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Sorcerer Supreme

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  1. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic new outfit thoughts   

    I just wish they had used  a cuirass instead of the idiotic metal boob skin that jiggles and the absurd thigh exposure. It's such a shame to see such a great concept being ruined by boobplate and unnecessary sexifying. Why can't they just have what the npcs have but stylised?  

    Well I can only dream of what it could have been.

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  2. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic [Valkyrie] Sting Note - costume   

    The game already has enough skimpy over knee  miniskirts.
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  3. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic [Valkyrie] Sting Note - costume   

    Is this out yet on EU? I had a look in the store and I don't see it. Even though I hate the idiotic boob swinging metal chest plate and the exposed thighs on her legs, it's the only knight armour we will ever get. 
    And before someone argues that her thighs are exposed to help mobility, because full plate is too heavy... BS. No, it isn't.
    No knight would have their upper legs flashing skin for the enemy to see. Because they would immediately strike at it and hack your leg off clean.

    That's why knights wore cuisse and faulds. At the very least they could have covered it with chain mail. meh...

    Give us something what Maxo suggested. For the sake of sanity and practicality.
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  4. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    After seeing this....

     My immersion and hope for the new armour is broken... 

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  5. Sorcerer Supreme added a topic in General   

    BDO Templates Offline?
    Anyone know what's happening with www.bdotemplates.com/? It's been down for 3 days now.

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  6. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    I think the goal is wanting more options. Not to enforce our will upon you. Secondly there are virtually very little options, which I assume is why the thread and many alike were made. For a game like BDO to put so much work into their models and have the smallest amount of costume/gear I have seen in a mmo. And lastly please enlighten me in what way is asking for practical costumes hurting you?
    Might want to practice reading comprehension on the subject, before insinuating people are lazy and creating unnecessary suggestions.
    Besides the awkward heels... Why in god's name are her thighs exposed? What's the point of making full plate and then undoing it by having her joints exposed?  
    And not to seem ungrateful. But why the sudden depart in practical plate armour? It's 2017! Enough with the damn boob plates.
    No more jiggle metal boobies! 

    I don't think it's unreasonable to have more ornate plate armour. I am 99% sure we already have it somewhat implemented in-game.

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  7. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Possible to turn Ranger into a Human?   

    Looks good . I think I am going to take a break from sculpting elf ears into human ears before it drives me insane. At least I know it's somewhat possible, I am just not very good at it. For the moment I am throwing in the towel. I wanted a knight class (sadly they can't get bows) but at least I won't have to torment myself with morphing ears. Just wish Valkyrie had more practical plate armour  or should I say armour in general that isn't lingerie. 
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  8. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Possible to turn Ranger into a Human?   

    We all know humans are superior, elf. Cease spreading your heretic lies! Now hop along and heed to your human masters.
    I like elves too, don't tell anyone.
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  9. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Possible to turn Ranger into a Human?   

    Thanks. I had another try last night. Still can't quite get the top corner of the ear correctly. Looks like a bear bit part of her ear off.

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  10. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Possible to turn Ranger into a Human?   

    Very funny, yet not remotely helpful. Intelligent answers only, please.
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  11. Sorcerer Supreme added a topic in Ranger   

    Possible to turn Ranger into a Human?
    Hello, I am currently using the creator to make a ranger but I am attempting to make her ears round. I really wanted a human ranger. I searched around to see if there were any guides or templates. Unfortunately I couldn't find any. I ask because I have seen a thread that managed to successfully create round ears with a ranger. I can't seem to replicate this myself. Could anyone be kind enough to help me out?
    This is what I was looking for (ear wise): 

    All my attempts have been unsuccessful.  It's harder than it looks. 
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  12. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    Unfortunately we can't dye them (without cash shop coupons) I added a comment in a suggestion thread about adding it to the loyalty store. People are disappointed in the lack of in-game outfits and diversity we have currently. And daum adds a paywall function just to dye them.  Seems the game likes opening wounds and pouring a tone of salt in.  
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  13. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    You're not alone. I wish witches (other classes) had the same amount of diversity as our male counter-parts.  I am still hoping I'll get to wear some more cool looking arcane/wizardry outfits. Actually I am quite happy with the ones I had at lower levels (I wish it continued in that direction but with some hoods and long robes.) I liked the Karlstein , but having pants with metal zipped running from my crotch to my ass killed it for me, along with the fishnet stockings. If that costume had black trousers/pants it look amazing.  
    I'd rather it lean back towards the wizardry/arcane/druid vibe it had.

    Am I wrong to want to look like my male counter-part?! Maybe there some law in fantasy that says women can't look or act like wizards. And if there is. I defy it!
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  14. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic costume exhange coupon for loyalty point.   

    [apology for the necro, I thought this deserved resurrection instead of making a new thread]
    I've read lot of topics about the community wanting more in-game outfits that are not €30-40. When I found out that you could craft a limited number of gear in-game my expectations were raised high. Only to be dashed. I was looking forward to working hard on obtaining them and using some dyes. But alas that's not to be... I support the suggestion of putting the coupons in the loyalty and increasing the points so it's not easily obtainable. But putting restrictive and pricey pay functions on a already small selection of crafting gear isn't encouraging. Making the game as painful as possible so people feel obligated to purchase premium items to better the game. Yeah... it's not exactly inspiring my loyalty (no pun intended). 

    Please consider putting the coupons in the loyalty store as expensive rewards. My poor wizard literally can't live without them. Otherwise she ends up summoning the spirits of darkness. 
    Thank you
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  15. Sorcerer Supreme added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard WAY TO OP   

    Well... swell. And I just started my career in wizardry....  
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