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  1. Hiaran added a post in a topic Customization   

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  2. Hiaran added a post in a topic Customization   

    Ich kann dir leider nicht helfen, aber ich wurde mich definitiv freuen, wenn du, wenn es dir irgendwann gelingt an die files ranzukommen, sie mir schicken wurdest ^^. Sehen wirklich super aus <3
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  3. Hiaran added a post in a topic Bad Luck RNG Comfort Thread   

    You see this TRI Kalis Necklace on the doll? The 38 failstack counter over it? THERE
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  4. Hiaran added a post in a topic Say NO to RNG +20   

    Max gear should be obtainable for everyone, not just the RNG luckers. In an MMO all should get max equipment with enough time and effort, not just, if RNGesus smiles on them. No game should be so luck based, when it comes to endgear. It should take a while to obtain it, but not be such an RNG hell like it is now in BDO. Then, at last, we would have fair chances in PVP, as just the player skill and level would matter, cuz everyone, if he worked hard enough, could get to max eq and accessories.
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  5. Hiaran added a topic in Suggestions   

    Better Appearance Change Coupon (1 Time)
    I think it would be better, if the (1 Time) Coupon would be changed into a (1 day) or even just a (1 hour) Coupon. I wouldn't mind, if it would be just for one character to edit, not all like the (30 days), but it would really help, to have at least one hour for adjusting the character look in-game beside just the look on the editing screen, as those two don't look exactly the same.
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  6. Hiaran added a post in a topic Rework of the enhancement system   

    I don't think that it would be so easily to get all in one week. It is hard to acquire a huge amount of failstacks without enhancing the gear on what you are building them on, And they could just cap or nerf the failtstack bonus for accessories and 16-20. They could adjust the numbers on accessories (like nerf them, as they would bbe easier to max) too. In a game that prioritizes level > gear > skill I would much rather have it, that all can get max gear, than just the luckiest. I don't think, that they will be many to try getting PEN items, but there will be some that get them and will have a bonus.
    I can completely agree that level > gear > skill, as it shows that the higher lvl player just spend more time to achieve that. But gear > skill, where enhancing gear is so luck based shouldn't exist in any game. I'm aware, that we will get nerfs of 16-20 in our version, but there will still be a difference between PEN and lower gear, so the luckiest will have an advantage over those without good RNG.
    Max Gear should be a point, that anyone can achive it, but with enough hard work and not just because he had luck while upgrading.
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  7. Hiaran added a post in a topic 3 Monate BDO - eine Bilanz; Eure Meinung ist hier gefragt!   

    Wenns um mich geht, spiele ich nichts so viel, wie am Anfang, eher lasse ich BDO im hintergrund/afk laufen. Ich liebe das Combat und die Graphic, also werd ich noch warten, ob sich das Spiel noch verbessert. Ich bin auch nicht mit dem Enhance System zufrieden, hab auch ein neues System vorgeschlagen:

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  8. Hiaran added a post in a topic Rework of the enhancement system   

    Well, but would it be so bad that all could achive a PEN? I mean, it would still take huge amounts of time to do it, just with the new system more people would try to get so high. RNG would still be RNG, but you wouldn't at least waste 115Mil Duo Witch earring with 80+ failstacks, if you had bad luck on trying to upgrade it to TRI.
    I would rather have a system, where all could achieve max gear enhances with enough effort, than having a luck based system, where just the luckiest have the best things. Cuz let's face it, no one will sell a TET/PEN and probably not even his TRI - they are just too valuable, so, after spending hours and hours on money grinding, you still couldn't just plainly buy them on the marketplace. 
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  9. Hiaran added a topic in General   

    Rework of the enhancement system

    What do you think?
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  10. Hiaran added a topic in Suggestions   

    Rework accessories and +16-20 enhancement
    I understand that it has to be hard, to get to +16-20 gear and +5 accessories, but I don't think that the current system, where you lose an enhance level, if you fail 16-20 or both items by accessories or cloth is a good one. Yes - it should be hard, Yes - it should take some time, but the loss of such valuable things like a +17 reversed to +16 or 2 Witch Earrings or Mark of Shadows it a bit too much. I understand that there should be RNG to prevent from a 100% chance of easily getting max geared, but the enhancement system shouldn't discourage the player from trying to achieve that. A better, much more player friendly, system, would be to not reverse enhancement levels of 16+ items or lose both accessories. To prevent easy gaining failstacks from cheap accessory enhancement, in this system, you wouldn't get failstacks for failing with 16+ and accessory enhances. For example:
    Enhancing a +17 weapon fail = The weapons stays +17, you lose the enhancement materials, you don't gain a failstack.
    Enhancing a Pri Mark of Shadows or even a +0 cheap ring fails = The 1st ring stays, the 2nd ring used for the enhancement is destroyed, you don't gain a failstack.
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  11. Hiaran added a topic in Suggestions   

    Selling items via Trade with Marketplace set prizes
    Just like the title says, make it possible to sell items between people via trade with set marketplace prizes, just without the tax. I don't mean that you could just trade items and gold for nothing, you would have to buy them for set prizes. It could even be made just between guildmates, that, if someone got multiple Livertos, he could at least sell it to help the guild and not just some random person, or bot, on the marketplace.
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  12. Hiaran added a topic in Allgemeine Diskussionen   

    Wer will einen male Ranger?
    Zuvor will ich nur sagen, ich will hier in keinster weise schreinen dass man uns einen male Ranger jetzt geben soll. Ich weis, dass es nicht von Daum abhengt ob wir je einen bekommen werden. Wollte nur fragen, wer wurde gerne einen Spielen.
    Einen elfen character in einem MMO mit Bogen und Schwert zu spielen war schon immer mein Traum, deshalb hoffe ich immernoch, dass er irgendwann noch rauskommt, selbst wenn alle skills die selben sind wie bei der female. Ich will nur Bogen und Awakening Schwert ^^
    Da bald in Korea Kamasilva (das elfen Territorium) kommt, wurde es doch passen wenn da auch der male Ranger mit der neuen Dunkelelfen Klasse kommt.  Die Leute von Pearl Abyss haben selbst gesagt, dass sie noch nicht wissen, was sie mit dem male Ranger machen sollen, also ist er noch nicht komplett gestrichen ^^.
    Also, wer von euch wurde gerne einen spielen?
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  13. Hiaran added a post in a topic @CM_Jouska, @Daum Maehwa heels   

    It would be nice to have an option to chose between them on the character creation screen, if we never get it, then I would prefer normal flat shoes on Maehwa and other female classes as well. Fighting on high heels is a rather crazy invention in games and I never liked it, but if someone wants to have a character with high heel, then there just should be an option to chose. With such an complex character creator it shouldn't be a problem to implement it. So all would be happy.
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  14. Hiaran added a post in a topic Is this a bug?   

    But I created her with a slight smile, like she has with weapon drawn, so shouldn't she have a slight smile when she isn't in combat stance as well?
    Thx ^^
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  15. Hiaran added a topic in General   

    Is this a bug?
    I wanted to ask, if anyone knows if this is intended or an game error. I made my Tamer have a slightly smile, but she just has it when she has her weapon drawn:
    If not she looks so:

    Is this a bug or did I do something wrong in her creation?
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