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  1. Jayceka added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    I don't have to. They're already changing it.
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  2. Jayceka added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    I know exactly where you are coming from. It's not fun being forced off a rotation by stronger players who kill you to take your spot and I more than understand the determination to try and win it back by going back and out Karma-ing them. But you and the others in this thread do your side of the argument no service by refusing to acknowledge people use the exact same system to simply grief other players at over-crowded grind spots.
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  3. Jayceka added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    So when I'm leading a party of four guild lowbies around main rotation at Sausans and a solo wizard wanders up and starts killing mobs on that rotation when every other rotation on that channel is free and the only thing he types in General is "FU". Then what? I have two options. I can change channel and probably bully another bunch of lowbies of their rotation so we can finish or call in another trio of guildies to keep the griefer pinned to the node so our 55s and 56s can get their 200% in peace, all the while hoping he gets bored before they run out of karma.

    This isn't even a hypothetical but a constant problem I've dealt with at overcrowded grind spots where griefers know they can always find people to mess with. I got no problem competing for Rotations against other guilds or dealing with people trying to pk our lowbies but the karma system absolutely does not work fine right now when griefers can do the above with absolute impunity. 
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  4. Jayceka added a post in a topic <Affect> PvP PvX Recruiting   

    Contact Info updated.
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  5. Jayceka added a post in a topic The T7 listing on Horse Market- NA   

    Might be a breeder like Ralphy suggested, might be a PvPer doing TET Roulette and utterly desperate for Memory Frags
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  6. Jayceka added a post in a topic 2 days fighting bosses for no loot   

    Are you kidding me? Drops are entirely RNG and there is no tracking of which player got what last time. It's perfectly possible for someone to go to a boss with bad AP once and get a box. It's equally possible to go a 100 times and NOT get one. I have a level 16 Musa Alt with a full Jarettes set and +7 Yuria and Black Horn who has literally dashed up to Kzarka, hit him once, then hidden behind a pillar and still walked away with 1G bars and Auras. I have a 187AP Valkyrie who has been to Kzarka almost 200 times and has never received a box.

    Leave the GIT GUD crap in the playground.
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  7. Jayceka added a post in a topic Explain me the new horse system please???   

    To further Pandora's point for people hoping to jump into high level training I'll say this. Horse training is basically the equivalent of grinding. ie, it takes dozens of hours to see any tangible progress and both speed gain and skill gain are every bit as RNG dependent as TRI TET PEN.... only you don't get fail stacks.
    For those of you more familiar with gear think of it this way;
    T7 Courser = TRI Dande
    T8 Courser; a TET Dande
    a T9 Pegasus...?  PEN Ogre Ring.

    That's the sort of time, effort, (pearls) and silver you're talking.
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  8. Jayceka added a post in a topic Player Trading solutions ?   

    The only way Daum/Kakao would enable player to player trading is if they forced both parties to buy a one time trade coupon for real money and banned pearl gifting.

    Can't see it happening to be honest.
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  9. Jayceka added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    "T1 guild."

    ... that has 430 GS reqs with a side order of random decs to bully lowbies for sport, (I've witnessed this IG).
    Seems Legit.

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  10. Jayceka added a topic in US Guild   

    <Affect> PvP PvX Recruiting
    Welcome to Affect's recruiting thread.
    We are a long established guild built around a core of ex-territory guild PvP players and we're now openly recruiting anyone interested in taking part in Node Wars. 
    We're a relaxed bunch and have no gear score requirements beyond a willingness to log in on Friday and Sunday evenings and take part. If you're new to the game we're happy to explain things, offer advice and get you settled in.  
    High and Mid-level PvP, GvG, and regular Node Wars. (This is our primary focus and should be the end goal of anyone wanting to join us.)Our in-game guild chat is always welcoming and active. (***t posting and adult banter frequent and not for the faint-hearted.)Daily Valencia/Margoria Guild Occupation Missions Regular grinding parties and help with levelling for un-awakened characters.Daily Guild Relic and Awakening Scroll groups. (Arranged informally via Discord and guild chat.)Perks
    We offer guild pay increases and bonuses for Guild Mission and regular Node War participation.There's some sweet fishing and gathering buffs for people needing passive income.Active in-game guild chat and a relaxed Discord for those who prefer talking to typing.Anime fans will also find a few informal Discord perks.
     For more information post below or visit our Discord lobby @ https://discord.gg/bq62WTE 

    Alternatively whisper one of our officers in-game: 
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  11. Jayceka added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    Maybe they wouldn't feel it necessary to try to recruit high geared players for T1s if low geared players weren't being slowly driven out of the scene by so many high geared players moonlighting in T1s.
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  12. Jayceka added a post in a topic 2 days fighting bosses for no loot   

    Bosses are a bad mechanic, badly implemented. I got my first Nouver box on my second fight with it. I still haven't had a Kzarka after more than 150.
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  13. Jayceka added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    Just understand this is slowly killing off T1 guilds. We had 18 people show on Sunday out of 70 and those 18 were our 59-60s plus a couple newbs who've never noded before. Literally the rest of our PVP guild are actively avoiding coming to wars cause they know their <450 GS toons are gonna get facerolled.
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