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  1. Rinnyan added a post in a topic Community is so toxic..   

    Your little "Ignorance is bliss" note there pretty much sums this up. There isn't such thing as "e-feelings". And unfortunately you're a perfect example of a indifferent person who doesn't think there even is real person behind the screen. Again you had no reason to leave this backhanded mock -comment but to make someone elses day a little bit worse.. congratulations you succeeded?

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  2. Rinnyan added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Community is so toxic..
    I just felt like I needed to post somewhere about my experience with this games community. So, I'm fairly new player (lvl50) but I've been taking my time to learn some things. I started enchanting my armor today, and noticed that I just couldn't get my +12 Grunil armor to +13, so I checked the Marketplace for the prices for +15 Grunil armor -pieces and they were significantly less pricey compared to what I already had spent on black stones / durability restore. I asked the 'channel'-chat: "Shouldn't I just buy the already enchanted pieces from Marketplace instead of enchanting them myself to save money?" 
    There happened to be some real comedians in the chat just when I asked though. Instead of giving me a simple answer, someone tried their hardest to make me waste everything I had for no reason. This guy tried so hard to convince me that It's better to use all my money to enchant the armor myself so I can get some kind of "hidden master enchanter" -buff.. to always use memory fragments to repair my armor, even on regular +11 armor, etc, etc. (I'm pretty sure they're used on boss armor, right?). Some other people joined him and tried to do the same.. I don't know much about the game, but I can use common sense on certain things on the game, and I have no idea why people take so much time out of their life to be malicious towards others for no reason.
    Few minutes later, I decide to use my failstacks to make a PRI grunil armor, and succeed on the first try, after failing 20+ times on +12 piece. I just say "Lol, why is it so much easier to make a PRI armor than +13 armor" to the chat and someone just goes full savage mode (again for absolutely no reason) and says stuff like "holy shit, I literally hope you get cancer and die from it because you're so retarded", saying stuff like he hopes my family dies too.. .. like what am I missing? Did I say something so stupid I deserve that? I don't get it at all? I'm so confused I'm thinking maybe I am retarded?
    I'm just trying to learn the game and I (other people as well) just get this shit constantly in this game. And I know some of you might be like "So what, get over it. It's the internet and people are trolls and don't think about what they're saying." I get that, because I used to be like that too. But you DON'T know who the person you're flaming is and in how bad of a shape they're in. This isn't like 'pity me thread' but I personally have diagnosed depression and stuff like this makes me feel like shit. I'm just trying to socialize and have fun and I get completely ass-blasted for no reason.
    Honestly the few days I've been playing Black Desert has been one of the most toxic gaming experiences I've ever had, and I've played some games that are widely known for their toxic player bases.
    Like, I noticed from the start that there's a lot of elitism, and people being way too overly defensive of the game when someone gives the slightest critique about the game.. but come on. Is this kind of behavior normal for this game, or have I just been extremely unlucky with the people I've met so far?
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