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  1. Rhayne added a topic in General   

    Oceanic Classes?
    So we all know now there will be an Oceanic server and I was just wondering if anyone can shed some light onto the classes that will be released in that server, if they will be the same as NA or will we get different ones and also does anyone know if this server will be released at launch along with the others or are we going to have to wait for it to come in later????
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  2. Rhayne added a post in a topic CBT-2 Date and Character Creation!   

    Why is there way more hair customization for female classes than for male? Will the male classes get the ability to shape their hair as well or is this a slight hint that this game will eventually become Tera 2.0
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  3. Rhayne added a topic in General   

    Name Reservation
    Does anyone know if say you pre order the $100 package and obtain 3 extra character slots, when we get to reserve our names can we do this for all character slots or only for one?

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  4. Rhayne added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    Would just like to thank you for acknowledging the efforts of everyone that has voiced their opinions on the blader class in this thread  
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  5. Rhayne added a post in a topic How about this for a class?   

    I was unaware that the male archer class had already been decided on male elf, if i had known that then yeah i wouldn't have posted this at all.
    and the transition between weapons wouldn't be slow enough to make it a weakness as much and not too fast that it seems unrealistic, you would use a roll away or dash to get away from the opponent and then swap and prepare for your next attack. The avatar will literally put one crossbow away (I imagined the smaller one folding into a gun shape and being placed in a holster on the avatars side) and then pull the other one out, not too hard to imagine.
    And for the awakening weapon that I haven't figured out yet, thought I'd leave that tricky part to the professionals.
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  6. Rhayne added a post in a topic How about this for a class?   

    Yeah it would be amazing! Would suit bdo combat system perfectly, hope this can influence the developers for future classes.
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  7. Rhayne added a topic in Suggestions   

    How about this for a class?
    Many want a male ranger class but of course a man with a bow would be pretty boring so ive got the perfect ranger counterpart for you right here.
    The class called something like "Hunter" or whatever yous feel like naming it. He carries two crossbows, one small one which only takes one hand to use, this crossbow has faster attacks with mainly single focusing attacks. On his back he carries a larger crossbow which requires two hands, when using this crossbow he is slower but it has longer range and more powerful aoe attacks. The player must utilize both of these weapons when in combat because one is not good without the other, making a very skillful class with a very large range of combo possibilities.
    Just my suggestion 
    • 13 replies
  8. Rhayne added a post in a topic Ok, no blader at launch... BUT WHY!?!   

    Where did you hear/see this information?
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  9. Rhayne added a post in a topic Ok, no blader at launch... BUT WHY!?!   

    Sooooooo..... you dont have any information on the bladers release? please go now
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  10. Rhayne added a post in a topic Ok, no blader at launch... BUT WHY!?!   

    So many of you have commented useless sentences that get no one nowhere, can someone that has any information on why blader will not be out at launch please share
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  11. Rhayne added a post in a topic Ok, no blader at launch... BUT WHY!?!   

    Yeah of course it's not everyone's favorite but you have to throw a tantrum to get noticed so but thanks for the info, lets just play the leaked information is right
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  12. Rhayne added a post in a topic Ok, no blader at launch... BUT WHY!?!   

    All seriousness though does ANYONE KNOW?
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  13. Rhayne added a post in a topic Ok, no blader at launch... BUT WHY!?!   

    If only that was true 
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  14. Rhayne added a topic in Classes   

    Ok, no blader at launch... BUT WHY!?!
    So we all unfortunately know that EVERYONE'S favorite class wont be released on launch but can someone please tell me WHY this is happening, I don't know if this is the stupidest marketing strategy of all time or if the developers forgot that the blader class even exists, so please!

    someone tell me...
    • 117 replies
  15. Rhayne added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

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