   

    I love you.
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  12. Illusive added a post in a topic The Amount of Dissatisfied Players - Reasons   

    Sums up my feelings for the game completely. I play MMO's to play with other people. I have a guild with a bunch of really really fun people but I'm starting to play less and less because there's not a lot of group content we can do together and it's honestly getting very boring for  me and many other people.
    Boss scrolls / World Bosses / Guild Quests feel like such a gigantic grind now. We've gotten to the point where we've started making up our own games like scavenger hunts or horse racing using various consumables as prizes just to keep people entertained. 
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  13. Illusive added a post in a topic had the weirdest dream tonight   

    plz maek forum moderatur
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