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  1. RakkaKaze added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    [Kunoichi] Some skills... act oddly with broken weapon
    The access to various skills with a broken mainhand are questionable, however left+left click is the most... intriguing.
    Only works left, right simply waves the weapon around.  Causes extreme desync when used in 'safe zones'
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  2. RakkaKaze added a post in a topic Farming needs a buff   

    You can still put workers on gardens, preferably giants since they aren't actually 'doing' anything than draining their stamina, and they'll clean and tidy your farms so you're only harvesting and replanting.  You're basically getting multiple workers worth of 'passive farming' when 'active farming' when using top-quality crops. Using virtually none of the complained energy. (I don't have them working on mine since I want the larger amount of exp)

    Trees would only be useful if you could get logs, otherwise workers are more efficient due to tool breakdown, and then it would be a little imbalanced since you'd have a supply of potential black powder just growing on your front lawn.

    I've gotten 2 shards yesterday casually farming on 2 plots, RNG.
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  3. RakkaKaze added a post in a topic I wish the Devs would focus on making more rewarding negative karma gameplay   

    Mentally and morally bankrupt, ironically, the poster child conservatives want people to see stoners as.
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  4. RakkaKaze added a post in a topic I wish the Devs would focus on making more rewarding negative karma gameplay   

    Uggh, thinking, and reading, and getting caught, and stuff.
    Why can't people just afk in front of me so I can kill them? I'm good at that.
    Stupid Carebears.
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  5. RakkaKaze added a post in a topic I wish the Devs would focus on making more rewarding negative karma gameplay   

    (What morals? What logic? Strawman much?)
    Keep trying to up those edge points, kiddo.
    It continues to lower your perceived age.

    You definitely didn't deny it though, keep up that edgelord persona.
    Wait, didn't you just cry about this? my lolz

    Edgelord persona is having trouble with your lack of commitment.
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  6. RakkaKaze added a post in a topic I wish the Devs would focus on making more rewarding negative karma gameplay   

    I'm enjoying the salty afkplayer farmers trying to hide their saltiness.
    So edgy trying to pretend. <3

    Kids that can't fight another working synapses want to be rewarded with edge points.
    Have fun with your current system, kiddos.

    I'm positive these are the same kind of kids that try to 'take' someones grind spot, and then unflags when they start losing.
    (If anything needs changing, it's the flag/unflag rules while in positive.)
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