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  1. Serabelle added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    Why not get rid of the issue altogether by removing exp penalty and adding individual loot pools while grinding in a party? Its not like players can abuse that kind of loot system since the game already doesn't have player-player trading.
    For the most part everyone wins.
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  2. Serabelle added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    @DenverRalphy that is a pretty simple and clean method of guestimating potato-genius thresholds I have high hopes for my female 7H   (I probably jinxed myself into her not learning any more skills all the way to 30 lol x_x.) if a horse learns half or most of the courser skills that is good enough for me to consider them smart as far as coursers go  I have only ever had one horse end up being a courser naturally but he was a T6 ^_^; 
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  3. Serabelle added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    @Shaynae Thanks for the input I will keep this in mind.
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  4. Serabelle added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Hi everyone,
    I tried looking for posts about this topic but many were outdated  (over a year ago). Sorry if it has already been brought up before. What is a good estimator of if a horse is a potato or smart?
    Currently a T7H (female) I am leveling has 12 skills at level 21. (Hind kick, fore chop, start accel, high jump, quick stop, instant accel, quick back, streak leap, roar, caution, quick ride, two seater).
    Whereas another T7E (male) I am leveling is level 30 with 11 skills. (Hind kick, fore chop, start Accel, high jump, quick stop, instant Accel, charge, quick back, streak leap, roar, quick ride).
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  5. Serabelle added a post in a topic Pre Ordering (Witch) Dande Aad Sphera?   

    Okay, thanks everyone
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  6. Serabelle added a topic in General   

    Pre Ordering (Witch) Dande Aad Sphera?
    Any ideas as to what range pre-orders are going for the Dande Aad Sphera 0-TRI? Would like to have an estimate
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  7. Serabelle added a post in a topic Killing AFK trainers is impossible   

    And this.... Is partially why you rarely see T8s in the market. (Aside from those being pearl traded).
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  8. Serabelle added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    The way this thread is looking is as if people are taking turns dumping barrels of salt on the OP. Requesting an improvement for the better isn't gonna kill anyone.  (Although it may bruise the precious egos of those who enjoy snuffing out "noobs").
    If anyone thinks gear dependent pvp is challenging... lol. The "challenge" is getting the gear/level to "pvp". 
    "If you don't like it leave and play something else."
    BDO is a lot like a hot girl. You stay with her cuz she is pretty (albeit insufferable), leave her because she is lacking in some areas or you grow and change together. You could just move on or you could give it a try.
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  9. Serabelle added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    I think the type of Pvp you are looking for most closely resembles GW2
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  10. Serabelle added a topic in General   

    The "Griefing" Cycle
    You are out looking for a grind spot, be it Sausans or Pirates, and they are all taken.
    Change channels. You see a spot that appears clear and begin the grind. Player comes out of nowhere and kills you then says spot taken.
    You're "triggered" and pk the person to steal said spot or you walk away and eventually find a new spot.
    Finally found a new spot and player walks over....
    A.) Luckily, they walk away.
    B.) They try to out grind you out of your spot  solo or with another party. 
    C.) Flag up and try to pk you out (Solo or with party)
    D.) Party up with you... again solo or with his or her own party.
    In the end, all three endings lead to greatly diminished efficiency. Whether you are a veteran grinding out hours for a fraction of a percent or new player just trying to get your foot in the door. Option A will only happen X amount of times before B, C or D come around.
    Sharing isnt necessarily bad but grinding alone gets you the most exp/loot for your time in most cases. Plus you pk'd, changed channels X amount of times till you got this spot So why should you share it?
    Weirdly enough this mmo has a way of making you perceive every other unknown player as a threat to your progress. In which case flagging up or karma bombing becomes a go-to method of continuing optimal efficiency (thus the Griefing cycle!). 
    Separate loot (which other games have implemented) and removing the exp reduction in party could help alleviate the issue. 
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  11. Serabelle added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    I don't think anyone here is saying they aren't enjoying BDO. We play the game and write on it's forums so of course we do enjoy it. However, there is nothing wrong with suggesting or even hoping for more.
    Honestly, many of the most successful games we hear of are games whose developers seem to listen to their fan/playerbase. (Not to advertise but as an example) Take for instance GW2. Or even FFXIV and ESO which essentially were nominated one of the worst mmos when they first came out. Despite popular belief they have greatly improved over the years and turned out pretty good in many respects with all things considering.
    Many "succesful" games leave their mark by listening and evolving with and for their playerbase (if possible and within reason). Choosing to be complacent and settle and not "say anything" is the same as choosing to not be heard. (Or worse, just overall not being involved)
    Sometimes adding silly content that has nothing to do with the grind or end game - just for the sake of fun - is nice for a change.
    Adding more content to a game that we enjoy is beneficial to everyone. It adds more options and layers of depth which can only enhance our experience.
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  12. Serabelle added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    Let me start off with saying suggestions regarding overall game improvement is never a bad thing. However, it is questionable when people decide to instead be complacent. Low standards tend to net you the minimum amount of effort  (regarding companies / developers). 
    Just a couple suggestions as far as pve content:
    Along with lack of engaging pve content, the overall design of bdo does not allow for much social interaction. You can very well play the game and get the gear you want without having to say a word (or type) to anyone. Some people may not mind it. However, it can make many feel very isolated on a MMORPG. 
    I won't name any games due to TOS/TOA but some have pve content that allows for a brief break between grinds. Jumping puzzles, customized racing, card games, elite mob hunting etc which can also bolster socialization and cooperation in the community. 
    Dungeons may seem stale and some people are tired of grinding them out for gear. So why not make the rewards for said dungeons purely aesthetic? Unnecessary but still incentive to run them. Let's also throw in layout randomization, non-combat puzzles or mob difficulty scaling according to the highest geared player  (or something of that nature). This will keep dungeons interesting, challenging and rewards can change every "season" so there is incentive to continue running the dungeon. As a bonus the inclusion of dungeons also adds another "social factor".
    And for pvpers out there we can throw in gear balanced tournaments which can be spectated by other players. Thus adding a new layer to the current pvp model. Said tournament could be held only on occasion so that gear based pvp is still an integral part of the game and lower geared players are able to get a fair taste of competitive pvp. This could lead to added interest in overworld pvp too.
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  13. Serabelle added a post in a topic LOL DK is op   

    Here we go with the nerf mantras again... except this time we have dk rerollers getting all defensive.
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  14. Serabelle added a post in a topic Better Social Player Relationship features.   

    Love this idea! Currently playing with 4 people I know irl and there isn't much we can do together. As it is the game is very isolating.
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  15. Serabelle added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse Breeding / Market
    There is likely another topic out there in the suggestions section but this should really be emphasized.
    1. Horses take way too long to level up. It would take me 5-7 days of looping overnight to train one tier 7 up to 30... (taking into consideration pk and losing connection etc)
    2. Horse Skill RNG. While leveling the two horses they naturally learn worthless skills like caution, fore chop, hind kick. In my case two seater has yet to be seen. Might as well throw in there that getting a tier 8 Courser will never happen naturally. Most people have to cash heavily for even a shot at the awakening. 
    3. Breeding Rates. After about a week and a half of getting two horses to 30 (which could have been spent fishing) just to be rewarded with two tier 6s. It seems like an 80% chance to get two tier 6s - from my personal experience  ( Currently Professional 6 ) and many others out there on the mega horse breeding thread.
    4. Horse Breeding Market. There is not enough incentive for anyone to post a tier 6 and above horse to breed. The amount of silver isn't worth it for the one posting. 
    5. Horse Market. To begin with, horses are undervalued especially considering the time it takes to level, breed, skill change coupons used and their sheer high demand (and low supply). Having the value pack does not alleviate the horse market tax either. In the end it isn't worth it for the seller. Tier 8s and some Tier 7s could be sold for pearls but the seller is still taking the risk of getting scammed. (Regardless, this shouldn't have to be used as incentive for players to sell horses).
    6. Profession Level. The Training profession level doesn't do jack squat. "Leveling horse skills faster" is barely noticeable and overall useless as far as breeding goes. We wish it would instead help us level our horses faster or a higher chance to learn rarer skills. 
    As it is, Horse Breeding is a huge time/money sink with horrible payoff. It's awful to say because to many, including myself, it's a very fun non-combat part of the game. However, these obstacles make it quite frustrating and discouraging for many of us breeders out there to continue horse breeding/selling. We are milked for breeding resets, death count resets, skill change coupons, etc.
    At the end of it all, days of our hard work is easily bought with a couple hours of grinding. 
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